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Rogers and Hammerstein's 
South Pacific


Rodgers & Hammerstein's South Pacific


5 of 5 stars Promise of Paradise November 27, 2001 

Truthfully, I was skeptical about the remaking of a movie based on James Michener's Pulitzer Prize-winning book Tales of the South Pacific. I mean, how could you top the 1958 version, which in my mind is one of the greatest love stories of all time.

Well, that was until Rade Sherbedgia filled the role of the French Plantation owner, Emile. Glenn Close was a delight as Nellie. Here she almost adds a mature innocence to the story. She is filled with a intoxicating love for life, yet experiences the sadness of almost losing her chance at finding paradise because of her own inner demons.

Harry Connick Jr. adds a much more lusty flavor to this version as the Navy officer who is entranced by a beautiful Tonkinese girl and the tropical beauty of Bali Ha'i.

In general, there are a few scenes I felt were a bit overplayed and they should have included scenes that were much more exotic, like swimming by a waterfall or kissing while rolling on a beach in the surf.

There is rarely a story that can so capture the imagination. It is a story of love and loss in which four souls don't know why they feel the way they do, they just know that they do feel themselves being drawn into the path of destiny.

If you are looking for gripping suspense, drama, timeless songs, romance, seductive tropical islands, interracial romance and intense emotions all woven into a story about a naval base during the second world war, here it is!

Terribly Romantic and an final scene that will make you cry. Not that it is sad, but because love can be so beautiful when two souls finally find what they have looked for all their life.

If you love to run barefoot on a beach in the middle of a storm,
this is your movie!

Note: If you love the song: Bali Ha'i, I highly recommend Enchantment by Charlotte Church! Her voice captures everything the song was ever meant to be.

~The Rebecca Review 



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