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What to Do When You are Feeling Blue

What To Do When Feeling Blue Kindle Book



"I must undertake to love myself and to respect myself as though my very life 
depends upon self-love and self-respect." ~June Jordan, Poet



If you are suffering from serious depression, please see your doctor as
soon as possible. If you are just having a "blah" day or suffer with cycles of depression, 
this might help. Over 35 million American's feel blue every year. One in 5 people go
 through a serious stage of depression during their lifetime. 

So, what can you do when feeling blue?


Depression may be caused by the repression of
your soul's deepest expression. ~
The Rebecca Review


I created this page during a time in my life when I was very depressed, felt lost 
and was struggling to find my place in the world. On the outside
I seemed fine, but inside I was hurting. I pray this page will help you if you are
going through a stage of depression. For me, it lasted years, but I hope 
you can find your way out of depression much faster. No matter what
is happening to you right now, know that you are loved and
that this is a stage in your life, perhaps one of the ultimate challenges 
you will face in this lifetime. May you make it through
this stage of rebirth and awaken on the other side, renewed,
open to possibility and alive with love for the world. 


The Top 5 Things that Help me on a Daily Basis: 

1. Exercise - yoga, pilates, 
stretching, walking, riding my bike. 

2. Eating Healthy Foods and 
Taking Supplements
- Vitamins and especially Omega 3

3. Reading Books on Positive Thinking and Spirituality. I think
a belief in God helps me, but I also need information on
how to put my beliefs into practice. When I make good
decisions, I'm happier and I have less to be depressed about.

4. Taking lots of warm baths with healing essential oils and sea salts
...for some reason this works! I'm officially 
in love with LUSH beauty products. They make me
happy for some reason. I think it is the essential oils.


5. Listening to new music and watching nature DVDs.



Mandarin Orange and Grapefruit, February 26, 2007

Olive oil moisturizes while grapefruit, lemon oil and mandarin orange oil refresh. This is a large foaming bath treat that looks like a big fizzy orange vitamin pill that you put in water. It seems to foam slowly and eventually I broke it into pieces to help the process along. It kept fizzing and foaming creating tiny orange and yellow islands within the bubbles (I added some bubble bath first - you might want to try some Happy Hippy shower gel).

Eventually the water turned creamy (olive oil and hemp oil) and this bath reminded me of a creamsicle. Bergamot, orange flower and gardenia also make this a beautiful calming bath that leaves you in a good mood.

This bath is fun with the Lemslip Buttercream. I keep applying some "Whoosh" temple balm to my wrists and happily inhaling deeply. This bath made me feel warm and snuggly and in the mood for lemon meringue pie or lemon sugar cookies or lemon tea.

This is a good bath for the morning or evening, depending on your mood. I was drinking Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer Extra with this LUSH experience. If you love "Happy Hippy" shower gel, this fun bath product will impress you.

~The Rebecca Review



Depression can appear as:

Anxiety, irritability, physical aches and pains, insomnia "empty" moods,
pessimism, helplessness, loss of interest in pleasurable activities, headaches, 
persistent digestive disorders, chronic pain that won't go away, appetite
changes, decreased energy, oversleeping and thoughts of suicide. 


Stress can appear as: 

Mood swings, inability to concentrate, obsessive behavior, inability
to sleep, irritability, increased desire for isolation.


Omega-3 could change your  life for the better! 


Omega 3 Connection



1.   Review books at Amazon: No really, this helps. You meet wonderful people and can 
      share your life and interests in a inspiring environment. I started reviewing at Amazon.com and it 

      changed my life. I also learn about natural remedies and find books on how to stay 

      healthy. Researching interesting subjects is not just a way to pass the time, it can lead you to 

      information that could change your life. 



  2. Give yourself permission to be happy: Look outside yourself to see how you can make 
      the world a better place. People who feel needed are happier. Surround yourself 
      with family and friends. 
Buy a bunch of fragrant flowers for yourself or for a friend. 
      Both will make you feel good. 
Infuse your space with scents like jasmine and sandalwood. 


  3. Walk Outside: Celebrate cold weather by engaging in a seasonal sport, cross- country skiing,
snow-shoeing, etc. When light enters your eyes, it stimulates the brain to produce serotonin.   

      This triggers a cascade of chemical changes in the brain that significantly improves your mood. 
      They say 
 that getting sunlight can make you more happy than vigorous exercise. 

      So, exercise in the sun to brighten your mood. Laughing also helps, walk with a friend. 


Read a Review

Omega 3 Mood

Omega 3 MOOD


  4. Join a fitness club and take a Yoga Class. Fitness DVDs...

  5. Go to an indoor garden or arboretum.

  6. Go ice skating or rollerblading. 

  7. Have a day out shopping. 

  8. Spend the afternoon or evening reading a book that will make you laugh. 



Come On, Get Happy

A big part of staying healthy is having goals, things to look forward to. 
I'm doing the work I was put on this earth to do. I live in a place where I like to be. 
We have the ability to influence our own lives more than we know. 
It's not just luck. ~Christiane Northrup, MD



  9. Grab some great books and swaddle yourself in a cozy comforter. Candles are essential 
       for the mood. Try  reading a book of a different genre. Creature Comforts

10. Visit a beautiful church or go to a show, play or concert. Tune into a different radio station. 
      Discover new television shows. 

11. Meditate in the morning and buy some Yoga workout tapes. Research shows that meditation 
      is good medicine for your mind. This is called taking care of your "inner balance." 

12. Take a short nap in the middle of the day so you are not so worn out! 
      Maybe on a Sunday or Saturday.

13. Move a chair close to the window where the sun comes in and read a book indoors in the sun.

14. Wash your windows in the winter to make them sparkle. Take the day off 
      and clean your
house. Feeling like you are in control of your own environment 
      can be very healing.  

      Organizing things and keeping things orderly is good for peace of mind.


Cleaning Helps - When I Clean My House
I Feel Like My Mind Clears

Interesting Info: 

"In a survey of 1,500 men and women last year, HeartMath found that the more time people
spent on a computer, the more likely they were to be depressed. Of those who logged more than 
30 hours of weekly Internet usage, 45 percent said they felt exhausted often or most of the time, 37
percent reported sleep problems, and 17 percent said they felt less connected 
to friends and family than they had a year before." ~Organic Style, November 2004


I think it helps if you are listening to good music, then maybe you won't be as depressed.  
Personally I get depressed if I watch too much TV and feel more creative while working 
online or watch movies that deal with real-life issues. 



Set a Timer while you are online

Take a break from news and the internet

Answer e-mail once a day at your convenience

Don't let people pressure you into
answering e-mail immediately

15. Say "yes" to your priorities. Fight the "superwoman" syndrome. 
      Scale down your expectations. Write down attainable goals. 

16. Light Candles: Take a nice hot bath with a few drops of your favorite essential oils.
      Buy a new perfume or soaps with a floral or exotic scent.

     While in the tub, condition your hair with a aromatic hair mask.
Spoil yourself.

17. Breathe Deeply - If your blood contains too much carbon dioxide, it can make you feel tired. 

18. Stand up Straight. Posture can make you feel energized or tired. Yoga & Pilates  
      Helps Posture. 

19. Go to the library and look in the humor section for some great books. 



20. Take a break from radio and TV news for a few days, that is sure to depress anyone! 
       Play some favorite
music. Negative thinking is one of the most destructive forces in our lives. 
       Those voices in our heads can have a profound effect on how we see the world. 

       Listen to what you are saying to yourself and replace the 
       negative messages with positive messages. 

21. Dine by candlelight. Light 20 candles all in one room. Nurture Romance and beauty in your life.

22. Befriend positive people. Cultivate those friends in your garden who uplift and inspire. 
      Join a forum where people are positive and friendly. 



The Book of Comforts


Comforting & Creative Solutions, December 30, 2006

"Self-compassion is not about losing your inner critic;
it's about transforming it
from a bitter; self-destructive voice
to one tempered with humor and forgiveness." ~Michael Burgos

Patricia Alexander and Michael Burgos have created a beautifully designed book with artwork by Dean Andrews. The backgrounds on each page seem to embrace the quotes, wisdom and personal experiences of the authors.

"The siren's call to `toxic' short-lived comfort is loud and alluring and can draw out our own good instincts for comfort that is real and meaningful."

The Book of Comforts explores: comfort vs. indulgence, obsession vs. hobby and toxic vs. healing. How do you comfort yourself and not feel guilty about spending time on yourself? How can you validate yourself and validate others? By looking at stressful issues with a renewed sense of vision this book teaches you to expand your interests or even to reconsider the miracle of sleep.

This book takes you a little beyond chocolate and bubble baths and explores the benefits of essential oils, like vanilla and the benefits of exercise, like yoga. The book is divided up into three main sections:


Some of the highlights include:

Cultivate a Hobby
Unwind in Water
Act with Self-Compassion
Renew Your Connection with the Earth

The authors have survived numerous life challenges and have come face to face with their own needs for creative comfort. This universal need to soothe the soul is expressed beautifully in quotes, tips, anecdotes and even a cute observation from Ender the Cat.

"Even humans have recognized the value of the Cat Nap, which can be done on almost any corner of a soft bed." ~ Ender The Cat

This book would be perfect for doctor's offices, massage therapy waiting rooms, gifts and as an introduction to the healing benefits of healthy comfort. The ribbon to keep your place is a thoughtful addition and the padded book cover makes this a comfy read. I liked the advice like: "Get thee to a Jacuzzi" or "Take Yourself to the movies."

While this book may inspire you to add more comfort to your own life, I found that this book could also be helpful in giving you ideas for how to provide comfort to friends and family. The section on massage may inspire you to buy someone a gift certificate for massage or you may find yourself creating CDs of soothing music or inviting a friend to go for a walk out in nature.

Patricia Alexander and Michael Burgos have written a book with ideas you can incorporate into your daily routines. Soon, you will find you are happier, more satisfied with life and enjoying each moment with a higher level of contentment.

~The Rebecca Review

23. Start a book club or join in on a discussion board about life and books. 

24. Drink a cup of peppermint tea while researching better eating habits. 
      Food is the ultimate energy source. 

25. Bake something wonderful in the winter, like cinnamon rolls or bread. 
      Putting some spiced cider on the stove to simmer can really make you feel good 
      Create a Nostalgic Mood by
baking up some 
      oatmeal cookies or a loaf of garlic bread.


Empower Yourself

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Analyze Your Cognitive Distortions and Correct them Accordingly

Rejecting the Positive - This is when you can't accept something good happening to you. 

Overgeneralizations - Obsessing over negative situations.|

Victimization - Thinking every setback makes you a failure. 

Name-calling - abusing yourself with negative thoughts. 

Being Clairvoyant - Thinking all the outcomes of your life will be negative, so why even try? 

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Affirmations to Help You Heal

I will learn to say no more often to make time for me. 

I will make stressful items a lower priority because 
life is supposed to be fun.

I will continue to improve my situation. 

I will continue to address problems and learn to 
move forward with renewed purpose. 

I will consider the possibilities and reach for the stars. 

I deserve compassion and care. 

Today I will find a way to rest, relax and have a moment of recreation. 

I will learn to accept change and choose to change for the better. 



26. Buy some aromatherapy bath products for the shower. Look for uplifting scents. 

27. Keep a bottle of lavender oil on your bedside table, it will give you sweet dreams. :)

28. Make dinner for friends and include a fish dish. Studies show that if you eat fish 
     at least once a week, you might be less depressed because fish contain high levels of omega-3 
     polyunsaturated fatty acids necessary for optimal brain function and feelings of well-being. 

     You could also have pizza with
     anchovies or shrimp. 

29. Adopt a puppy or kitten from a shelter. That will give you a million laughs and you
      will be saving a life. 

30. Buy new sheets for your bedroom, the more luxurious the better. Think about at least one thing
      that brings you happiness each morning when you awake. 

31. Buy someone a card just for fun. You will be laughing in the card isle if you look for 
      funny cards. Even more fun...take a friend with you and you can share the laughs. 

32. Accept that you can't change everything or control everything. Go with life and 
      enjoy the good and the bad. That is what makes life interesting! Be a

33. Nibble on a piece of chocolate. It contains phenylethylamine and theobromine. 
      This boosts your own mood-elevating chemicals, serotonin and dopamine. 

34. Remember how lucky you are! There are so many people out there who have so much 
      less than we do.
Think of the simple things like how warm the sun feels on your skin. 




Be an Angel to Someone!



35. Give money to a charity or volunteer in your neighborhood. Helping someone will give you 
      immense amounts of pure joy. Even if you think you will feel overwhelmed, the sense 
      of "giving of 
yourself" will actually increase your happiness. 


     Read about my experience with World Vision


36. Read quotes and make them part of your life. Read 
      great books and learn everything you can. Life is so much more interesting when you are 

      always learning something new. If the problems in life get you down, look for something 
      you can learn from 
them. Read up on the problem. You never know who you are going 
      to talk to who might enjoy hearing about a solution you discovered. 


37. Take a deep breath and reflect on the beauty of being alive! Even in the difficult times 
      we can feel very close to God. Let Him nourish your soul and wait until you can 
      see clearly again. Don't rush the lessons in life. Sometimes the sad times teach 
      us more than we can ever learn on a happy day. 


38. Find a way today to make someone else happy! It is the key to your own happiness. 


39. Seek help from your doctor or counselor if you still feel depressed and have tried everything 
      you can to stop feeling blue. You may need to take medication if natural remedies don't 
      work for you. 


40. Develop a more nutritious diet & drink more water. Read The Metabolic Plan


41. Get outside your home at least once a day. Find happiness in nature. Explore your world. 
      Take a week and go to a sunny spa ...say in Arizona. 


42. Take one day at a time....you can make it back to happiness! Life can be a bit of a roller coaster
      ride at times. 



Rose Oil Helps to Balance Emotions


Ergo Passion Rose De Mai 
Rose Heaven in a Candle




Develop These Strengths: 

Tenacity, Confidence, Courage, Perseverance, Integrity, Acceptance, Honesty, 
Humor, Reliability, Compassion, Resilience, Flexibility and Empathy. 


43. Decide to be happy and pray to God to help you learn the lesson you may be learning
      in a time when you are feeling blue. Having hope in the future can get you through this 
      time when you are developing as a soul, in the journey called life. 


44. Make a list of everything you want to do in life...the really important things. 
      Like watching pigs race, etc. Don't doubt even that will make your day! ;) 


45. Find "52 Things to Try Once in Your Life" (a box of cards by Lynn Gordon) and 
      "Yes, You Can!" by Sam Deep. To find the reviews...link through the review page. 


46. Allow yourself to grieve if you have lost someone you love. "Death is not the 
      greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies within us while we live." -Norman Cousins. 


      Keep your loved one alive in your memory. Cook something they loved, remember 
      something they taught you. 

     Grieve, forgive and remember. When I lost my grandmother I was completely devastated 
      and now I feel that she is looking after me and cooks with me in spirit. 


      Instead of being angry that she is gone, I look forward to seeing her again one day in heaven. 
      You will cry, you will feel angry at first, you will feel as if your world has ended, but death is 
      only the beginning for those who die, a journey
      in the next life with God. 



Select one fun thing to do today: 

Walk in the snow in the winter
Walk outside in a flower garden in the Summer
Play a piano
Sign up for a Fitness class
Listen to a Symphony
Make a list of your good qualities
Reward yourself for reaching a goal
Take deep breaths
Try a new exercise video/dvd
Take notice of nature around you
Listen to the rain
Eat by candlelight

Go to a Concert
Site by a fireplace
Write in your journal
Write a Poem
Fly a Kite
Go out and get an ice cream cone

Draw, Paint or Create something from clay

Go to a Museum
Read a Magazine
Bake a Loaf of Bread
Play Tennis
Pop some Popcorn
Go to a Sporting Event



Books on Positive Thinking



47. Resolve bitterness. Forgive anyone for everything they have ever done to hurt you. 
      Swallowing your pride allows you to free your soul and be who you were meant to be. 
      Admitting you are wrong is terribly hard, but always worth it. Focus on the future and 
      how you can mend the relationship. Disputes are normal in life, they help us emerge 
      from a conflict with a clearer, stronger and healthier 
      sense of ourselves. 


48. What can you do to improve yourself? If you like yourself...won't you be happier? You might have
      so many interests buried inside of you just waiting to jump out and surprise you. 


49. Simplify Your Life. Cut back on the complexities of your everyday existence. 
      Learn to say no sometimes
      and nurture your spirit. 



50. Make your Work more Fun! "The Secret of Success is making your 
      Vocation your Vacation." -Mark Twain

      The happiest people find their purpose in life and follow their bliss every day. 


51. Increase the Self-Esteem of others. help people see the beauty in themselves. 
       Help them reach their goals. 

      "The greatest good we can do for others is not 
to share our riches but to reveal theirs." -Author Unknown



52. Accept Change. This too will soon pass! 

      "When it is dark enough, you can see the stars." -Ralph Waldo Emerson


53. Breathe deeply because God loves you and cares about you and wants you 
      to have joy in your life. Pray that he will show you the path to his joy, the kind 
      only He can give you. 


54. Try acupuncture or massage. Go for a manicure and pedicure. 
       Have a Spa Day at a local Spa then go out to 
       dinner. Spoil yourself or ask for gift certificates for gifts. 


55. Take a child to the zoo or learn calligraphy. 

56. Turn off the news and listen to relaxing music. www.Rhapsody.com is amazing! 
      I look up music and you can listen to entire albums and keep a list of your favorite music.

      Rapid Release into Peace: Dragon and Phoenix Music for Massage


57. Read a book of quotes. Learning a foreign language can also give you a nice challenge. Plan
      a trip or find a place to go on vacation. Spa Finder



"The simple act of scrutiny-asking, 'Does this serve me or does this hurt me?' 
- forces a light of consciousness to be cast on the habit. Habits seem to prefer 
the dark; once exposed, they
begin to wilt.


~From the Power of Self-Coaching by Joseph Luciani, 
Clinical Psychologist and Lecturer


58. Watch a favorite movie.  

59. Talk to a friend who understands you as a soul. 

60. Exercise more and visit your doctor to check up on your health. I love buying new 
      workout DVDs and reviewing them. It gives me motivation to exercise more when 
      I know I can also write about
      the experience. 

61. Redecorate a room in your house - this does it for me. I am never bored or depressed while
      renewing my environment. 

62. Buy a pet - a cat or a dog can add so much happiness to your life. 

63. Fall in love with life itself. People are interesting because of their interests. 

64. Pray and ask your friends to pray for you. 

65. Write a book and publish it online. What an amazing experience to see your writing
       go from your soul to your computer and then out into the world. 

66. Create a wishlist at amazon.com and then buy yourself something from your own wishlist to
       reward yourself for dealing with life's little annoyances. 

67. Read tons of great self-help books and listen to healing music. 

68. Read poetry. Recently I read Perfectly Said and Jewel's poetry book: a night without armor


69. Build a Website - This keeps me busy and I always have enjoyable. 

70. Send me a book and see a review appear like magic in a few months. 
      OK, it does sometimes take a bit longer, but I enjoy reviewing and 
      review as fast as humanly possible. 




71. Insomnia: For sleep problems when you are depressed, try the following: 

      A relaxing bath with essential oils like ylang ylang and lavender. You can buy inexpensive sea
      salts in bulk at a natural store and add your own oils. I put oatmeal in a muslin bag along with
      dried rosemary and add milk powder or buttermilk. Very relaxing...

      Ask your doctor about valerian or drink chamomile tea. Chamomile is known 
      for its sedating effect and can help to relax muscles. 

      Establish bed-time rituals like reading a book of poetry or a few chapters of a novel. 

      Watch a calming, relaxing or romantic movie. 

      Do a yoga DVD - some knock me out completely because I get so relaxed. 
      Kundalini yoga is recommended because it focuses on meditation and relaxation. 


      Limit caffeine to two eight-ounce cups a day or drink green tea and Rooibos tea


      Keep paper and a pen or a notebook/journal by the bed to jot down thoughts before bed. 
      This saves you staying up thinking about all the things you have to get done. 


      Some people recommend a gratitude journal, but 
      even writing out all your negative thoughts 
      can help you get them out of your head. 

     Listen to relaxing music. 

     Reset your body clock by going for a early morning walk. 

     Buy blackout shades or a sleep mask. 



72.  Write your own love story about the life you would like to have 
        and then start to make it come true. 




"Your heart will be exposed and, yes, broken. But it's important to remember
that a heart is imprisoned not by being broken but by being silenced."

~Martha Beck, author of Finding Your Own North Star 




 Why We Love, The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love



73. Go for a massage or order a massage DVD and learn with someone you love. 
      It will lower your level of anxiety and is just good for you. You deserve it! Looking
      for massage oil?


74. Healing Page - Enhance your self-esteem and find healing Books and CDs. 


75. Read Inspiring Quotes - Find a few quotes and put them somewhere you can read them daily. 


76. Immerse Yourself in a New Hobby like Painting or 
, Creative Projects, Photography, Publishing, Barbecue.

77. Listen to this CD. I listen to this CD at least once a week to refocus on what is truly
      important in life. 


78. Plan a Picnic - Packing food for a picnic is fun and you can 
      take a blanket and romantic novel to read outside. 


80.  Go Stargazing on a clear night. 

81. Visit a Botanical Garden in your local area. 

82. Take a long drive out in nature. 

83. Visit a local Farmers market. 

84. Bike on a favorite trail. 

85. Go to a Zoo or Aquarium. 

86. Join a walking club or outdoor club. 

87. Take a tour in your local area. 

88. Paint and redecorate a room in your house. 

89. Design your own stationary. 

90. Create a big collage with positive ideas and quotes. 

91. Make a sandcastle at a beach, good reason to take a vacation. 

92. Learn a new craft, like beadmaking. Visit a local craft store for inspiration. 

93. Paint or refinish some old furniture. Looking for furniture to
refinish is fun. 

94. Visit a museum. 


95. Buy a cookbook and try at least three recipes. 

96. Take a class in one of your main interests, writing, cooking, art, etc. 

97. Check the newspaper for local events and attend something new. 


98. Visit your local library and if they have a used book store, buy something fun to review. 


99.  Volunteer - www.volunteermatch.com


100. Buy a small bag like an Asian tote bag, a journal and a beautiful pen. Copy your favorite quotes or poetry into the journal. If you can find a beautiful print of art you enjoy, paste it on the journal and brush "Mod Podge" over the picture so you can create a custom journal. You can copy photographs too and make beautiful customized journals for friends and relatives. 


101. Find something in your house you are not using and donate it to charity. I can usually find a small bag of items I'm no longer using and someone else might benefit from the items. 

102. Join www.bookcrossing.com - A fun way to send books out into the world. 


103.  Give someone in another country a gift they will love: www.worldvisiongifts.org. This is sure to make you happy because giving is one of the ways you can experience more joy in your life. The gifts are really fun, like you can give a family a camel or sheep so a family can have wool and wholesome milk. There are fruit trees, gardening supplies and building supplies for a school. You could donate money for an entire school and you get progress reports. 


You can also give items to kids in America, like basic necessities, blankets and toys. One of my favorite items is the Mongolian Ger - a Yurt house you can give to a family to keep them safe from the elements. 

It is pretty heartwarming to know someone out there in the world is enjoying life a little
more because you are alive. Now that is a reason to live! 


104. Beat daily stress by getting ready for your day the day before. 


105. Buy yourself flowers. 

106. Take a 30-minute walk

107. Go get a massage and a facial. 

108. Write down more of your thoughts to clear out your mind. 


109.  Remember the things that you love about life. 


110.  Be your true authentic self who is satisfied, happy and wants to be alive. 


111.  Reward yourself when you accomplish your goal of being happy even for 
         a moment. Positive reinforcement. 




Inspirational Quotes  - favorite quotes


Inspiration & Caring



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