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Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights


5 out of 5 stars =    Dark Tale of Friendship and Desire

Reviewer: The Rebecca Review

"You are welcome to torture me to death for your amusement, only allow me to amuse myself a little in the same style, and refrain from insult as much as you are able."

Wuthering Heights is a classic tale about two families. The Lintons live at Thrushcross Grange while the Earnshaws live at the Heights, on the edge of the moors. Mr. Earnshaw brings home a gypsy boy and this creates jealousy and rivalry between his children. While Catherine becomes refined, Heathcliff turns into a “beast” in a way. This is similar to the beauty and the beast at a few points in the story. There is a pretty funny scene where Catherine and Heathcliff enjoy taunting the Lintons.

If ever there was a story of obsessive love, it has been captured it in torturous scenes that contain a certain madness and desire. This is by far the best version of Wuthering Heights I’ve seen so far. I has all the darkest elements combined with fiery passion. The kissing scenes in this movie are highly charged and completely erotic.

Child-like Catherine (Anna Calder-Marshal) and the young gypsy Heathcliff (Timothy Dalton) start off as young sweethearts who are just happy to be with one another out in the French countryside. Soon Catherine becomes obsessed with Heathcliff and wants him to promise her they will always be friends. She puts a curse on their lives if they ever break the promise. With hands on a stone, their fate is sealed.

Heathcliff soon becomes Catherine’s only reason for living, without him she is in a state of vapid listlessness. He can literally control her with the slightest inattention. When she hears of his love for Isabella, she is tortured in body and soul. She goes to the height and depth of obsessive love.

“I fought through a bitter life since I last heard your voice.” ~ Heathcliff

Heathcliff swears he will never leave, then he does. It drives Catherine into despair. Then he returns when she has given up all hope and has already married Edgar Linton, who rescues her from herself.

I love the line:

“When I’m dead, I think I’ll come haunt you as the sunset.” ~Catherine

One of literature’s greatest love stories and this is the best adaptation I’ve seen so far.

A tale of tormented lovers who are destined to be together until the end of time and beyond.

Revenge, Romantic Love and Remembrance.

Cold in the earth – and the deep snow piled above thee
Far, far removed, cold in the dreary grave!
Have I forgot, my Only Love, to love thee,
Severed at last by Time’s all-severing wave?

Cold in the earth, and fifteen wild Decembers
From those brown hills, have melted into spring –
Faithful indeed is the spirit and remembers
After such years of change and suffering!

No later light has lightened up my heaven,
No second morn has ever shone for me
All my life’s bliss from thy dear life was given –
All my life’s bliss is in the grave with thee.

~ The Complete Poems of Emily Jane Bronte




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