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"Thank you for the link to our site, you have a great site."

Owen from  Jessica's Biscuit ®  


A-C D-K L-S  T-Z

Fresh and natural meat products.

Dean & Deluca

Kashmir saffron and cardamom pods. Look for the beautiful pizza stone, coffees, teas, herbs, spices, packaged dry goods and gift selections. You can order a rack of lamb, smoked ribs, BBQ sauces, grilling planks for fish, Balinese salt and long peppers, smoked fish, Mojama, Blini, pastrami, Spanish dried sausages, olives, marinated goat feta, Parmigiano Reggiano, cookbooks, Aleppo pepper, canella, fenugreek, lavender flowers, sumac, truffle powders, za'atar, spice rub collections, Ricciola (Amber Jack Tuna), Grey Sea Salt, Spice racks, Traditional Balsamic Vinegars, Extra Virgin Olive oils, Mocha Java Coffee, Eros Flower scented tea, Vanilla Bean syrups, Cookies, Babka, Lemon Tarts, Bridgewater Toffee, Vanilla Caramel, Gift sets and a Little Red Riding Hood biscuit basket.  

Dennis Green Ltd.  

A product you put in your refrigerator crisper bin to neutralize ethylene, a natural gas from ripening fruits and vegetables. Drop one cartridge into the crisper to keep fruits and vegetables longer.

Diamond Mountain

Source for spices, botanicals and books. 1-435-789-2304

Dibruno Brothers

Wide selection of cheese, vinegar and oil. Look for Pecorino Romano.

Digital Cookware Source for digital talking timer. speaks at regular intervals and tells you how many minutes are left. 

A site all about dinner parties! Free Menus and Party Theme Ideas. 

Dixie Diners Club®  

My exclusive source for Evert-Fresh bags.

Domino Sugar

Web site all about sugar.

Earthbound Farm

Organic Fruits, Vegetables and Specialty Salads. 

Earthy Delights

Much much more than edible flowers, they have an ever expanding selection of domestic and imported goods, and great prices.

Eat Right

Nutrition trends in 2001. 

EG Software

A software company - they develop intelligent software solutions for foodservice professionals. They are recognized as one of the leaders in foodservice software. 


A must-have catalog for gift bags and labels. 1-800-600-6885

Emergency Essentials

Survival kits and items for storage.

Encore Catalog Kitchen, home, garden and decorating items.

Cooking information, recipes, things to buy, places to eat.  

Ethnic Grocer

Chutneys, pastes, spices, grains, oils and sauces. A world market! Features authentic foods from over 15 countries. Look for cookbooks and gifts.


Quality, value and durability.

Fairfield Farm Kitchens

Frozen Organic entrees, locate a store near you with their store finder. 

Family Dinner

Thousands of recipes on file.

Farm and Home

Specialized food site.


Harvesting, packaging, history and recipes for figs. 

Fischer & Wieser

Specialty foods including jams and jellies.

Flying Noodle

A huge assortment of pastas, sauces, oils and vinegars. 

Food and Drink

Links to a variety of World Cuisine and general cooking links!

Food and Wine

Chat with chefs, cookbook authors every Tuesday at 4:00 P.M. 

Food Books

A great site to find books on the history of food.

Food Professionals Professionals in the food industry share recipes and procedures for home cooking.
Food Saver TV Save food in plastic bags and containers. Food Saver removes the air so food stays fresh.
Food Trader The world's first Internet marketplace for the food and agricultural industry.
Food TV

Great site to look up the recipes you see prepared on the Food Network Cooking Shows. 

Food Web

Great links to tons of sites.

Food Festivals

Find out where a food festival is going on anywhere in the world.

Formaggio Kitchen

Delicious lavender honey, Fleur de Sel, smoked paprika and arborio rice, Artisan cheeses, rainbow marshmallows, chocolate covered Torrone and Portugeses flor da sal. They have a real passion for unique foods. 

Forman and Field

Caviar, smoked salmon, gift selections, cakes and puddings, marinated fresh fish, honey, cheesecakes, brandy butter, mulled pears, chocolate brownies, honey and lavender cheesecake, chocolate ginger biscuits, truffles, fudge, gold coins, lavender biscuits and gourmet fruit liquers.

French Culinary Classes

A premiere of a series of online cooking classes.

Fridge Door

The largest selection of refrigerator magnets around. 


Frieda Caplan has been introducing America to global produce for years. Her daughter, Karen, just published The Purple Kiwi Cookbook which has delicious recipes for many of your favorite exotic fruits and vegetables.

Frontier Coop

Great source for natural and organic foods.

Furniture Online

See..."Home furniture," then "Dining/Kitchen."

Garlic Farm

A Washington farm sells a two-pound sampler for $16. 

Gazin's Cajun-Creole

Beans for making soup, chicken and beef base. The alligator shape chocolates are very unique...a must see. They also carry a nice marble Mortar & Pestle which is very reasonable.


Make a southwestern carne adovada stew. 

Golda's Kitchen

A source for the Wilton Cake Decorating Yearbook and specialty products. 


Southwestern salsas, ingredients and gifts. 

Gold Mine™ 

Vegetarian's dream catalog. 1-800-475-3663

Good Housekeeping

Look for kids cooking section - videos and recipes. 


Source for gourmet chocolates.

Gourmet Country

A delicious selection of gourmet vinegars and oils. Vinegars like Black Cherry, Key Lime and Cranberry. Pure Grapeseed oil, Toasted Pumpkin oil and Truffle oils. This is a great source for Pomegranate Balsamic. Fun artists pallet cheese and fruit tray, Chinese takeout boxes and interesting items like Lucien Georgelin Old Fashion Candies. pure sugar cane from Madagascar comes in Raffia bags and orange sugar will have you creating new recipes. I ordered a bag of Sel De Guerande and love using this salt in my cooking. 

Gourmet Guides

Search for hard-to-find cookbooks. 

Gourmet Magic

Your place for gourmet food. See the selection of sauces and picnic supplies.

Gourmet Spot

Search for more recipes or read seasonal articles. Nicely organized!

Gracewood Groves

Grove-fresh citrus fruits.


Grape varieties, vineyard information and grape pictures. 


Buy exotic seeds online. He has a "Love Tree."

Grill Lover's Catalog

For all your grilling needs!


A source for cocoa powder and semisweet chocolate.

Hamilton Beach

Source for affordable stand mixers. 

Hammacher Schlemmer

The perfect bread box is a must have.

Happy Cow

An up-to-date guide for vegetarians. They also list cookbooks, recipes and give information on raw living foods. 


Excellent selection of teas.

Harry and David

Beautiful wreaths, herbs in little pots. Look for fruits, vegetables and gourmet foods.

Heart Cookie Cutter Set

For a set of graduated heart cookie cutters call 1-800-881-4066.

Hearth Kitchen

A hearthkit with three ceramic pieces to help duplicate a stone, brick or adobe oven. Gives your bread that hearth baked taste. 


You will LOVE the Beehive Kichenware's  four heart-shaped measuring spoons. 1-508-678-4335


The finest authentic Greek foods. Ask about the free kalamata olives.

Hold Everything

Items to hold just about everything.

Home Cooking

Peggy at Home Cooking has fun recipes and has weekly articles on food.

Home Town Favorites

Look for all your regional childhood favorite snacks and foods. 

Home Visions

Kitchen items and decorating.

Hot Coupons

Coupons, coupons and more coupons.

Ice Cream

A site for the ice cream lover in you!

Ice Cream Source

Indulge with over 200 flavors of ice cream. 

Ideal Cheese Shop

Great source for hard-to-find cheese.

I Gourmet

Gourmet Food and gifts from around the world.

Import Food

A source for lime leaves.

Impromptu Gourmet

Whip up a feast created by a star chef with a kit of fully prepped ingredients. 

India Tree

Call for a location or source near you.1-800-369-4848. Their great Muscovado Sugar is now sold at Chef Shop

Indian Harvest, Inc.

Rice, rice and more rice.

Insane Chicken 

If you like hot sauces, they carry the hottest hot sauce ever made. Made With 6,000,000 Scoville Pepper Extract.

Jade Mountain

A store that specializes in energy-conserving products.

Jane's Cake & Chocolates

1-800-262-7630, supplier to Bon Appétit.

Jessica's Biscuit ®

THE best catalog I have seen for cookbooks. World's Largest Cookbook Inventory.

J. L. Hudson Seeds

A public access seed bank. They distribute rare seeds from every continent; native plants from around the world, including flowers, vines, trees, cacti, culinary herbs, heirloom vegetables, ornamentals, hardy perennials, medicinal plants, and tropicals.

Kaiser Bakeware

Source for unique springform pans.


Well-stocked outlet for ethnic food.

Kariba Farms™

Great source for gourmet dried fruits, even star fruits!


Source for Japanese foods.

Katy's Smokehouse

Your source for cured seafood without chemicals. Look for aromatic smoked albacore.

Kid's Cooking

A monthly membership program delivered to your door. 


Bring great-tasting, lead-free water to your kitchen. 

Kinsman Company

Delightful gardening catalog.  Grow you own herbs in English baskets.

Kitchen Kitchen 

Look for their avocado slicer it is a fun new kitchen gadget. 


This comprehensive store also offers links to its 101 favorite sites for recipes.

Kitchen Aid

Stand Mixers and also see Kitchen Essentials...

Kitchen Art

Look for their "butter cutter" which is helpful when the wrapper is not aligned properly with the butter. Dishwasher safe. 

Kitchen Etc. Home Page

Source for fine dinnerware.

Kitchen Krafts

They carry many items for baking, cake decorating, canning and candymaking. They have mini springform pans, madeline pans, hard to find ladyfinger pans, traditional bundt pans, an old fashioned nut chopper, large pastry tube set, tons of cookie cutters, books on icing cakes, dragees, paste colorings, chocolate molds, metal dipping fork set for making chocolate truffles, candy boxes, how-to garnish videos, hard-to-find yogurt strainers, canning starter sets, mandoline slicer, food grinders and even mason jars.

Kitchen Link

Even more cooking links! Chat with cooks at their cooking boards. 

Kitchen Tools & Skills

Complete catalog of kitchen items.


Mexican and Asian foods. 1-212-243-4433

Kiwi Sweet 15 x sweeter than sugar. 1-888-688-6354, distributor #140079 is my online contact.
number so you can get a 10% discount. They also have a kiwi sweet cookbook. 

Klose Fabrications, Inc.

Imaginative grills and barbecue smokers.

Knife Merchant Source for the best kitchen tools at the best prices.  
Kris Kitchen

Innovative kitchen tools, gadgets and baking accessories. 


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