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Dream It Do It: Inspiring Stories
of Dreams Come True


Dream It Do It


5 out of 5 stars =    Advancing in the Direction of Your Dreams

Reviewer: The Rebecca Review

"We've found that dream achievers master at least one of the essential elements we've identified. Most dream achievers master several." ~Sharon Cook and Graciela Sholander

Sharon Cook and Graciela Sholander have created a recipe for success. By mixing the 10 main ingredients of success into your life, you will see your dreams jump off the pages of your journal and come to life. Not only are you encouraged to start a journal, the authors offer questions that will inspire answers that will then lead you to your dreams.

Cook and Sholander have been studying the lives of successful dreamers for years and through their research they identified ten key characteristics for success. They interviewed hundreds of people to find the elements of "Dream CPR."

Not only is this book very well organized, the main points are examined and present a powerful roadmap for success. With a journal, the inspiration in this book and your own dreams, you will be equipped with the knowledge to fulfill your dreams. If you have forgotten the dreams that once inspired you, this book may awaken the sleeping dreams and buried longings.

While reading "Dream It Do It," all I could think was: "If these individuals could see their dreams come true, I can also make my dreams a reality." I enjoyed reading the true-life example of Barbara Walters' persistence and was amazed by the resilience Maya Angelou has shown in her life.

What sustained the dreamers in this book?
Who were their mentors?
How can you put effective strategies into practice?

These questions are all answered in "Dream It Do It." It is not enough to say that you should just do something. Where do you start? The authors present some of the main principles of success by giving examples of effective strategies. They show where the dreamers found their inspiration and at times, this information will surprise you. I was amazed at how Maya Angelou created beauty out of pain.

While many may say that success is a result of luck, this book proves otherwise. There are definite steps you need to take to see your dreams become a reality. Success does take effort. However, if you love what you do, you just flow with life and create your desired existence.

A dream does not need to be just a cloud that floats around in the world of desire. You can release your ideas into a journal and then turn them into raging rivers that will move all obstacles in your path.

"Dream It Do It" presents the recipe for success and all you need to do is blend these ingredients into your daily life to create the life of you dreams. "Dream CPR" will breathe new life into your buried dreams or will give you the encouragement to continue your current path towards your goals.


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It is the soul's duty to be loyal to its own desires. It must 
abandon itself to its master passion. ~Rebecca West (1892-1983)

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