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Pretty In Pink

Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker


Delicate and Warm , May 2, 2007

Lovely is at first spicy with hints of delicate orchid and paper whites. Then the honey sweet scent mellows into an evocative warmth with hints of hugs and memories of corsages at weddings. There is something beautifully comforting yet altogether mysterious. Musk and Lavender give this fragrance a warm confidence while the mingling of precious essential oils creates a classically poetic blend of refined nuances.

~The Rebecca Review



Tracie Long Fitness - Advanced


Advanced Workout with High Impact Aerobics, February 18, 2007

Tracie Long Training's Better Burn will give you a head start for summer. With many of the exercises performed with a medicine ball, the exercises become even more challenging. On their own, they are at least intermediate. With the weight, they become advanced. I used a 5lb weight, but avoided some of the over-the-head faster moves to avoid dropping anything on my head. It seems you really do need to use a medicine ball for most of the exercises because if you drop the weight, you want something soft landing near your feet.

The words: "hello," "no way," "hey, wait for me," and "you have to be kidding" occurred a lot more than expected...pant, pant. Unless you have been doing pilates, yoga and lots of aerobics and stretching, this will be intense. I can't really recommend this to beginners, although I think if you are moving from intermediate to advanced, this will give you room to grow into the challenge.

Now, the fun part about this workout is you get to use those "moving men" you use when you move furniture around. It is very likely that you are working on a carpeted surface, so they suggest a paper plate, but the "moving men" discs are simply perfect. Imagine doing a reverse lunge, but with a disc under your foot. I think this is the first time I actually enjoyed doing a lunge.

Throughout you will be doing intensive exercises using your lower back and knees, so if that is of concern, you may want to avoid this workout. I can feel the tightness creeping into my back, although I'd highly recommend "Michelle LeMay's Spirit Flow: Rejuvenating Core Stretch after this workout. I just managed to crawl across the floor and put it into the DVD player before I collapsed on the floor. And I'm not kidding. This is one intense workout.

When Tracie Long started talking about her "Cheerleading Days" I knew I was in trouble. But honestly, this is super fun and she will help you work out your entire body. For this workout you may want to buy a medicine ball (3-5lb), have a yoga mat handy and buy a set of those "moving men" or something to use to slide across the carpet. Use with caution. This workout could have used more stretches at the end, but they do seem to try to incorporate them into the routine. I felt that I would have liked them to spend a little more time on the stretches, but the goal seems to be quick evaporation of calories.

56 minutes - totally intense - advanced!

~ The Rebecca Review, will be reading in bed tonight with
hot pack on back


Little Pink Book of Elegance


An Introduction to Style, February 15, 2007

"A truly elegant taste is generally accompanied by excellence of heart." ~ Henry Fielding

Looking at life from a different perspective is always sure to bring on new challenges and surprises. So what if you've been ignoring this side of yourself for the last 20 years? There is always time to reorganize your day so you can sip tea in bed in the morning instead of rushing about feeling frazzled. This book shows you how to enhance your life instead of letting life lead you wherever it may. Want to take time for long baths? Organize them into your life. As the author notes:

"Living elegantly must be achieved through experience."

It seems a worthy goal, but where to start? The chapters include:

What is Elegance?
Wardrobe Rules
All that Glitters
Bare Elegance
Organizing Principles
Home, Elegant Home
Elegant Entertaining
Shabby Chic
The Write Stuff
Beauty from the Inside Out
Elegant Findings

Within these intriguing little chapters you can find out about the top ten items every woman should have in her closet. The section on lingerie is fun and statistics and secrets throughout add fun to various topics. How should you take care of pearls? Should you use hairspray and perfume "before" or "after" you put on pearls. These are of course things a girl must know, because at any point in time the man of your dreams may buy you some. Who would want to be clueless and ruin them?

Spa Girl types will love the "Bare Elegance" chapter, although you probably will know most of this by the time you are 25. This section serves as a refresher course in caring for yourself, no matter what. "Scentsations" is an introduction to perfumes and then it leads into a discussion about candles, room sprays, incense, scented papers and essential oils.

I can think of about four people right this very minute who would love to read the "Purging your Purse" chapter. Just yesterday I had to sort through my purse to find my keys. Now the "If Your Walls Could Talk" section says your home reveals your self-portrait. Feng Shui is briefly introduced, but the focus is more on clearing out the clutter room by room. After your home is all organized, you may want to throw a party. An especially brief section could be explored in more detail.

Ideas about how to live a more elegant life becomes even more practical when you read through the 30 days of elegant ideas.

Day 4: Write a note instead of sending an e-mail.
Day 11: Read a Poem
Day 21: Buy someone else a gift, for no reason

The last chapter on saying goodbye has a lot of wisdom, although at times I think that people who keep saying they are really busy or tired should just be more honest and say what they really mean. It would save us all a lot of annoyance and confusion. This book says to end a friendship, allow it to run its course. That might be a good idea if you have the time to put up with someone's abuse. If not, I say moving to say New Zealand might be a good option.

The Little Pink Books are a fun way to spend an hour and the Little Black Books look even more fun. A fun series of books to keep you entertained and they don't take up much room in your purse. You may even want to keep one in your coat pocket so you always have something fun to read.

~ The Rebecca Review




One Dozen Long Stemmed Pink Roses

A page dedicated to beauty, the color pink and health. 
Some of the items also support research projects...

Cookbook for Women




The Big Book of Girl Stuff


No Boys Allowed!, December 2, 2006

Bart King's five sisters provided great assistance with the writing of this giant book of girl stuff. Students in Bart King's classes also helped and through the kindness of many girls and women, this book evolved into what it is today.

The pink text in creative fonts makes this mostly black-and-white book much more fun. The images are sketches in pink and the interspersed pastel pink pages are especially pretty. On these pages you find things like:

Top Secret Shopping Information
The Fashion and Beauty Hall of Shame
Makeup Basics
5 Pages of Slang - "Lush" means very good, and is also the name of fun bath products.

The section on perfume includes information on aromatherapy and explores the possible essential oils to create moods, like rosemary can improve memory and concentration. Many of the sections address multicultural issues, like etiquette in Japan.

As far as humor goes, there is plenty to be had and it even left me laughing out loud or snickering to myself. The cartoons are especially funny and some are even helpful suggestions like the one about whining, still whining and "reasonable suggestion" that goes like this:

Picture 1: "Please, please, pleeeaasse?"
Picture 2: "I really need it!"
Picture 3: "Mom, having this laptop will make me a better student. I will be able to get the best education possible and fulfill my ambitions."

Topics include: Fun Stuff to Do, Holidays, Sports and Games, Etiquette and Manners, Beauty, Family, Humor, Fashion, Food/Cooking, Emotions, Girl Secrets, Dream Symbols, Girl Emergencies, Shipping, Wise Words from Wise Women, Best Friend Test, Friendship Bracelets, Dreams, How to Improve the World, Money, Pets and Animals, Sleepovers, Makeup, Cheerleading, mean Girls and Jerks, Nicknames, Handwriting, Slang, Babysitting, Dolls and Stuffed Animals, Girl Power, Boys, Friends and Cliques.

"The world is extremely interesting to a joyful soul." ~Alexandra Stoddard

This quote makes even more sense when you also read: "It takes over 200,000 frowns to make a permanent wrinkle in your forehead." The quotes by girls and women are also sprinkled throughout the pages and include wise words by Alanis Morissette, Helen Fielding, Constance Noring, Julia Child, Kate Winslet, Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey, Winona Ryder, Anne Frank and Jessica Alba.

Women of all ages will enjoy this book and find it humorous, creative, insightful, informative and intellectually adventurous. This is the book you would have loved to read in your childhood treehouse! The cover also makes this book more secretive when you reverse it so it says: "Composition." Without the cover, the front cover is imprinted with: "Chemistry."

~The Rebecca Review


Ascot Pink Backpack


Pink Suede Picnic Backpack, June 18, 2006

The soft pink suede finish and pink and cream tweed makes this backpack unique and playful. The plastic cups and plates are high quality and unbreakable. A bottle opener is included and you can place a bottle in the detachable insulated holder.

The entire area inside the backpack is completely insulated, making this especially practical for backpacking trips or picnics. Two linen napkins and stainless silverware are also included. The knives are sharp enough to cut cheese or meats and have sharp serrated edges. Even though the handles are plastic, they are covering stainless steel, so they won't break like regular plastic knives.

What is most impressive is the superior craftsmanship of the entire backpack with perfectly sewn edges and extra details like mesh pockets and a detachable drink holder.

~The Rebecca Review


Hello Kitty Clipboard Necklace


I remember the exact moment I noticed Hello Kitty items in a store "believe it or not" in Africa. There I was in a toy store looking for a way to spend some money I'd been given as a gift and I had my eye on a doll that could really eat and drink. It was one of those moments when your eyes light up and you say "oh, I want all of those."

There I was standing in front of the Hello Kitty items dreaming of how I could afford to buy these miniature completely fascinating items on my limited budget. You know how it is with an allowance when you are a kid.

So, finally I'm able to buy some of the items I always wanted and the necklace clipboard seemed very useful and cute. It also has a few stickers so you can make the notes like "post it" notes by attaching the sheets of paper to any surface with the cute stickers.

I leave my husband notes on the mirror and also find this useful when I'm in the mood to write down notes about some music I just heard and want to review or my mind is flying. The Hello Kitty Pen is also fun to keep with the clipboard so you always have a pen and paper around.

Now you can even buy Hello Kitty clothes and they have
TVs, refrigerators and even a little sandwhich maker. No, I was
not looking at every Hello Kitty item on Amazon...me? No way. :)

~The Rebecca Review


Hello Kitty Pen


Pretty in Pink, January 30, 2007

I hear that even women are still in love with Hello Kitty items and this pen is especially fun. The pen has a rattle sound that my cat really loves and she will jump up on the desk whenever I shake this pen.

The fluffy pink feathers also seem to get her attention. If you have cats, you'll have to keep this out of reach, but it is a fun pen to use along with the other Hello Kitty items, especially the necklace clipboard that has stickers so you can make the notes like "post it" notes by attaching the sheets of paper to any surface with the cute stickers.

I leave my husband notes on the mirror and also find this useful when I'm in the mood to write down notes about some music I just heard and want to review... or my mind is flying and I need to find a pen fast. This pen is fun to keep with the clipboard so you always have a pen and paper around.

~The Rebecca Review, in love with Hello Kitty Items
since I was 8





Pink Hibiscus


Sweet and Pretty, August 8, 2006

The pink hibiscus is slightly more pastel in color, more a light pink in reality. The picture shows a slightly darker pink color.

This mouse pad adds a nice feminine touch to your office and it reminds you of things that are important in life - like the search for beauty.

If you enjoy flower meanings, the hibiscus means consumed by love or delicate/rare beauty.

~The Rebecca Review



Products: Creamy Candy Bath, Sex Bomb, MMM (Melting Marshmallow Moments), 
 Helping Hands,  I Should Coco Soap, 
Ring of Roses, Flosty Gritter, Pop In The Bath, The Comforter




Pink Pepperminty Cream for Feet, February 20, 2007

LUSH continues to amaze with each and every item I try lately. This Fair Trade Foot Lotion works perfectly as a daily foot lotion or is perfect in combination with the Volcano Foot mask for occasional pampering.

Almond oil, cocoa butter, spearmint, peppermint and Tagetes Minuta flower oil blend perfectly together in this delicately pink lotion. The results are pretty impressive and the moisturizing benefits last overnight. The lotion soothes and moisturizes and leaves your feet with a little pepperminty tingle. I'll be using this a lot in the summer!

Quite possibly my favorite foot lotion find! If love this, you will totally fall for "Smitten."

~The Rebecca Review



See Sui Love Perfume Review


Sexy Pink Slippers


Benefit Bathina Gettin' Steamy


Spa Retreat Basket


Delites Wrap Robe







So Cute, February 1, 2007

There I was waiting shaving my legs and the water in the tub was draining away when suddenly I looked down and noticed all these little glittery confetti hearts. So cute! That was a nice surprise and I didn't see them while I was taking a bath. I did see the little candy flowers floating about.

This bath has a high "cuteness" factor and if you are in one of those "everything has to be pink" moods, then Think Pink may suit your candy mood. Lavender oil, Tonka absolute, vanilla and neroli oil makes this a calming bath that leaves you a little happier. You may enjoy this bath even more with the calming sweet "Honey I Washed the Kids Sweet Honey Soap" or the "Sultana of Soap" bar which is sumptuously smooth and leaves a fragrance on your skin that lasts all night.

If you want a pink/vanilla soap, then you may want "Rock Star." If you are into mixing and matching according to scents, then the Trichomania is mildly scented with coconut and looks like a vanilla shampoo bar and it goes well with the vanilla scented American Cream conditioner.

I vote for a tad more vanilla, although you can toss a little vanilla oil in the bath or some vanilla from the kitchen also works well. Eating sugar cookies in the tub is optional.

~The Rebecca Review



Sweet Vanilla with hints of Cinnamon, February 20, 2007

Rock Star soap appeals to my playful side and the scent in this soap leaves one a little giddy. The sweet vanilla fragrance is blended with perfumes and the result is something like a spicy vanilla and strawberry milkshake. Can I say yum?

This is absolutely delish and I think they may have added a little cinnamon to the mix. I love keeping lush soaps by the sink because they don't seem to dry out my hands as much as gel soaps. This one is perfect in combination with the Smitten hand cream.

Rock Star soap left me dreaming about buying other "vanilla" themed items like Think Pink (which I tried), Creamy Candy (a bubble bar), Sympathy for the Skin (which I'm dying to try) and Honey Trap (which I just tossed recklessly into my shopping cart). Candy Fluff sounds like it would go well with this experience. If you love this soaps creamy consistency, Gratuitous Violets, Sultana of Soap and Alkmaar will impress.

~The Rebecca Review


Champagne Supernova

4.0 out of 5 stars A Bath Ballistic with Bubbles, October 31, 2007
LUSH's bath ballistics don't normally produce bubbles, which is why this one is a good choice if you are in the mood for a bubble bath but still want the benefit of essential oils.

The "Champagne Supernova" is quite the party as it is filled with confetti. The orange oil makes you feel peaceful and happy while the lime oil is stimulating and refreshing. The only thing different besides the bubbles is that this ballistic takes longer to fizz away into the water.

You may want to add this when you start filling the tub with water so it has a chance to dissolve completely. Since this ballistic doesn't have any cocoa butter in it, you might want to use one of the body butters right after your bath. 

The Soft Touch Body Butter.

~The Rebecca Review







The Land of I Can  


A Garden of Positive Thinking!

The Land of I can is a brilliantly conceived book of eternal wisdom. It is a mirror for our own souls that helps us see the invisible choices we must make. Suddenly, as we gaze into the meanings on each page, the answers appear.


Susan Gilbert's eternally motivating words will guide you to: "The Land of I Can." This is a land where our choices make our dreams a reality.


This journey will take you through the lands of Apathy, Fear, Sorrow, and Ashes. Susan has walked though these lands on her own life's journey, and the book speaks from the hard-won experience. Which is how she knows that you can walk through the lands instead of living in them.


Your travel to the Land of I Can is a self-empowering journey. When you take hold of this book in your hand, you will take hold of our life in a new way; you will see where you are. As you read the book, you follow the path of belief and affirmation - one step at a time.



Ralph Waldo Emerson once said:  "Earth laughs in flowers."  How appropriate for the pages to be filled with lilies which symbolize innocence, purity and new life. When we say "I Can," we can bring the joy of childhood back into our lives.  So, plant the words from this book in your heart. Let the words take root in your soul.  Soon you will have a garden of "I Can" lilies blooming and the fragrance of success will fill your life! 


Norman Vincent Peale once said:  "Our happiness depends upon the habit of mind we cultivate." So practice happy thinking every day. Cultivate the merry heart, develop the happiness habit, and life will blossom.





Susan Gilbert with her adorable

Yorkies "Stormy" and "Spencer."


Visit Susan's Land of I Can Web site!






Pink Lotus Framed Print