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The Mind, Belief
& Perception

The Biology of Belief


Fascinating Connection between Thought and Health, October 22, 2006

Why do spontaneous remissions occur? Why do you feel terrible when depressed? What is actually controlling your health? Why do you feel so good when "in love" or when you feel loved?

In this groundbreaking lecture Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. explores the reason why our beliefs influence our health. Can changing your mind change the way your body responds to illness? He also explores epigenetics, the gap between quantum mechanics and biology, the chemistry of stress, the healing force of love, the immune system and a variety of emotional states.

If you watched "What the `Bleep' do We Know" and you had more questions, Dr. Bruce H. Lipton provides a deeper understanding of the fascinating connection between how we think and the state of our health. On this three CD set he explores:

The Central Dogma of Biology
The Human Genome Project
Proteins and the Nature of Life
The 3 Sources of Biological Dysfunction
The Function of the Cell Membrane
How the Cell Controls Behavior
How Perception Influences Behavior
Love and Fear
Perception and the Immune System
Conscious and Subconscious behaviors
The Importance of Fetal Environment
Childhood Brain Development
Changing your Subconscious Programming
Freeing Yourself from the Past

It only takes a few observations in your own life to convince you that love heals and fear and hate destroy. Look at how you feel when experiencing a variety of emotions, take notes or write a journal. Soon, you will start to desire much more peace, love and emotional connection as you realize you can literally destroy yourself "physically" with negative thoughts. We need the right foods, nutrients and supplements too, but learning to think positively helps to balance out all your efforts.

"The New Biology of Belief" is one of the next steps in human understanding where we take full charge of our health by learning how to think in ways that encourage health. This empowering 3-CD set captures a variety of spiritual and medical ideas and condenses them into a workable theory for advanced health and well-being.

Highly Recommended!

~The Rebecca Review



Open Your Mind, Open Your Life: A Little...


5 out of 5 stars =    Illuminating your life's path with wisdom

Reviewer: The Rebecca Review

An Iris represents faith, hope, wisdom and valor. Not only is the cover beautiful and filled with flowers, the entire books is beautifully illustrated in an ornate fashion. Almost every page has a beautiful border and then the quotes are in black ink and easy to read on the cream pages.

There are two books by Taro Gold with the same name. This is the first edition or tiny version: 96 pages; Dimensions (in inches): 0.49 x 3.76 x 3.28. Lest anyone think I am reviewing the same book, the last one was 132 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.52 x 5.30 x 5.36.

After finding this version, I think the smaller book is my new favorite. Not only is it much cuter, you can easily put it in a small purse or keep it in the pocket of your favorite coat.

I was looking for a copy of the original book for a relative and found the smaller book. This is an example of when less is more. For some reason, I enjoyed reading this book more than the larger version. Perhaps it seems easier to absorb the information in smaller bites.

Some of my favorite quotes:

“Become a master of words.”

”To change our lives, we must first change our minds.”

“The surest path is one dedicated to a greater cause.”

I believe these must be the words of Taro Gold who writes extensively for Buddhist publications. Taro Gold has spent much of his life living overseas. He has traveled to over thirty countries and has lived in Australia, Spain and Japan. His thoughts reflect deep contemplation over life’s purpose and how to live on this planet to encourage happiness in those around us.

For instance, he says: “Do something today to improve someone else’s life.” This could be easily accomplished by buying a book for all your friends and relatives for “just because” presents. I’m sending this to a relative on Monday who I think will just love the mini version.

Often I think we shelter ourselves from the wisdom of other cultures, religions and when we are more open to reading selections and thoughts, we can then deepen our own beliefs and add a beautiful new meaning to our lives. There are many universal truths and many are presented in this tiny book.

I love the page about achieving goals and the list of how negative actions arise from one or more of fourteen categories. The story about the stranded starfish being saved by a little boy is a beautiful way to illustrate hope.

It does seem we have been put on this planet to test our souls. This is a beautiful book which provides guidance and hope. I found reading the quotes to be a healing experience.

Open Your Mind, Open Your Life  is calming to the soul and will encourage confidence, optimism, good judgment and courage.


Open Your Mind, Open Your Life Box Set


Secrets of Emotional Healing

Larger Open Your Mind, Open Your Life Edition


Secret Gardens Notecards


Delicate Gardens, October 21, 2005

The photographs by San Francisco photographer, Thea Schrak, include four images of garden scenes that range from a Japanese garden to a Tropical Garden in Hawaii. The soft-edged images capture the delicate beauty and ethereal quality of the trees and whispery leaves.

While viewing these cards you can almost imagine yourself walking through a Japanese garden or wandering down the trail of a Victorian garden complete with roses cascading from a high wall. Water is a feature in all the cards as it mirrors the moments and captures a subtle elegance.

The cards are high quality and the white envelopes have a nice gold scroll on the back. They come in a nice flip-top box with Velcro seal to keep the cards all in order.

Thea Schrak's hand-colored images have been featured in journals and on address books. Now you can introduce your friends to this artist by sending them a card. I used two of the cards to make a customized CD insert. The pictures made my efforts look very professional and somewhat romantic.



Rick Jarow Alchemy of Abundance


Creative Visualizations through Guided Meditation, October 24, 2006

"The core practice here, akin to the alchemical distillation of gold, is known as "manifestation," bringing the deepest, purist expression of your life into visible form." ~Rick Jarow, Ph.D.

Rick Jarow, Ph.D. teaches an opening to the realm of inner vision in order to manifest abundance in the outer world. He believes that what we focus on creates our life, thought by thought.

The book chapters include:

What is Abundance?
Gateways to the Temple of Beauty
Challenges to the Alchemy of Abundance
Creating a Lifestyle of Abundance
The Mandala of Manifestation
Creating an Abundant Society

The guided meditations are comforting and infused with beautiful music which makes them even more appealing. Rick Jarow opens up an inner world where you literally can enjoy inner landscapes that lead you on a visual journey.

The CD includes sessions about your body, money, machines, home, creativity, organization, other, depth, journey, vocation, vision, dissolution and return. You can either go through the entire CD all at once and spend about 80 minutes on an inner voyage or spend about 5-6 minutes on each section. This is perfect if you enjoy a daily meditation session or you could use this a refocusing moment any time of the day.

A journal is recommended to write down any ideas or thought that appear spontaneously. Rick Jarow shows a beautiful depth of creativity and awakens the inner child who enjoys imagining. It is amazing what appears as you listen and visualize. Guided meditations have never been this fun. You truly do receive guidance from your soul throughout this beautiful gift. Some of the things Rick says are actually pretty funny and I'm working on "imagining what I could do with too much money if I had too much money." That was a fun thought.

The "Body" section was interesting. When you enter the realms in your mind, you see a word on a door. When you do through the door, you imagine all sorts of things inside the room and then when you leave, guides (you imagine two people) give you something. My guides gave me a exercise bike, which must have meant I need to ride the bike more and work on that aspect of my exercise routine. You never know what the guides are going to give you, but something spontaneously appears.

When I left the realm of machines, the guides gave me what I thought was a book, then it started spinning and turned into a clock face with fast spinning hands. Now that was interesting and must have some deeper meaning. During the home section, I envisioned steam and aromas lifting off a stovetop and then at the end was handed a boiling pot, but instead of steam, coins were rising and falling out into a mist.

In creativity I envisioned a river of book pages and words and at the end, the guides gave me a swimsuit that looked like it had the shimmering scales of a fish on the fabric. I assume that meant: "Do something creative where you feel like a fish in water or feel comfortable."

During the organization section I imagined a dining room table and then a spinning lotus flower that lifted off the table and into the hands of the guides and then they handed it to me as it turned from a flower into a spinning pottery candlestick that turned into a gorgeous gold candelabra with beautiful burning flames on the top of each candle.

In the realm of depth, I was given a ring with a live butterfly sitting as the "gem" on the ring and throughout there were all these images of butterflies moving through a metamorphosis and emerging from cocoons.

"Journey" had stunning imagery of mountains and retreat locations with the guides giving me a book of music notes that flew up into the sky and turned into doves. By this time, I couldn't wait to figure out what I would see next.

"Vocation" and "Vision" were equally intriguing. I had to light a candle in the room of vocation because at first it was mysteriously dark like I had walked into a nightscape with a forest, but soon I walked through the forest and noticed a sunrise in the distance. The guides were floating above me and poured sparkling water into my mouth as I was looking up at the sky.

In the last section, I was handed a basket of whole-wheat rolls. What I found most intriguing within the entire session was the heart I was handed in one section that was gold and on a necklace and there were little tears (or raindrops?) dropping out of an invisible center. "Dissolution" was the most fun with an underwater world where I was a mermaid one minute and a bird soaring above the ocean the next, but the bird was like my real self with wings.

Not only are you enjoying an imaginative journey, you also can use this meditative space to breathe more deeply. I emerged happy and delighted by this experience and the book is more of a companion to the CD and I think the CD is the experience!

I loved this for the brilliant level of creativity. 100 stars! You have to try this to awaken the answers to questions that could change your life. If you enjoy archetypes or mythology, this makes you feel like you have become a mythical being living in your own imaginary world.

Writers and poets may find this especially healing and it
could inspire poetry or even imaginative novels.

~The Rebecca Review




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