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Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss Invisible Acts of Power


Transformative Generosity, September 18, 2006

Caroline Myss presents beautiful stories of gratitude and giving to explain how meaningful kindness can be in the life of those in need. She not only addresses financial aspects of giving, but the invisible aspects where you can encourage friends, family and even strangers you only meet once to reach for the best they can be in this lifetime.

Why do some people practice generosity as a "spiritual practice?"
What is the most appreciated type of generosity?
How can you break through fears to awaken your own generosity?
What do people regret the most?
Why do we fear giving to those less fortunate than ourselves?
How can you build someone's self-esteem by giving invisible gifts from the heart?
Why is listening an act of generosity?

Caroline Myss has profound insight into life's many complexities and in Invisible Acts of Power she explores the positive results of emotional, creative, supportive and risk generosity. She now builds additional layers on our understanding of the charkas, although you can enjoy this CD set without knowing detailed information about energetic fields (the interactive charka model at her myss site is very helpful).

What is most interesting about the ideas is how they were inspired by real-life situations and letters sent in by people connected to her website through her newsletter. This opens up a world of experience in which giving takes on practical dimensions.

I can also highly recommend:

Self Esteem: Your Fundamental Power Audio CD Set
Why People Don't Heal and How They Can
Journal of Inner Dialogue (a beautiful companion to the Archetype Cards)
Archetype Cards

It feels as if I have come full circle with Caroline Myss' teachings since I was first introduced to her wisdom through a generous friend. The CD sets make wonderful life-changing gifts that will inspire spiritual growth and moments of deep contemplation. If you are interested in using your power for good, then this essential CD set will inspire you in profound ways.

~The Rebecca Review


Caroline Myss Self-Esteem: Your Fundamental Power


=    I Love you enough Not to Need your Approval

Reviewer: The Rebecca Review.com

“You change the rules or you are going under.” ~Caroline Myss

Imagine a life where no one can intimidate you, where you have an invisible sense of knowing who you are, a life where you are no longer fighting for the right to be alive.

Are you willing to change the rules? Are you playing games with people in your life who do not have your best interests at heart? Are you afraid of what you want most? Do you want to know who you really are? Do you want to feel empowered and healed spiritually? Do relationships make you feel needy?

One of the most beautiful spiritual gifts anyone has given me was introducing me to the Caroline Myss Self-Esteem CDs. As normal in my life, the angels appear when I am drifting off my own spiritual path and need information to help me get back on track.

During the time when I received these CDs, I was devastated by a question I had asked and an answer I had received. I literally awoke into a new reality. My only thought was: “I’m going to die if I don’t break the chains of needing this person to need me and to approve of me.” I had no idea my self was being born nor that I was going to “meet myself.” Staying unconscious was sure a lot more fun! Caroline seems to agree. While I think staying unconscious is a more relaxed state, it is exciting to grow and turn into the person you are supposed to become.

The fact is, at some point, I had stopped living for myself and started to live for the approval of one person. A person who gave me occasional approval, but would also occasionally withhold approval when I needed it most. Until I listened to these CDs, I did not realize what was happening or why I needed a particular person’s approval. Caroline says you were not born for anyone, but yourself.

When Caroline Myss says: “seriously negative feedback” I knew exactly what she was saying. I was experiencing an almost daily immersion in “self-imposed torment.”

What was even more interesting was how Caroline explained that at times heaven will not allow a person to give us the approval we crave, so we can learn to depend on ourselves or we can be more open to listening to guidance and praying.

You will learn the details of why:

1. People with healthy self-esteem heal faster.
2. The old view of self-esteem differs from the new view.
3. Wars are started due to lack of self-esteem.
4. Meditation is not the only answer.
5. People around you won’t celebrate your empowerment.
6. Knowledge is not a spiritual practice.
7. Standing up for yourself can change your entire life.
8. We destroy others to compensate for our own fears.
9. Our greatest fears are being alone and abandoned and how we smother people.

Before I listened to these CDs, I was a butterfly, but a butterfly with cords attached to other’s approval. I could only fly once they approved of me. Now, I am going to fly on my own and follow my heart. I don’t want to be tied down by my fear, nor do I want to live a mediocre life.

Caroline’s teachings are healing, beautiful gifts for your soul. Heal your life, heal your friendships, start giving love instead of always asking for love.

An Empowering, healing, spiritually electrifying journey. If you want to be primarily responsible for your spiritual growth and understand how to create the empowered self, these CDs will help you in your search for understanding self-esteem on the spiritual level.



Other Gifts to Give for Healing:

Yoga Zone Flexibility and Stress Release – A yoga workout which includes an interesting and healing “chakra” moment.

Giving Love Away by Robert Shahidi – A healing CD to calm your mind and heal your heart. One of the most beautiful “spoken word” CDs I’ve ever listened to.

1 Giant Leap – World Music that seems to heal me each time I listen due to the universal appeal of the selections.


The Stress Management Workshop


Comprehensive Stress Reduction Program, October 6, 2005

Creating stress is an excellent way to avoid dealing with the frightening tasks necessary for personal growth - tasks like recognizing our own dishonesty, accepting our responsibility to solve our own problems, or pursuing our fondest dreams right into the teeth of our worst fears. If we're not living "on purpose," our souls can't rest comfortably. ~Martha Beck

Stress is the number one killer in America and it is basically a reaction to physical, mental or emotional stimulus that upsets your body's natural balance.

By defending yourself during a stressful situation, you are increasing the production of adrenal hormones that end up being responsible for most of the symptoms associated with stress. When the "flight or fight" response goes unchecked your emotional or physical health can suffer greatly.

If you are looking for a comprehensive program, complete with information on the causes and effects of stress, then you will be very impressed with this workshop. Victoria Wizell has created a collection of information about stress to help you understand the reasons you feel the way you do under stress. She then presents effective hypnosis sections to reprogram your mind so you can handle stress more efficiently.

What causes stress?
What are the main sources of stress?
When do most heart attacks occur?
What are stress triggers?

If the body can be addicted to stress or even fall behind in cell repair when we have reduced rest because of stress, then this program could not only save your life, it could help you live a healthier life. The sections include:

History and Facts about Stress
How to Cope with Stress and Manage it Through Hypnosis
Progressive Relaxation
Managing Your Thoughts
Time Management - Determining Your Values
Dealing with Your Emotions
Your Physical Nature
Managing Job Stress
Managing Your Finances
Spirituality: Understanding Your Inner Self

Some of the main symptoms of stress include: Muscle tension, fatigue, migraine headaches, back pain, high blood pressure, problems in relationships, shortness of breath, upset stomach, insomnia, loss of libido, hypertension, aggressive behavior, abuse of alcohol or drugs, depression, indigestion, weight gain or loss, obsessions, fears, phobias, anger, low self-esteem, anxiety, withdrawal, feeling bored, inability to concentrate and spiritual emptiness.

No matter what you are experiencing currently, hypnosis and knowledge about stress can help you get back on the road to wellness and peace. You will also learn valuable techniques for avoiding stressful situations or putting out the flames when a situation occurs.

Victoria Wizell also presents healing thoughts about how to change your stressful situation. You can learn to relax through massage or deep breathing techniques. Just by exercising on a regular basis, you can burn up extra adrenaline. She gives advice on diet and explains the difference between the unconscious and conscious mind.

A journal is highly recommended or you can use the Stress Management Workbook to record your experiences. There is an emphasis on accessing the subconscious mind (still under your total control while doing the exercises) in order to reprogram your thoughts. By increasing positive thoughts you decrease turmoil and create a new future.

Quick Tips for Dealing with Stress Now:

Embrace change with a positive attitude
Set realistic goals for your life
Exercise and get enough sleep
Resolve Conflicts
Try Hypnotherapy - this course is a great place to start and it explores hypnotherapy from many angles.


P.S. Things that help me during stress - totally calms me down, can't live without them:

1. Hyland's CALMS - great for nerve tension or sleeplessness
2. Bach Rescue Remedy - Natural Stress Relief Remedy

Please consult with your naturopath before taking herbal remedies.




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