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Surgery, Hospital Stays & Recovery


A Book about Surgery and Recovery


5.0 out of 5 stars Informative and Entertaining, July 10, 2017

"Incision Decisions" is your one-stop guide to surgery preparation and recovery. If your doctor has told you that you need surgery, this is a good book to read so you know what to expect and how to recover properly.

Kaye Newton is a hospital advocate who has also been through surgery. She made it through a hysterectomy so I'd recommend this book specifically for women over 40 as it has many valuable tips especially for women.

What surprised me about this book was the lighthearted humor throughout. I'd swear that Kaye Newton is a comedian in her spare time.

The detailed information on what to expect at the hospital is invaluable. Also Kaye Newton explains what you should look for as far as the qualities of a surgeon go. She also talks about how to avoid pneumonia and talks about morphine pumps and extra strength Tylenol.

If it all seems a bit overwhelming to have surgery, this book explains how to get organized at home so your recovery works out better. There are all kinds of things you would not normally think about, so this author has you covered. She even talks about what you should wear and how you should organize your house before going to the hospital. There is also a list of high-protein foods that you will need to help your body heal faster.

I can't think of a more detailed book on the subjects Kaye Newton covers. Better to be prepared than go into surgery without all the needed information. By reading this book you will feel comforted and less alone. I found this book to be informative and entertaining.

~The Rebecca Review

P.S. I would however not recommend the TV shows this author talks about.

I received one free book for review purposes.


Your Child in the Hospital


5.0 out of 5 stars Helpful and Caring Resource for Concerned Parents, March 25, 2015

Nancy Keene put a lot of thought into this very helpful and caring resource for concerned parents. This is a book all parents should read way before their child is admitted into the hospital. This has tips from someone who has been there and also provides wisdom from many veteran parents. Reading this book will help parents be a strong advocate for their child.

This book deals with everything from emergency room visits to short-term and long-term stays. There are tips on how to help your child cope with the normal fears and concerns they will have being in a new situation. Parents will appreciate the section on how to communicate with doctors. Getting kids to swallow pills is a challenging situation but this book has some good ideas to make it more fun.

If you are a family member or friend supporting a family who has a child in the hospital there is also a section just for you. You will learn what to do and not do to make things more pleasant for all concerned.

Lastly, but not least there is a special section on dealing with insurance.

Basically what this book aims to do is to make a hospital stay safer and more comfortable. I've never seen another resource like this so I think it is very needed. Highly Recommended!

~The Rebecca Review

I received one free book for review purposes.



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