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Where do you start when you want to live a healthier life? 

Step 1: Read The Metabolic Plan

This book changed my life and started me on a new path to wellness. 
If you want to live longer and have more energy, 
then this is the book to start with.

Click here for a review of this book
and more information


Step 2: Exercise

Start an Exercise Program

My Favorite Workout Videos/DVDs

Yoga, Pilates and Walking


Step 3: Diet Changes

Read as much as you can about healthy eating and make changes in your diet. I found 
that eating more raw vegetables in salads boosted my 
energy levels. Fruit is easy to eat with yogurt. 

Drinking protein powders also helped when I started to increase 
my exercising. As a reward for eating well, I give myself treats, 
like two small expensive dark Belgium chocolates. 

Now if I eat wrong, I feel terrible. It is great motivation to keep
eating good healthy foods. After a few weeks you will start to
notice a real decline in your energy level if you eat
the wrong foods. By monitoring your energy level 
you can find out what works for you.

Some Changes that worked for me: 

Switching from sugar to Stevia for tea and other beverages. 
Green Tea and Rooibos Tea instead of Coffee
Water - sipping water all day long instead of
sweetened carbonated drinks

1 eat a big salad every day with a delicious dressing and a 
sprinkling of roasted pumpkin seeds. 

1 eat a bowl of fruit with yogurt every day topped with fiber
like the ALL ONE Totally Fiber - quite delicious actually

Homemade soups with lots of fresh vegetables 
and protein of choice, like chicken. One of he most comforting
things I have been doing is making my own chicken stock.

Protein Powder Drinks with Soy

Limiting red meat to once or twice a week
Eggs a few times a week

Avoiding Fast Food places and sugary foods as much as possible. 

Eating oat and soy based health bars in the morning for breakfast.

Buying healthier wheat breads or making them myself

By making these changes, I crave sugary foods less. I feel
I have more energy and I feel more in control of my health.
Find what works for you, we all have very individual needs
and no one book is going to give you all the information you need. 

Read, read and read your way to health.

Instead of dieting, make lifestyle changes! It could take a few
years to make even just a few changes. Patience will
give you the results you are looking for. It takes a while
to get your body used to all the changes. 


Step 4: Supplements

Fuel Your Body with Vitamins and Herbal Supplements

(The Metabolic Plan gives more information on what to take and
which supplements are appropriate for your age.) 



Step 5: Cleanse

Please consult with your physician 
before starting any cleansing programs.  

Honeycombs Ind  Has Alternative Therapy Systems and a 12 Month
Program for total detoxification. They have packs for boosting the immune system, improving 
the circulatory system and for removing parasites and microbes. 

Great American Products 


Look up Dr. Pinkus's  Nu Zymes for a product

containing food enzymes which will help your entire digestive system.



Ancient Remedy: 
Olive Leaf Extract 
Helps protect against Viruses



The Cure Is in the Cupboard : How to Use...


The Bach Flower Remedies : Including...



Cranactin - Cranberry  To keep the Bladder free of bacteria. 

For Depression:  SAM-e or try Brain Vitality 1-800-546-4665  Sam-e is being called a happy pill. The name is short for S-adenosyl-methionine. Your body makes its own supply of SAM-e. It acts as an "on" switch for an array of processes essential to sustaining human life. It helps new cells grow and helps repair damaged ones. If you have problems waking up early in the morning, take this product...you will literally bounce out of bed :). I take this product daily, but just one or two tablets. Many people say it helps them through the winter months when there is not as much sun to keep them in a sunny mood. You may want to consult your doctor before taking this product as it can make some forms of depression worse, otherwise it can be a great help to many and can even help to repair liver damage.

For getting rid of Fungus in the body: Oil of Oregano and Oregamax  1-800-769-7873  See book above.


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