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Leslie Sansone Walkaerobics
Two Mile Walk & Weight Loss Walk



Leslie Sansone - Walkaerobics Deluxe...


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Reviewer: The Rebecca Review

If you are working from home and want to take a 20 minute break, you will enjoy the 2 mile walk. Leslie Sansone makes it look easy. Is it? Not the first time. I felt that walking on a treadmill was actually easier. The difference between walkaerobics and simply buying a treadmill is the “price” and “coordination.”

Not all of us can successfully complete the grapevine without tripping over our own feet. With that said, she does explain the fancy footwork rather well and I mastered the grapevine in this workout, while still struggle with it in other workouts. For some reason, I just am not as coordinated as some and more than others. It depends on the pacing. This is a fast-paced workout.

Home walking combines fast stepping in place with variations. You are either in one place or moving forward/back or side to side. There are a few times where you do sort of go in a circle. Otherwise, she uses simple aerobics moves and alternates them with stepping in place.

If you enjoy a Pilates or Yoga workout, you could use this as a 20-minute warm-up before your regular routine.


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Two Mile Walk:

You can stop at 1 mile or go for two.

Weight Loss Walk:

Segment 1 – She works out by herself in a very tight black outfit. The woman has absolutely no fat on her. That means this walking works? Right?

Segment 2 – Joined by 3 workout buddies.

Segment 3 – Joined by 3 workout buddies.

An easy-to-follow workout which doesn’t require too much coordination, but the pace is fast and if you get behind, then you just step in place. (Like, I um had to in places.)

Leslie is has a fun loving personality and presents a friendly upbeat workout without being overbearing. She has created 48 walking programs so you can lose pounds and inches and get sexy all while walking in your own living/workout room.

The goal is to get to 10 miles a week by the 4th week of the program. You start with 6 miles the first week, move to 7 1/2 the second week and should be at 8 1/2 miles by the third week.

Leslie makes you move. Get ready to have some fun and feel the burn. I felt muscles I didn’t know I had. I’d like to try more of her workouts.


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