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Stove Side


A great place to put all the items you need while cooking is right by the stove in a porcelain

utensil holder. A slotted spoon is essential when cooking vegetables, the pasta fork is handy

when making a small amount of pasta and you don't want to deal with a colander. Serving soup

requires a soup ladle, tongs are great when frying chicken, and spatulas are essential

when frying meats and eggs. I like having a garlic press and vegetable peeler

out where I can find them easily. The fork is useful for many things.




Spoonful Art Print




Good Grips Whisk

A truly flexible whisk, May 9, 2004

As Norah Jones is singing something about love being a lost balloon, I am sitting here contemplating the sheer beauty of this whisk. Not only is this my new favorite whisk, it is truly well made. While making a custard filling for caramel éclairs (you know those magical éclairs in the Simply Irresistible movie) I found that the balloon shape and the way the wires adapt themselves to the shape of a saucepan was highly desirable.

For one thing, you don't want any clumping in a sauce or custard and things do tend to get clumpy if you can't get into the inner edge of a saucepan. With a bit of pressure, you can whisk into every inch of a saucepan. This is not always possible with a plastic whisk which is definitely not as flexible.

The handle on this whisk makes it easy to keep a grip and OXO is known for their ergonomic considerations. I think of it as an almost suede rubber that is not only comfortable to hold, it allows your hand to grip the handle more firmly.

Now the reason the 10 stainless-steel wires are so sturdy is because they are sealed into the base with a clear resin material. This also prevents food from building up and I throw this whisk in the dishwasher without fear.

If you bang the wires against your hand you can see how sturdy this whisk is and I can almost imagine that somewhere in the world someone is using this whisk as a musical instrument.

~The Rebecca Review




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