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You've Got Mail Movie Review

You've Got Mail


5 of 5 stars The happiest ending I ever cried over! August 7, 2000 

Perhaps the first time I watched this movie, I would have related more to the characters if I had been online at the time. The truth is, I was so busy writing, I didn't even think about it. After being online for about 6 months, I realized how emotionally attached people can become through e-mail. I think friendships can be made online very easily, however, you could also fall in love, as my friend from college did. She is marrying her soul mate this November. I watched this video while on vacation and saw it through different eyes and with a whole new set of experiences to relate to.

This movie is now one of my absolute all-time favorite romantic comedies. Tom Hanks (dashing as always) plays Joe Fox who anonymously writes to Kathleen Kelly (played by Meg Ryan and cute as ever). They exchange e-mails and in the process also share secrets, divulge their true selves and rely on each other for advice.

Both Joe and Kathleen believe they can protect their identities until one of them decides they should meet. Kathleen is a sweet, intellectual, funny woman who is the owner of a well-established children's book store. Suddenly her life changes dramatically when her business is threatened by a super bookstore.

There is a warmth and character about this movie. The scenes are memorable, funny and sometimes magical. The chemistry between Joe and Kathleen is at first cold and they show intense dislike for each other. Does this "hatred" turn into an equally passionate, yet more pleasant emotion?

Although much of the movie revolves around bookstores, it is in no way "bookish." This is a story about two people in the real world who have entered the Internet Fantasy Land and are looking for "the dream of someone." Both of them are in relationships with people with whom they have much in common, but for whom they do not feel love.

Joe Fox plays clever little mind games with Kathleen when he finds out her secret. The book and the red rose tell him all he needs to know, yet he seems intent on finding out more.

This movie is definitely funnier on video for some reason. OK, I must confess! I went away for a quiet peaceful weekend to a log cabin and after watching this movie, I was compelled to write a review. I had to tell you how enchanting this movie was. It is the perfect movie for a couple on a weekend trip or for anyone who is a hopeless romantic.


Sweet & Dreamy Vanilla Mints\

Vanilla Pastilles


Smooth Vanilla Dreams, July 20, 2006

Each vanilla drop is deliciously smooth with the hint of vanilla on the outer coating. There are three layers, a sweet sugar center and then a crunchy delicate licorice flavored center with an anise seed. The next time I buy these, I'll remember to buy four tins because once one is gone you may find yourself looking for them and feeling sorry for yourself because there are none left. Currently sucking on the last one and I must admit I often like these more than mints except I'd love for a deeper vanilla flavor to go all the way through the second center.

~The Rebecca Review


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