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Beyond the Blues


Beyond the Blues


5 out of 5 stars=    Enlightens and Reassures

Reviewer: The Rebecca Review.com

"Contrary to popular mythology, pregnancy is not always a happy, glowing experience! Approximately 10 percent of women experience depression. Of these, about 15 percent are so severely depressed that they attempt suicide."

During a time when you would imagine most women would be happy and fulfilled in their new roles as a mother, many women experience the nightmare of postpartum depression. While many of us have heard of postpartum depression (PPD), I was unaware of prenatal depression. In fact, this book presents five postpartum mood disorders that can also occur during pregnancy.

Since depression can have fatal results, it is essential to get counseling. This book is not intended to be a replacement for individual counseling, medical assessment or group support. "Beyond the Blues" shows the reality of Prenatal and Postpartum depression. It is one of the most well-organized books I've seen on any type of depression. You can quickly assess the condition and find help, treatment options and support.

The authors wrote this book to help provide critical information to psychotherapists and clients. Shoshana S. Bennett, Ph. D., founded "Postpartum Assistance for Mothers in 1987" and also holds her second masters degree in Psychology and a doctorate in Clinical Counseling. Pec Indman, Ed.D., MFT has a doctorate in counseling and a masters degree in health psychology.

Our Stories Shoshana and Pec show how they became aware of perinatal mood disorders. You soon realize the lack of sensitivity out there in the "real world" and won't believe we humans are not more nurturing. For some women, becoming a new mom can be a shocking experience when they start feeling suicidal.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Psychiatric Illness An excellent chapter showing how perinatal mood disorders are caused by hormonal changes. The authors explain a variety of mood disorders. Some are not "considered a disorder" but can be experienced by 80 percent of mothers. What I found interesting was the "risk factors." PMS and PMDD are risk factors. This chapter contains stories of women who went through one of the mood disorders. I was shocked at how much I didn't know about pregnancy even after reading numerous books on the subject.

Women With Postpartum Mood Disorders Once you have analyzed your behavior or the behavior of a friend/client, you can then find a therapist, website information, find people to support you, understand the value of medication and develop a healthier lifestyle. The section on "myths" was enlightening.

Partners You will be especially encouraged by the "What to Say, What Not to Say" comments. Learning to be encouraging should be an essential life skill.

Siblings, Family, and Friends A great chapter on how you can explain this disorder to children, family and friends. Love the list of "What you can do to help."

Health Practitioners The authors present answers to the questions they have been asked over the years. They deal with signs, symptoms and treatment. This is just an excellent chapter for doctors who are going to be asking the pertinent questions. Later, in the Appendix, there are Medical Terms with definitions.

Treatment Yes, there is hope. Read this chapter to find out how you can use a combination of therapies to encourage a more balanced mood. It was interesting to consider the "impact of medication vs. the impact of illness." It was very comforting to know that SSRIs or TCAs can be used during pregnancy. This was news to me and will give you a sense of security, especially if you have realized the risk factors involved in getting pregnant in the first place. The authors also discuss drugs that should not be taken during pregnancy. You can even use sleep aids? Who knew! This was very helpful. There are even charts showing what treatment should be used during what stage. Doctors need this information!

Resources A collection of websites and organizations to help you take care of yourself and do more research. You may also want to read additional books on this subject. A list is provided. The book ends with a helpful index.

If you have ever been depressed, you know that sometimes just knowing someone understands what you are going through, can be very healing. "Beyond the Blues" is a beautiful gift to women struggling with pregnancy-related mood disorders. This is literally a book that could help you save your life or the life of a woman who needs your emotional support.

Highly Recommended as essential reading for the human race! If you know someone who is pregnant or if you are pregnant, you should read this book. You know, I even think this book will be helpful for anyone dealing with a situation in which they are caring for someone experiencing depression.

Especially Recommended to:

New Moms taking charge of their health
Anyone who is considering becoming pregnant and wants to evaluate the risk factors.
Primary Care Providers
OB/Gyns and Midwives
Lactation Consultants
Childbirth Educators
New Parent Group Leaders


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