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Spiritual Considerations

Waking Spirit


Dancing with Your Heart, May 5, 2007
"Do not leave out any one color life has given you to create your painting." ~Shirley Cheng

Shirley Cheng creates beautiful worlds of inspiration by focusing on a positive outlook. Her wisdom and captivating writing style reveals a rare beauty of the heart. Humorous haiku blends effortlessly with devotional selections as quotes sing a wisdom we want to hear and live.

For seventeen years, Shirley Cheng experienced the world with her full vision, but now as she has lost her eyesight, her inner vision awakens on the page like a field of wildflowers in full bloom. This book takes you on journeys of spirit, where you feel nurtured and loved in this world of magical joy. Her visions of delicate wonder are a warm soothing revelation:

"Delicate seashell
Sighs to the beating heart of
Ocean waves splashing"
~Seashell Sighing

I think Shirley says it best:

"Although I'm blind, I can see far and wide, as my heart tells me all it sees; even though I'm disabled, I can climb high mountains, for my spirit soars with the wind, unafraid to face the rain and hail. In spite of all the high mountains I have climbed, I have arrived at each and every top with a smile. I have conquered thorny jungles and fiery seas and come out with stars in my arms."

What a beautiful soul. As a fan of all of Shirley Cheng's books, I think this is my favorite book! I love all of her writing, but this one is especially enjoyable because I love her clever haiku that sometimes made me laugh with surprise. This haiku reminded me of a wonderful childhood memory I'd forgotten:

Meadow of Cotton Balls

Along green meadows
Hopping cotton balls dotting
White rabbits frolic

I can highly recommend "Waking Spirit" as well as "Dance with Your Heart: Tales and Poems That The Heart Tells." The positive energy in Shirley Cheng's books is refreshing, real and inspiring. I hope you will invite her writing into your heart to experience the beauty of love's transforming energy.

~The Rebecca Review



Defeat the 7 Deadly Sins

Essential Reading for All Souls, May 11, 2007
"Our journeys must always begin with ourselves, since the only way change, healing and transformation can truly take place is through our own efforts." ~ pg. 2

Alan Fensin presents his knowledge on the 7 Deadly Sins in a way that shows his deep understanding of human behavior and the finer points of how these sins destroy the human soul and create situations of unhappiness. He presents pertinent verses for contemplation as well as a number of quotes by Thomas Aquinas. Then, after contemplating the characteristics and ways each sin appears in human life, he provides prayers for specific situations that need our attention.

"Spiritual health is absolutely necessary for psychological health." ~ Alan Fensin

Through this excellent work a deeper understanding of why people break the Ten Commandments appears with a renewed clarity. These sins being the underlying causes of human suffering on all levels. Alan Fensin stays balanced when discussing sins like envy when he shows both sides and how one person may cause others to be envious while the other is envious. He then gives insight into how this sin motivates people to take actions they will later regret.

Many of the sins seem to cause negative thought patterns and reading this book helps to reveal how the sins appear in daily life. The connections between credit card debt and greed or the connection between drug addictions and gluttony make the topics relevant to modern society. Each sin is clarified with excellent examples, like that sloth may appear as depression.

"Sloth might sink by degrees into bitterness of soul and hatred of existence. ~ pg. 210

Through the healing power of God's love and the teachings of Christ, we can defeat these sins and live with renewed hope. If you are dealing with anger, pride, envy, greed, gluttony, lust or sloth this is essential reading. Devotional passages and prayers are provided for your spiritual growth and I found many of them to be helpful in my own spiritual journey.

If you think this is a difficult book to read, you may be pleasantly surprised at how nurtured and healed you feel and how comforting it is to read the Bible verses and to learn how to defeat any sin that may be causing you difficulty on your spiritual path. I can highly recommend this book to all souls who are seeking relief from sin and want to find renewed purpose in their spiritual life. This book also has the amazing ability to lift your spirits and refresh your soul. After reading this book for about four days I felt cleansed and healed and filled with a new understanding of life itself.

Highly Recommended! Possibly one of the most important books you may ever read in this lifetime. No matter where you are on your spiritual path, "Defeat the 7 Deadly Sins" is a book your soul needs.

~The Rebecca Review


Spiritual Warfare


5.0 out of 5 stars Victory over Darkness, July 11, 2008
"The fact is, we are engaged in spiritual warfare whether we want to be or not. We may be winning or losing, but there is no way to declare neutrality." ~ pg. 143

Timothy M. Warner has written a useful book for Christians who believe that they are in a war between good and evil. This book explains that Satan is a beautiful angel who became jealous of God's glory. After taking a third of heaven's angels with him, he came to earth to thwart God's plans. Timothy M. Warner believes Satan is still as active on earth as he was in the Garden of Eden.

While demon possession is one of the topics, demon oppression is emphasizes even more. Demons can apparently be responsible for illness or psychological problems. They may put thoughts in your head that you don't want to think about. The ideas in this book are backed up by many scripture references.

"Fallen angels cannot act directly upon the will, but they can and do act upon the imaginations, thoughts, emotions and desires. Where they find a passion alive and active in us, they can play upon these passions and fantasies and so intensify the passion. Evidently they can also inject fantasies and feelings which have no ground in our own character and experience." ~ John Newport, pg. 99

This book would be especially helpful for missionaries who seem to have more encounters with demons that the rest of us. Christians may find this book useful if they feel they may be under demonic attack.

~The Rebecca Review





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