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Swept From The Sea



Swept From The Sea


5 out of 5 stars   Comfort in the Storms of Life

No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit. ~Helen Keller

Amy's life is lonely and she lives in almost complete silence, obeying the wishes of the family she works for in a coastal village. She is captivated by the sea and collects treasures that float up on the beach near her secret hideout/cave. For the first part of the movie, she seems to be living in a dream world. While some think she is a simpleton, others think she is a witch who can conjure storms. She has a gentle, patient, malleable nature.

Often Amy (Rachel Weisz) is found dancing in the rain or standing in a window letting the wind and rain drench her clothes. She is a child of the water and loves the rain, rivers and the ocean. She seems to drift from reality into fantasy as she twirls in the rain. In fact, it seems she dreams her true love into life. She seems to be calling to him from the cliffs of Cornwall.

Yanko (Vincent Perez) arrives in Amy's village and changes her life. He is the only survivor of a shipwreck. He finds himself in a foreign land with no way to communicate with the residents. They fear strangers and almost kill him a few times before they allow him to live a normal life.

Amy seems to be a naturally kind and compassionate Pices. She also seems to be in love with Yanko from the moment they gaze at one another through the kitchen window. Like two trapped animals set free, they run to each other whenever possible and share a secret world only they understand.

"I'm your home and you're mine." ~Yanko

While both Yanko and Amy seems to live at a higher level of existence, you might be shocked by the downright cruelty of many of the villagers. There is a sharp contrast between those who are accepting of Yanko and those who are willing to shun even those who talk to Yanko. Amy not only faces distain because of her quiet manner, she is also hated because she welcomes Yanko into her life. She accepts him like a gift from the sea.

James Kennedy (Ian McKellen) realizes he is one of the Russian emigrants from a recent shipwreck while the rest of the village views him more cautiously. James doesn't seem to know the full story and the wounds are only healed by retelling the story to Yanko's former employer.

At times this movie borders on cinematic extravagance. The widescreen edition is stunning in places. Scenes of Amy dancing in the rain in a blue haze, horses pulling carriages across vast expanses of land, trains, seascapes, ships and an abundance of lush scenery at the edge of the ocean.

Being a lover of the ocean myself, I rather liked this movie. Not only is the scenery gorgeous, the score is dramatic, romantic, filled with longing and almost torturous in places.

Swept from the Sea is a story of two people who have a connection to the ocean and who understand one another on the deepest levels of the soul. Most of what goes on in this movie seems to go on in your own mind. Yanko and Amy seem to almost speak to one another telepathically. At times it is pure magic!


The Surfer Spirit


Surfing as a Dance with Nature, April 3, 2007

"I want to remind people of the power they have when they tap into their passion, and feed and nurture their unique spirit." ~ Cynthia Derosier

With page after page of shimmering liquid playgrounds, "The Surfer Spirit" invites you into a world of surfer meditations to convey insights born of a love of surfing. This is a book for surfers and non-surfers because the message helps to build self-esteem and leads the reader back to a deeper understanding of their true self.

Cynthia Desroisier is a surfer who sees a connection between surfing and the choices we make in our daily life. As she says: "I rise to life's challenges." With Co-Writer, Tim Anderson, she also writes with a sense of poetic perfection when she explains the spiritual aspect of surfing:

"We who surf
Live life out
Breathe life in
And pray in our own way

Our boards and bodies are
instruments improvising
The sweet songs of our souls."

The photography in "The Surfer Spirit" is especially fascinating and beautiful. The images truly capture the excitement of surfing and Jeff Devine and John Bilderback's photographs are spectacular with a sparkling crystalline beauty.

A Surf Safari to Iceland, World Surfing in Indonesia, Pipelines in Hawaii and Beach Haven, New Jersey are all featured. Beaches of lavender waves rolling into shore contrast with a calm azure stillness.

Cynthia Derosier's professional skills as an art director and designer are evident throughout this beautiful surfing experience. The cover is made with a natural-colored canvas material and the pages are all printed with environmentally friendly soy-based inks. The high quality art paper and a ribbon bookmark make this a perfect gift.

A portion of the proceeds from this book also go to The Surfrider Foundation to encourage care for the ocean environment. The Surfrider Foundation also incorporates the lessons from this book into a program to teach surfing, ocean ecology and water safety.

Highly recommended as a book to treasure!

~The Rebecca Review


Surfer's Code


Surfing Inspiration, February 7, 2007

"This zone where waves give up their energy and where systematic water motions give way to violent turbulence is the surf. It is the most exciting part of the ocean." ~ Williard Bascom, Waves and Beaches

Surfer's Code is a beautifully designed book with a sturdy cover and high-quality pages with stunning photographs of surfing. World-Champion Surfer Shaun Tomson presents his wisdom from the surfing community and translates what he has learned into lessons you can apply to life on land.

The book begins with stories of his father and the beginning of his surfing career. Shaun Tomson reveals the challenges and rewards of surfing all while he focuses on the wisdom gained from his experience: "I learned to trust in all the steps that have gotten me where I am. The result is that I feel better about myself, and I have a lot of fun pushing myself into more challenging situations." He also explains his ideas about why:

I Will Catch a Wave Every Day
I Will Watch Out for Other Surfers
There Will Always Be Another Wave
All Surfers are Joined by One Ocean

If you love surfing than this is an essential read showing the behind-the-scenes reality of a famous surfer. The creative writing, quotes, exciting experiences and lessons learned make this a fascinating mosaic of experience. Throughout his life, Shaun Tomson has faced many challenges and he shares his thoughts on life on land and in the ocean and creates lessons you can take with you while facing your own challenges in life.

"I was flying along in almost complete darkness with the wave breaking around me in slow motion. Suddenly the board dropped back down onto the surface of the water, and I came flying out of the barrel into daylight." ~ pg. 154

~The Rebecca Review


Pacific Coast Ocean Waves DVD


5.0 out of 5 stars Relaxing Ocean Vistas with Melodic Piano Music, September 24, 2016

If you love the ocean and lots of waves you will adore this. Scenes of the Pacific Coast are accompanied by original melodic and relaxing music, mostly piano. You can hear the wave sounds along with the music. There are a few scenes of seagulls but it is not overwhelming. One scene remains for quite some time as if you were overlooking the ocean from a cliff and the seagulls are flying around for a while. The birds definitely got my cat's attention!

This DVD has scenes of powerful waves and also scenes of calm settings where the water is not moving at all. The wide screen camera captures the coastline in all its vast beauty. The colors are luxuriously vibrant and almost velvety. Sometimes scenes change faster, sometimes the camera moves ever so slowly from the left or right without being shaky.

This is 59 minutes and I will say that once I watched it I wanted to watch it again immediately. It was so relaxing and beautiful. I felt like it ended too soon but fortunately it just starts replaying itself automatically.

~The Rebecca Review


Broken Paradise



Treasures from the Sea

Seashell Rug


Seashell Candle

Sea Candle Set

Music to Love


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