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Seasoned with Love Cookbook


Welcome to the Seasoned with Love Online Cookbook. 
Here you will find all
my favorite recipes with links to products
used in the recipes along with helpful websites. Each page
has a printable version for your convenience. If you try
out a recipe, send me your comments




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"To everything you cook,
add a dash of love." 


      Applesauce with Lime & Cinnamon

      Asparagus Cheese Bites

      Bacon and Cheese Omelet

      Blueberry Muffins

Breakfast Burritos

      Buttermilk Pancakes

      Buttermilk Waffles

      Caramel Rolls

      Cheese Soufflé

      Dad's Egg and Ham Muffins

      Danish Pastries

      English Muffins

      Farina Porridge

      Ham with Apricot Glaze

      Homemade Pork Sausage

      Kiwi Cups

      Lemon Butter Toast



  Blueberry Muffins


      Morning Fruit Bread

      Norwegian Rice Porridge

      Orange French Toast

      Puffy Eggs

      Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

      Pumpkin Fritters

      Spiced Currant Oatmeal

      Spicy Shrimp Scramble

      Swedish Pancakes

      Sweet-and-Sour Papaya

      Yvonne's Apple Pastries  



      Beef Soft Tacos

      Cheese and Onion Macaroni

      Chicken Burritos

      Chicken with Pineapple

      Egg and Bacon Sandwiches

      Egg Salad Sandwiches

      French Bread Pizza

      Grandma's Dill Tuna Melts


      Macaroni and White Cheddar

      Mini-Bagel Sandwiches

      Nina's Saucy Beef Sandwiches

      Open Face Turkey Sandwiches with Olives

      Pastrami Paradise

      Pastrami Roll-Ups


      Rick's Sandwiches

      Ricotta Rolls with Dill and Tuna Filling

      Roast Beef Dippers

      Roast Beef Sandwiches with Garlic

      Spicy Tacos

      Steak Fajita Hoagies

      Toasted Cheese Sandwiches


Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

A variation on the Chocolate Cake Recipe



      Almond Petits Fours


      Butter Cookies


      Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

      Chocolate Cake or Cupcakes 

      Chocolate Chip Cookies 

      Chocolate Whoopie Pies

      Coffee Cake 

      Cream Puffs with Pastry Cream - 
      See my Caramel Eclair Variation

      Criss-Cross Peanut Butter Cookies 

      Crumpets for Tea 


      Dominica Banana Bread 

      Gingerbread Cookies 

      Ginger Coffee Cake 

      Holiday Pound Cake 

      Jumbo Chocolate Raisin Oat Cookies 



      Mexican Wedding Cookies 

      Molasses Cookies 

      Nutmeg Cookies 

      Peanut Butter Crunch Cookies 

      Raspberry Cream Wafers 


      Swedish Spritz Cookies 

      Tea Scones 

      Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream 

      Victorian Raspberry Cake 

      White Chocolate Cakes

      Zucchini Bread  

Berry Blast Smoothie



      African Fruit Punch 

      Banana Ice 

      Berry Blast Smoothie 

      Chocolate Eggnog 

      Coffee Granita 

      Cranberry Pineapple Drink 

      Flavored Coffee 

      Hazelnut Coffee and Cream 

      Honey Strawberry Drink 

      Hot Apple Cider 

      Iced Tea 

      Iced Thai Coffee 

      Mango Lassi 

      Mango Papaya Freeze 

      Masala Chai

      Orange Banana Tofu Cooler 

      Passion Fruit Punch 

      Peach Protein Smoothie 

      Piña Colada Smoothie 

      Pink Grapefruit Slush 

      Postum Latte

      Soothing Lemon Tea 

      Speckled Fruit Smoothie 

      Spiced Hot Chocolate 

      Strawberry Banana Health Shake

      Strawberry Lemonade 


      Vanilla Nut Coffee 


  English Cucumber Slices with Cheese Filling



      Asparagus Marinated in Italian Dressing 

      Bacon Cheddar Hot Dogs 

      Baked Potato Skins 

      Barbecued Riblets 

      Dennis and Anthea's Bacon Wrapped Prawns 

      English Cucumber Slices with Cheese Filling 

      Flowered Cheese Ball 

      Focaccia with Cambozola and Roasted Garlic 

      Fruit Kabobs 

      Herbed Feta and Spinach Phyllo Triangles 

      Indian Samosas 

      Onion Dip 

      Party Platters 

      Paula's Layered Dip 

      Pita Bread and Hummus 

      Shrimp and Chiles in Saffron Garlic Butter 

      Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs 

      Snack Mix 

      Spicy Salsa 

      Spicy Satay Chicken 

      Spinach Bites 

      Strawberry Cheesecakes 

      Sun Dried Tomato and Garlic Spread 

      Thai Spring Rolls with Plum Sauce 

      Tiny Shrimp Pastries

    Southern Ambrosia



      African Bean Salad 

      Antipasto Salad 

      Apple and Black Walnut Salad

      Apple Mango Chutney 

      Apple Raisin Coleslaw 

      Asian Coleslaw

      Beet Salad with Orange Chutney Dressing 

      Blue Cheese Salad 

      Bulgur Salad with Currants or Raisins 

      Carrot and Currant Salad 

      Carrot and Sesame Salad 

      Celery Walnut Salad with Vinaigrette 

      Cheddar Cheese and Olive Salad 

      Chicken Pasta Salad 

      Crab Louie 

      Cranberry Sauce 

      Cream Fruit Salad 

      Curried Bananas 

      Curried Chicken Salad 

      Dill Potato Salad 

      Fruit Gelatin 

      German Potato Salad 


      Italian Chicken Salad

      Orange and Carrot Salad 

      Parmesan Salad 

      Pretty and Easy Salad 

      Rainbow Ribbon Gelatin 

      Southern Ambrosia

      Summer Fruit Salad 


      Tarragon Chicken Pasta

      Tossed Greek Salad 

      Tossed Salad with Thousand Island Dressing
      Tropical Fruit Salad 

      Tuna Pasta Salad

Making Bean Soup



      Black Bean Soup with Lemon Chicken Sausage

      Chicken Noodle Soup 

      Clam Chowder

      Corn Chowder

      Cream of Asparagus Soup 

      Cream of Tomato Soup

      Cream of Tomato Soup 

      Fennel Seafood Chowder 

      French Onion Soup 

      German Carrot Soup 

      Healthy Vegetable Soup 

      Karen's Oyster and Mushroom Cream Soup 

      Matzo Ball Soup 

      Mulligatawny Soup 

      Pea Soup 

      Pepper Pot Soup 

      Saffron Cream of Chicken Soup with Vegetables 

      Spicy Bean Soup 

      Turkey Bean Soup

Healthy Multigrain Bread



      Baking Powder Flour Tortillas 

      Bran Muffins 

      Buttermilk Biscuits 

      Buttermilk Rolls 

      Cathay's Cheese Muffins 


      Corn Tortillas  

      Flour Tortillas 

      Focaccia with Herbed Cream Cheese

      Garlic-Herb Butter Bread 

      Healthy Multigrain Bread 

      Hot Cross Buns 

      Indian Naan 

      Mini-Yorkshire Puddings 

      Native American Fry Bread 

      Oat Rolls with Cinnamon-Honey Butter 

      Pam’s Cinnamon Rolls 

      Polenta Bread 

      Pumpernickel Rolls 

      Raisin Rolls with Orange Glaze
      Rolls with Butter 

      Roman Pretzels 

      Saffron Rolls 

      Southern Corn and Oat Muffins 

      Whole-Wheat Bread for Stuffing 

      Whole-Wheat Oat Rolls

Garlic Herb Butter Bread



      Baked Potatoes 

      Candied Yams 

      Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce 

      Corn Soufflé 

      Creamy Spinach 

      Crumbly Maize with Tomato and Onion Sauce 

      Dad's Cheesy Pan Potatoes 


      Dauphine Casserole 

      Garlic Red Potatoes with Olive Oil 

      Glazed Anise Carrots 


      Grandma's Brown Sugar Baked Bean Casserole 

      Green Bean Casserole 

      Green Beans with Bacon 

      Herbed Vegetables 

      Italian Risotto 

      Mashed Potatoes 

      Pearl Rice 

      Pecorino Spinach 

      Refried Beans 

      Risotto with Red Bell Peppers and Truffle Oil 

      Roasted Potatoes 

      Seasoned Asparagus 

      Simply Rice 

      Snap Peas with Mushrooms
      South American Butternut Squash 

      Spanish Rice 

      Wild Rice Casserole

Creamy Fillet of Turkey and Spaghetti Casserole



      Barbecued Chicken 

      Beef and Cheese Lasagna 

      Beef and Vegetable Stew 

      Beef Tenderloin with Shallot Gravy 

      Beef Triangles



       Cajun Catfish 

      Cashew Chicken 

      Chicken and Snow Peas 
      Chicken Chop Suey 

      Chicken Enchiladas 

      Chicken Paprika 

      Chicken Puff Pastries 

      Creamy Fillet of Turkey and Spaghetti Casserole 

      Crispy Oven-Fried Chicken 

      Dad's Lamb Curry 

      English Cottage Pie 

      Favorite Pizzas 

      Fettucine and Cheese Sauce 

      Filet Mignon Stir-Fry with Yam Noodles 

      Fish and Chips 

      Garlic-Lamb Kabobs 

      Garlic Lemon Pepper Tenderloin Roast 

      Ginger and Honey Glazed Turkey Ham 

      Glazed Ham 

      Grandma's Baked Salmon 

      Greek Moussaka 

      Herbed Turkey Breast and Mushroom-Onion Gravy 

      Hungarian Goulash 

      Irish Salmon Patties 

      Italian Flank Steak 

      Italian Rosemary Chicken 

      King Crab Legs 

      Lamb Shanks with Onions and Olives
      Lamb Sosaties 

      Lemon-Dill Turkey Bites 

      Lemon Lamb Chops 


      Mexican Lasagna 

      Mexican Lasagna

      Mom's Chili Con Carne
      Mushroom Pork Chops 

      Nana's Ribs and Kraut 

      Old Fashioned Turkey Dinner 

      Onion Meat Loaf 


      Pasta with Thin Marinara Sauce 

      Pepperoni Pizza 

      Pork Loin Rib Roast 

      Pot Roast 

      Roast Chicken with Herb Stuffing 

      Roast Chicken with Onion and Apples 

      Roast Chicken

      Roast Leg of Lamb 

      Salmon Fillets

      Salome's Chicken Biryani
      Scandinavian Meatballs 

      Slow-Cooked Pepper Steak 

      Spaghetti Sauce 

      Spinach Lasagna 

      Steak Diane 

      Steak Fajitas 

      Stuffed Red Peppers
      Tandoori Chicken 

      Tarragon Chicken 

      Teriyaki Chicken 

      Thyme Spenser Steaks 

      Vegetable Curry 

      Vegetable Lasagna


Lemon Neufchâtel Pie 



      Angel Food Cake with Fruit Topping 

      Apple Pie with Custard Ice Cream
      Banana Cream Pie 

      Basmati Rice Pudding 

      Black Rice Pudding 

      Bourbon Vanilla Cheesecake 

      Boysenberry Custard Christmas Pastries 

      Bûche de Noël 

      Burnt Cream 

      Caramel Custard 

      Cherry Crunch 

      Cherry Pie 

      Cherry Walnut Cheesecake 

      Chocolate Ice Cream 

      Chocolate Mousse

      Christmas Plum Pastries

      Citrus Honey Sorbet 

      Cream Puff Ring with Chocolate Pastry Cream 

      Dad's Strawberry Tart 

      Fluffy Spiced Pumpkin Pie 

      Fresh Fruit Cream Cheese Tart 

      Fruit Soup 

      German Chocolate Cake Squares 

      Grandma Clarice's Cinnamon Apple Pie
      Ice Cream Pie 

      Key Lime Pie 

      Lemon Meringue Pie

      Lemon Neufchâtel Pie

      Louisiana Pecan Pie 

      Mango Sorbet

      Melk Tert 

      Middle East Baklava 

      Mocha Freeze 

      Native American Pumpkin Pie
      Orange and Lemon Galatoboureko
      Orange and Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp 

      Orange Berry Sorbet 

      Orange Trifle

      Peach Cobbler 

      Peach Sherbet 

      Pineapple Upside-Down Cake 

      Raspberry Mousse 

      Raspberry Trifle 

      Salzburger Nockerl with Raspberry Sauce 

      Scandinavian Fruit Soup 

      Strawberry Crêpes 

      Strawberry Dream Ice Cream 

      Strawberry Ice Cream Pie 

      Tapioca Pudding with Strawberries

      Triple Berry Pie 

      Vanilla Ice Cream  

Making Butter Caramel Corn


      Almond Chestnut Truffles 

      Apple Pie Spice and Sugar Butter Popcorn
      Butter Caramel Corn 

      Chocolate Cherries 

      Chocolate Fresh Cream Truffles 

      Frozen Banana Kisses 

      Fudge Brownies

      Jay's Divine Fudge 

      Marshmallow Crème 

      Meringues with Whipped Cream 

      Orange and Vanilla Carambola

      Rick's Favorite Brownies 

      Spiced Popcorn Balls 

      White Chocolate Covered Fresh Cream Truffles 




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