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5.0 out of 5 stars A Magical and Fascinating Step-by-Step Method of Capturing an Inspirational Story, June 10, 2017

Do you have a story to write that you think will change lives? That is the type of story Michael Hauge encourages you to write. In a few short hours of reading this brilliant book you can have a story written! I was amazed as a story started instantly processing in my head. The words were pouring out while I was still reading the contents page. That is pretty amazing! As I continued to read this book I developed the story further. Finally coming up with something I thought was compelling.

So how does this book work? Firstly it is a step-by-step method. You do the steps and answer the questions. If you are getting input from other people then the process might take days instead of hours. But by reading this book you should formulate exactly what you want to say. Some books require you to think up your own questions. The beauty of Michael Hauge's method is that he thinks up the questions for you. So if you or your clients can answer a few simple questions you are off and running.

So as you read, ideas will flood your mind like magic - say goodbye to writer's block. Get ready with a pen and paper. I literally wrote my whole story by the time I was finished with the book. It only needed a little editing. Miracles are possible. I also feel this author did the right thing to encourage you to get your work edited or at least proofread.

Michael Hauge is an excellent creative writer who connects deeply with you as you read his work. Right from the start you will feel he cares about the world and wants to make it a better place. I enjoyed his very positive and encouraging style of writing.

This is one of those books that could literally change your life. I know it is going to change mine. I feel this book inspired me and brought out my muse who has been in hiding. The experience was like when I wrote the first draft of my novel. The story appeared like a movie in my mind. This powerful storytelling process worked for me and I think it could work for you too. Rarely do I find a book that I can say was one of the best books I've ever read. I can say that confidently about "Storytelling Made Easy." If you want to work fast get the kindle edition, but if you want to work with other people and ask all the questions maybe get the physical book.

~The Rebecca Review



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