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Sweet Joey Roo


Memories of Childhood, January 7, 2007

Right before leaving America to go live in Africa I lost my first Kangaroo. Recently I told a friend I lost the cutest cuddly toy as a child and guess what arrived in the mail? This cuddly toy is sweet and adorable and super soft. The fur on the Mary Meyer Sweet Joey Roo is super plush and cuddly. Since the paws are filled with a heavier filling (little plastic beads), this plush animal toy can be positioned to have different moods. She can sit perfectly like a puppy waiting for a treat. Move her head to the side and she looks sleepy. Children will love this toy and I must admit, it is the cutest stuffed toy I've ever seen or owned.

~The Rebecca Review



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    Baby Jogger  Introducing new jogger's with swivel wheels. Bob Trailers has a 
       BOB Sport Utility Stroller with fuzzy warm liners and a weather shield. 

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    Baby Sheets  "Stay Put" safety crib sheets. A unique pillow case design.

    Baby Toys   This will get your clock ticking.

 Prep for preschool with perfect clothes, gear, books, toys and more!


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    Clean Shopper  Solutions for shopping carts. Fun colorful items your children 
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    D a d d y  Web sites for the new dad.  Get the top 5 preschool books.

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    Discovery Kids   The Discovery Channel provides a list of adventures.  Grow a salad!

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    Education Planet  A list of the top 10 parent Web sites are featured with resources.

    Elefanten  The right shoes are important. 

    Embark   A site which offers detailed information of colleges, 
      test preps and scholarships.

    Embryonics   Learning systems from the womb to the classroom. 
      See their new music cube, demo online.

    E-stork   Put up a video or  picture of your new born baby for everyone to see.

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A Guide to Understanding and 
Treating Pregnancy-Related Depression.
Very helpful book!


    Family Education  Source for parents. For learning disabilities call 1-888-GR8-MIND

    Fao Schwarz  The famous toy store for the young and young at heart. 

    Fun School   A place to choose from over 300 activities organized 
      by grade level.  Back to School Supplies

    Gerber  Gerber organic baby food.  

    Get Kookie  Edible colored dough that can be made into cookies. Really cute idea! 

    Gaiam Look for the foaming aromatherapy for babies. Contains organic 
       oils of tangerine, chamomile and vanilla.


    Games:  Clue     Standard Scrabble    

 UNO House Rules     Monopoly


    Go Babies  A source for moms on the go and babies who travel with them.

    Go Mom Inc.  Organizers especially for moms. 

    GTM Associates  Nanny payroll and tax services.  

    Hop.com  Hooked on Phonics 

    Jolly Jumper   Look for the Bumper Bonnet which is a padded little
      helmet-like hat for kids so when they fall they don't hurt their heads. For babies. 

    Juniornet  Just for kids! Claims to be safe for kids online.


Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet


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    Lice Arrest  Back to school supply. Safe and effective.

    Little Me   For newborns and infants. Also see Early Arrivals  for tiny babies.


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    Ma Ma Media   This Web site offers a rich and entertaining time with 
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    Mimi Essentials  Fashionable looks for pregnancy.   

    Mothers at Home   For mothers who choose to be at home to nurture their families.

    Mommy Times   Mom-to-mom support community.

    Mother's Day  Great Mother's Day ideas. Look for the cute "Bee" 
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    Movie Mom   Movie reviews.  

    My Team  For young sports fans to get all the team statistics.   

    Nanny Network   Information on placement agencies, background 
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    Toys Home Page   Toys organized by age group!

Motherhood 300_250


Comforting Baby Items, Adults love too..., December 16, 2005

The Baby Bee Buttermilk Lotion and Dusting Powder are essentials. The bubble bath is also quite luxurious. Many of the products in this kit can also be used for chapped hands and especially for feet in the winter.

The ingredients in the Skin Crème include: Sweet Almond Oil, Water, Beeswax, Aloe Barbadensis Gel, Kaolin (Natural Clay), Grapefruit Seed Extract, Carrageenan Extract (Irish Moss), Fragrance, Sodium Borate (Natural Borax), Glucose, Glucose Oxidase & Lactoperoxidase (Sugar & Natural Enzymes), Tocopherol (Vitamin E). (98.80% Natural)

I find this cream is best applied before you go to bed at night as it is more like a "salve" than a cream. This thick cream is healing and comforts dry skin.

This starter kit contains:

Apricot Bath Oil
Buttermilk Soap
Skin Crème
Dusting Powder
Diaper Ointment
Buttermilk Bath

~The Rebecca Review

To Moms who need pampering:

P.S. Also look for the Burt's Bees Herbal Milk Bath which I tried last night and loved. I used to use the Buttermilk baby bath, but now they have one for adults with lavender oil, rosemary and peppermint. It is in the "Queen Bee" Burt's Bees Kit along with a silk mask filled with lavender, pore refining mask, royal jelly eye crème, calm balm, calming candle, repair serum and shea butter crème.


First Meals

Home Cooking, May 27, 2006

Home cooking is an economical option and, as the recipes in this book show, it need not be time-consuming. There are many excellent purees that do not involve cooking and other recipes suitable for batch-cooking that allow a whole month's food supply to be prepared in a couple of hours and then frozen. ~Annabel Karmel

Annabel Karmel's ambitious baby food book is for infants and toddlers but adults will also enjoy some of the recipes.

The recipes in this book can be used occasionally in order to introduce new foods in fun ways or you could use a variety of recipes on a continual basis as you find favorites. The chapters are divided up into age groups:

Weaning Your Baby
9 to 12 Months
12 to 18 months
18 months to 2 years
2 to 3 years
3 to 7 years
Preschool and beyond
Healthy Snacks
Family Meals

A section on pantry essentials helps you stock the pantry so you have the food on hand in order to try the recipes.

Should you keep baby's half-eaten food for a later meal?
What are the common allergies to watch for?
When should a baby start to eat solid foods?
What do you do when your baby rejects food?

The pages of "first tastes" make introducing foods to your baby easier because they are bland foods baby can get used to when being introduced to purees. These can be made in a blender or food mill. Tips are given for each method with the recipes. Next there is a section on mashed foods and you can try recipes like peach, apple & strawberry or banana with mango or papaya. Savory recipes are also included, like chicken casserole and fish with carrots and orange. The first fifth of the book is made up of very simple recipes.

The recipes from this point on become a little more visual and much more fun to make. As children gain a bigger appetite and begin to explore textures, advice is given on how to encourage children to feed themselves. With fun cutouts and assorted dips and interesting serving suggestions, children are encouraged to try new foods. Some of the fun recipes include:

Gelatin Boats
Pinwheel Sandwiches and other creative Sandwiches like butterflies and wraps
Mini Pizzas with animal faces
Salmon Starfish
Summer Berry Milkshakes
Cheesy Bread Animals
Birthday Cakes
White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies
Chocolate Cream Puffs & Choux Pastry Mice

I am sure when the author created this book, she knew mothers could not find the time to cook like this every day, but many of the recipes will be fun for mothers to make on occasion and others will save time when made in bulk - like the puree recipes. The entire family can enjoy many of the recipes like the strawberry freezer pops or beef stir-fry. There are some family recipes, baby recipes and toddler recipes that anyone could enjoy if you like smaller meals. Once you make your own applesauce, the flavor may convince you to make it all the time.

~The Rebecca Review


Pop Molds



5.0 out of 5 stars Refreshing Summer Treats, May 17, 2009
When I was looking for pop molds I found these "Frozen Treat Trays." There are some advantages and some disadvantages to this type of mold. First, you can freeze basically anything in them and I've had good luck freezing homemade juices including lemonade and juices I make in my juicer. The caps on this brand have permanent plastic sticks in them so you don't have to buy wooden sticks all the time. They also sort of catch some of the drips although don't count on it.

The disadvantage is that you can't just pull one ice pop out of a tray you have to put the entire tray in a bowl of warm water to release the pops. I found them nearly impossible to pull out without doing this and setting them in warm water for thirty seconds usually does the trick. Then you can just put all the ice pops in a plastic ziplock freezer bag for storage.

Here are the two "juicing" recipes I've used lately. There is a enough juice for the ice pops and a few cups of juice leftover to enjoy:

Recipe 1:

1 pound strawberries
1 pineapple, peeled
2 Pink Lady apples, unpeeled
2 oranges, peeled

Recipe 2:

1 pineapple, peeled
2 oranges, peeled
2 apples, unpeeled
1 (6-ounce) container blackberries
1 cup grapes

For both recipes cut the fruit to fit your juicer and juice. Pour the juice into your frozen treat trays. There are really unlimited ways you can make juice so you can have fun experimenting all summer long.

You would think this would come with a nice recipe book but only three recipes are included. You can mix yogurt with fruit in your blender or freeze applesauce, chocolate milk, egg nog or puddings.

While these are fun for kids adults will love them too. I went out walking in the heat and it was so good to have some ice pops ready on my return.

~The Rebecca Review




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