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Real Age Makeover


Grow Younger - Control How You Age, February 1, 2007

Dr. Roizen presents his ideas on how you can not only feel healthier, he explains how simple lifestyle changes can produce dramatic results, actually causing your body to feel younger. What is your Real Age? Can you really grow younger?

If you do absolutely nothing, you will continue to age. If you take simple steps like walking 30 minutes a day Dr. Roizen believes you can dramatically alter the course of aging. He talks about taking aspirin, the importance of sleep and why using olive oil is an excellent choice. I was surprised by his advice on coffee and you may want to read up on how caffeine affects aging.

Some of the main features of this short program include discussions about bone mass, muscle mass, blood pressure, exercise, dangers of saturated fat, breathing techniques to reduce stress, life-long learning and the biggest stressors to deal with first.

I learned a few helpful things while watching this DVD, especially the information on Vitamin D, which I think everyone has to worry about. This was very easy to solve with fortified orange juice - Calcium and Vitamin D. I was happy to find out that the orange juice my husband has been buying does have Vitamin D! One less thing to worry about!

While this DVD is interesting, I think I'll also buy the book to read more detailed information on all the topics addressed in the lecture.

~The Rebecca Review



Beauty Products good enough
for a man and loved by a woman...


Anthony Logistics Sea Salt Body Scrub

More than one use..., September 3, 2006

This cleanser is for men, but I steal it from my husband to make my skin smooth. More like a gel with salt granules, this can be used as a body wash.

The blue gel seems to promote a sense of freedom with elements of lime, mandarin and bergamot for an uplifting emotional appeal. Leaves the skin scented with a refreshing almost grapefruit like fragrance or a lemony cologne. This is a scrub men will enjoy and women will want to steal.

The blue color will remind you of your favorite ocean and the salt granules are more smooth than scratchy so this can also be used on the face. This is perfect for when your skin is in an oily or combination mood. This is slightly drying if you have normal skin. Deeply cleansing.

Other uses:

Cleans the shower or tub like a dream. Must be
the essential oils. If you like cleaning your shower
when you are in the shower, this is interesting and
slightly entertaining.

Bath - Add this to your bath for a blue color
and sea salts.

Scalp Cleanser - scrub into your scalp, deep
cleans hair and scalp like a dream.

Did I mention this was addictive? I seem to
use it every time I'm in the shower.

~The Rebecca Review


Woods of Windsor


Warm and Spicy, February 20, 2007

At first lemony, with hits of Neroli and Bergamot, the Woods of Windsor fragrance mellows into a warm and spicy cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. The recipe for this perfume was found in an old recipe book in historic archives and it also contains oakmoss extract.

The soap on a rope and the powder are equally impressive. I think the powder and soap bring even more warmth to the entire experience. The mood of this fragrance seems to bring out longings for horse riding in a cedar forest or staying in bed all morning on the weekend.

This fragrance also has elements of chivalry as well as dreams of the exotic. My husband loved this gift for Valentine's Day and I think you will enjoy the entire collection which also has an aftershave, shampoo, shaving mug/soap and a shower gel.

~The Rebecca Review



Baxter of California Super Close Shave

I have been told this is the best close shaving cream ever! I'm going
to try it myself, but the men I've given it to, to try, say it is
the best they have ever used.







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Adidas Actuator TR6

Navy Mesh/White/Silver , December 11, 2006

For months my husband was looking around for a pair of shoes without flashy colors that we both could love. The navy mesh on the Adidas Actuator is a good color because it goes with just about anything he has in the closet. I thought they made him look rather young and frisky and wasn't sure I should let him leave the house. ;) He seemed rather pleased with his early Christmas present as he went to the clubhouse to watch football on the big screen. He also wore them to work on the weekend when he had to go finish up some paperwork. These shoes seemed very inexpensive for the comfort and fit. They made my husband happy so I can recommend them for gifts during the holiday season. We looked at shoes in a price range of $45-$90 at a variety of sites, but I knew we'd find the ones we both could love for less than $50! Very pleased with this purchase and I suggested that we buy two pairs because I really like the color.

~The Rebecca Review



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