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A Christmas to Remember IV




At Christmas we enjoy making chocolate-covered cherries and caramel

popcorn, sometimes even chocolate fudge. No time to make homemade fudge? 
Try ordering Fudge from Harry and David: Moose Munch Fudge

(Extravagant amounts of almonds, cashews, caramel and toffee!)



   Gifts: Christ is the "Gift of God" to the World. The Wise Men came bearing gifts to the baby Jesus.  Through the ages people have given, on the birthday of Christ, gifts to those they love, in honor of the Wise Men, the first gift bearers in the Christian era. In the Middle Ages, children would receive "bundle gifts." One gift was a reward, one was useful and the third was for discipline. So a child received not only what they wanted, but also what they needed.  Today we should start this tradition again. We could give a book for discipline, a toy as a reward, and clothes as something useful. The gifts must all be wrapped individually, then tied together with a bow or string. 




   Gingerbread:  Many families have certain holiday traditions that are honored every Christmas. For our family, we try to make a gingerbread house and gingerbread cookies. This is one tradition children can actually do on their own, or with very little supervision. It is quite fun to make a gingerbread house. For a kit: Dancing Deer Bakery


   Goats:  The earliest gifts to Swedish children were goats made of straw. They are still important as Christmas decorations.  


   Harps:  The harp is played at dawn services in Wales on Christmas Day.


Christmas Stickers


If you want to decorate brown paper packages tied up with string, 
here are the perfect stickers. You could also spruce up your scrapbook 
in January when all those picture get developed. I had great fun with this 
set of stickers already when wrapping some presents for a friend.
270 stickers...




    Holly:  This plant grows in some form or another in almost every country. It is used for festival decorations for centuries.  In connection with Christmas, it has come to represent the crown of thorns worn by Christ when he was crucified, the red of the berries representing his blood. Originally holly was used in celebrating the Festival of Saturnalia. This was the Roman holiday in honor of Saturn, god of the harvest and branches of holly were given as emblems of friendship.  Red is the symbol for the blood of kinship, the bonding of family, and the act of charity. Green is the symbol of nature and eternal life. Hang Holly before you hang the mistletoe and never take down holly before the eve of January 5th. Some traditions say not to bring flowering holly into the house or say you should not step on holly berries or burn green holly leaves.  Some European legends say a sprig of holly hanging on the bedpost will bring you sweet dreams. 


     Horn:  This is a Danish custom.  Just as the sun is rising on Christmas the trumpeters play four hymns, one for each corner of the earth.


Smoked Salmon Gifts


    Hot Chocolate: Don't forget the marshmallows. See Holiday Recipe Cards  if you want to print off fun holiday recipe cards to print and write on. You could give all your friends your favorite Christmas cookie recipe.  


Spode Christmas Tree 12-Piece Dinnerware Set with Mugs, Service for 4


     Lanterns: These are in several European countries to light the trail to church for the Christmas Mass.  They are usually polished especially for the service. In the Orient, lanterns are used to light the churches for the services. In America candles are often used in candelabras. For me it is symbolic of Christ lighting the way to heaven or being the light of the world.  



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