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Women's Lives Women's Legacies


Journaling for the Next Generation, February 2, 2007

"Legacy work is different from autobiography, memoir, life review, and genealogy not so much in what is written, but in our intent." ~ pg. 2

Women's Lives, Women's Legacies is a practical and inspirational guide. Through a systematic approach women can access their beliefs and bless the next generation with a healing journal of life and love. Divided into three sections, there is a process of discovery through the past, present and future.

How did you receive your name? This section is fascinating and then an example of how to write about your name is given to provide perspective and inspiration.

"Begin by thinking about the home you lived in when you were growing up." ~ pg. 68

Through childhood memories you can start to create a picture of how you became who you are today. This section includes memory triggers, which are especially helpful. You may want to go through photo albums while experiencing this section of the book. I found it useful to photocopy groups of pictures for reference and organized my pictures by year.

I loved the section on "Reflections and Writing" where you complete sentences like:

What I have loved most about my life is...
A fairy tale, children's story, fictional character, or book that has had an important influence on my life is...

This book is amazing in its ability to help you remember long-forgotten memories. There are sections for friendship, family, motherhood, sexuality, spirituality and secrets. Throughout this creative work, there are some startlingly beautiful poems and wise quotes. There are lists of descriptive words you can expand on like: playful, sensual, and imaginative.

While this book is designed for journal-style writing, I think all writers and poets will find this to be especially inspirational and enriching experience. What will you leave for the next generation to discover?

One of my most treasured items is a diary my mother wrote about my first year of life and she also wrote a diary about her world travels. She is currently interested in genealogy and I think this book might be useful for anyone researching and writing about family history. This book would be perfect for a mother-daughter project or as a project for a woman's group. Women's Lives, Women's Legacies is a gift in itself and this could open the door to many worlds you want to visit time and again.

~The Rebecca Review


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Photography Fascination, September 14, 2006

If photography is your passion or even a casual interest, Eyewitness Companions Photography will take you on a journey as seen by photographers through time. You may recognize many of the famous photographs, but now you can also read about the photographer on the same page.

Whether the photographers are capturing a colorful image of a woman talking in a telephone booth in Tokyo or presenting a vision of stillness and space in an outdoor landscape, they all seem to be capturing something invisible that we long for, perhaps that sense of beauty and peace within a busy world, not to mention our longing for time to stop so we can enjoy the moment.

Many of the photographers do reach for beauty in all its forms (from natural outdoor settings to inspired indoor luxury), but there are moments of tragedy and haunting solitude.

If you are interested in image manipulation software to create your own art, there are many software recommendations. The Art of Composition reveals the elements of an appealing and artistic photograph. Timing, color contrast, clear shapes and structure are addressed in detail.

Some of the brilliant pictures include:

A Garden Symmetry - Trees line each side of a garden with a elongated
pool in the center. The fall leaves create a colorful border on each side as the water reflects the bare trees creating a magical change of seasons, as if the water is reflecting the depths of a snowy winter evening.

Ethereal Landscape - Japanese art photographer Hiroshi Nomura creates a magical forest complete with mirrored balls and strobe lighting. Some of the globes appear to be floating, while most have landed, creating a mingling of modern mystery and ancient mythology.

The photographers featured in this beautiful book include: Ansel Adams, Eve Arnold, Margaret Bourke-White, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Nobuyoshi Araki, Diane Arbus, Felice Beato, Guy Bourdin, Bill Brandt, Julia Margaret Cameron, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ernst Hass, Frans Lanting, Herbert List, Susan Meiselas and many more...

This book takes you through a full range of artistic experience as it introduces you to the types of cameras you will need to achieve various results as well as encouraging an eye for beauty and the desire to create magic with photographs.

~The Rebecca Review


Dragonfly Motionless on Rose by Rebecca


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From Pinhole Cameras to the Digital Age, January 23, 2005

Alan Buckingham has created a world of photographs and illustrations to tell the story of photography. He also reveals some of the secrets to taking interesting pictures.

When was the first photograph taken?
What is the difference between traditional and digital cameras?
What is a camera obscura?
How are photos taken on the surface of Mars or inside a volcano?

Alan Buckingham answers all these questions and also thinks about whether darkrooms will become extinct. He takes the reader from the days of the camera obscura to photography in a digital world. He also covers classic camera designs, instant pictures, panoramic pictures, photojournalism, extreme photography, underwater photography, images of the invisible, spy cameras, 3-D photography and camera anatomy.

Captivating Pictures:

World's Smallest Book
How Bees See Nectar
Eagle Nebula, 7,000 light-years from earth

A glossary, lists of websites and recommended museums sheds light on photography terms and allows the reader to search for additional information.

The Eyewitness books have a new look and even more pages than before. The series now has more than 130 titles and is printed in 36 languages. The highlight of the DK books is how the pictures seem to jump off the page and the photographs are again the highlight of this book on photography. Eyewitness Photography will interest readers of all ages.





The Handmade Book by Angela James

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Computer Photo Fun - Digital Art

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