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How to Remodel a Man


Wit Wins and Works Wonders, March 15, 2005

W. Bruce Cameron is an expert in "male-pattern thinking." He shows you how to beat your man at his own game by utilizing a wicked sense of wit, undying perseverance and playful naughtiness. This does not include undermining your man's ego, but it does send a clear message about being treated fairly.

So, should you try to turn your man into Prince Charming, or are men charming enough in their own way? I think men are amazing, especially when they are a challenge. All the men I've ever loved have been irresistible challenges and reading a book like this truly inspires me in my quest for romance, witty conversation and a sense of comfort resulting from unconditional love.

How to Remodel a Man can at times read like a comedy of errors. There are also elements of physical comedy woven into words that threw me into fits of laughter, as did the "poem," "cooking adventure" and "sock puppet" idea. There were moments during this book where I had to stop reading because I was laughing so hard I could not see the page. When you laugh until you cry, you know the writing is superior.

Fortunately this book seems to be divided into three main sections: laughing out loud in places, general amusement (to give you a break), and laughing until you cry. The play-by-play account of Madame Butterfly could be the most enjoyable review of an opera yet. Oh, and you might cry at the end because of the sheer beauty in the writing.

In addition to the intriguing interplay of ideas between all the characters in this book (his children, guy friends and associates at work), you will also discover the answers to the following:

What is invisible to men?
Is watching sports more about being "on the team" than competition?
What are the three sentiments a man can express to win a woman's heart?
Why do men deliberately fail at an assigned task?
What verbal game should you only use as a last resort?

I adored How to Remodel a Man, not only because of the new insights into the male mind, but because there is heart in this book. I especially enjoyed the playful romance between the author and his art museum accomplice. Then there is a kitten named mitten. How can a man who takes care of his daughter's kitten have any faults?

There are many ways to use this book to your best advantage. For instance, if your neighbors have been running about wildly all evening above you and have finally decided to drift off into a peaceful slumber, take out this book and read it for hours and hours. They may find you to be noticeably giggly until late into the night.

I'd love to stay and chat, but I have to run to the store for an extra can of Lemon Pledge. You'll see why once you read this book, although the sports scoreboard idea may be more effective and less expensive.

~The Rebecca Review
Paper-over, lid down




Men Fake Foreplay ... and Other Lies that are True


Passionately Honest, June 20, 2005

"Ultimately, the forces outside of us have little significance other than being a distraction. If men look to an illusionary outside world for answers, we will continue to get illusionary answers. There are challenges we need to face, alone in the dark, to learn to channel our strengths." ~Mike Dugan

Mike Dugan reveals all the challenges he faced in the past and how he thought his way into an intimate and fulfilling relationship by taking an honest look at male sexuality. He takes on the lone wolf, the dragon and the problems of antisocial behavior.

"Men Fake Foreplay" is an honest look at male sexuality. This book will not only lead men to deeply fulfilling and profound spiritual moments, women will find the insights and understanding to be intellectually satisfying and emotionally fulfilling. It is rare for a wildly funny book to also steal my heart.

Though a variety of intellectually intriguing examples, Mike Dugan shows the need for male role models in our society. I loved the story of the elephants and his comments about defeating inner dragons. This book is not just an analysis of the male/female connection; it is more of an analysis of the ways men connect with their deepest self. Mike Dugan reveals how a boy becomes a man and explores the choices a man makes once he takes on the responsibility of caring for the women in his life.

There is a deep, penetrating intimacy throughout this work. While this book is also wildly funny, I laughed my way right into an understanding of some profound male wisdom.

~The Rebecca Review


How to Iron


Humorous Insights into the Male Psyche, August 9, 2005

Since my husband irons his own shirt every morning, the title caught my attention. I've always been impressed by his ironing abilities especially if it allows me to sleep a little longer. I loved the chapter on finding the perfect gift, breakfast in bed and grocery shopping, not to mention the recipes for Crème Brûlée and making Stir-Fry.

I'll agree that men who can cook and clean are very sexy. Just tell a woman you do these things and she will probably forget all other men exist. Imagine how she will be bragging about you to her friends and relatives. There is also a chapter on how to Win Over Her Parents, Enjoy a Chick Flick and Grow the Perfect Lawn. Each task has a difficulty rating and a reward rating.

The main concept in this book seems to be about showing a woman you care about making her life a little less stressful and much more romantic. Even the smallest effort will not go unnoticed and I can almost guarantee a woman will be most appreciative and plan romantic situations to reward such kindness. Plus, with all the time she saves not having to iron shirts, imagine the possibilities.

Craig Boreth is a truly talented writer who has written for major publications. He also has quite the varied life experience as a landscape architect, chef, electrician and carpenter. He joins the ranks of authors like W. Bruce Cameron, Steven Andrew Guerrero and Mike Dugan who provide humorous insight into the male psyche and also love women and take pride in making a woman's life more enjoyable.

I look forward to reading any book Craig Boreth writes because he also completely understands the female psyche and his wit and comedic timing is perfect.

~The Rebecca Review


Is There Anything Good About Men?


4.0 out of 5 stars Fascinating Journey into the World of Men, March 16, 2017

"Much of what men do is ultimately aimed at appealing to women." ~ Roy F. Baumeister

Roy F. Baumeister goes to places other minds fear to tread. The main point of this book is to discuss whether or not men have oppressed women over the ages and the conclusion is that men actually just want to compete against other men. That in itself was a bit enlightening and while reading this book you will have many moments of revelation. By reading this book I learned why men really love sports. There are also some ideas why there is a salary gap. And the big question is: "Is there really a glass ceiling?"

The author seems like a reasonable man but I think he underestimates the influence and power of women in society. I don't think he gives any credit to great men's mothers or wives for supporting their efforts and being the reason men even want to be alive. Although in some of his discussions on women he gets a lot right. For instance women compete for love and want to attract the most desirable men. This gives men motivation to become great. A big part of this book is a discussion of why men and women should appreciate their unique abilities.

Some of what I found interesting was how women actually don't desire to go into various fields of work. Roy F. Baumeister talks about how men excel in certain fields because they have the desire to be there and women just are not that interested in Science. I personally disliked science in my younger years but am very interested in it now.

At times this book excels in brilliantly logical moments. Roy F. Baumeister is great at independent thinking that goes against common misperceptions. One of the things he sheds light on is that men really don't have it so great. When you look at the facts in this book you may come to the same conclusion. In some ways women have it really good especially when a man is willing to provide for them.

There are some things in this book that made me think twice. For instance he discusses an invader who may have had 1,000 children. I don't think that was the result of all consensual sex. Also the author never discusses the morality of sex or discusses what God thinks about it. In one place when discussing polygamy he does not seem to take the feelings of women into consideration. Women want to be the "only one." There are of course exceptions to this rule in some societies. A discussion on serial monogamy might also have been interesting.

I have always thought men were wonderful and I get along with them better than women. However this book renewed my respect when I learned certain facts about how men have contributed to society and especially how they built up culture.

So as a woman I must say I learned a lot about men and the information was helpful in understanding men in general. Just be careful because the authors views on morality are pretty nonexistent in this book. He seems to extol the idea that successful men get all the women and all the sex. But he fails to provide the eternal costs of such a lifestyle. Also he talks about evolution quite a bit so Christians will have to ignore that. There is no real discussion of male spirituality so in that the book is lacking.

On the plus side however this book made me laugh out loud at least five times. In places it is actually pretty funny.

~The Rebecca Review


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