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Beatrix Potter: The Complete Tales: The 23 Original Peter Rabbit Books & 4 Unpublished Works


5 of 5 stars Irresistible cuddly animals with human personalities. July 14, 2000 

Beatrix Potter acquired her love and knowledge of animals and the countryside during family holidays in Scotland. She also had animals as her constant companions as a child. She sketched and observed them for hours at a time.

Beatrix Potter's books have never lost their popularity. They are sold by the millions and have been translated into over fifteen languages. While her first story in 1902, "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" was published in a small edition by Frederick Warne, within a year it was an instant best seller.

This deluxe volume is a collection of all twenty-three tales and some previously unpublished works. The stories are arranged in the order of publication as several are linked together by events or familiar characters.

Both the watercolors and black and white illustrations have been included. Children will adore the rhyming names of goosey gander and pig-wig. The animals seem to almost take on human personalities. In fact, these magical stories are often connected with real people places or animals.

Little girls who have a doll house will love "The Tale of Two Bad Mice," in which two hungry mice try to eat the artificial plaster doll food. Even at my age I found it irresistibly amusing. These little animals just have such great personalities.


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