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Casa Yucatan


Spectacular Summery Escape, November 22, 2006

"The distinctive landscape of the Yucatan Peninsula possesses a unique natural beauty where limestone plateau, tropical jungles and subterranean rivers and caves are the setting of two magnificent cultures."

If you are looking for a book to inspire you in the middle of winter, then this book will provide a summery escape to sun drenched lands where blue cushions line an outdoor seating area overlooking the ocean and burnt sienna paint splashes across inner walls. The gardens in this book are inspiring, with stone fountains, hammocks and dense foliage.

The tubs made from hand-carved stone are spectacular, like bathing rooms from a dream. Fascinating stone fountains mist a room and are situated in a large tile in the middle of the floor surrounded by modern statues.

Opening this book is like entering a magical land where you can visit art-filled escapes, old haciendas and colonial home gardens. The chapters include:

Design Textures
Architectural Elements
Water Spaces
Open-Air Living
Casas Yucatan
Costal Homes
The New Maya House

"Water Spaces" is a favorite chapter with gorgeous pools and ponds that extend for the entire length of many buildings. The Porches shimmer with glossy tile and are highlighted with sapphire blue accents in paint on rows of pillars facing gorgeous crimson edged windows with lemony painted walls. In the bedrooms, beds hang from the ceiling or are covered in netting.

One of the most exotic outdoor rooms is a Moorish design with arches, seating and a burnt sienna tiled floor. These are places you could live and be quite happy never to leave. I want to jump into the pictures of this book and run around barefoot in a summer dress.

~The Rebecca Review



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