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The Real Ideal
by Mark Sincevich


The Real Ideal: Using Inspirational...

5 out of 5 stars Dive into your life

Do you feel like you are drowning in a sea of paperwork? Would you rather be on a cruise, hiking or perhaps even skiing in Colorado? Has your life become all work, no play and you feel bored, uninspired and basically burnt out?

Mark Sincevich encourages you see that your life can be more balanced. He feels his calling is to help others learn to express their thoughts sentence by sentence until they have developed a passion for writing. He encourages you to explore your mind, your environment and your dreams. What are your goals?

Most writers already love to write. Perhaps you haven’t discovered that you are a writer or are not sure what you should be writing about. You don’t have to be a writer to start a journal. Starting a Journal might make you want to be a writer.

Perhaps you feel you are in the middle of the ocean of your thoughts and feel that your life is swirling in a whirlpool of conflicted emotions, time constraints and desires. Where do you begin?

“The more you write, the more focused you’ll become, because you’ll ascertain your feelings and desires.” –Mark Sincevich

Your journey becomes possible through the author’s experiences (short stories), his motivational poetry and “project oriented” creative questions/encouragement. As you discover where the author has been, you discover where you are heading.

This book did not take me too long to read. You might want to read a chapter a day or read the entire book in one sitting, as I felt compelled to do. I wanted to get the entire picture, focus on the main points and enjoy a mini reading vacation.

Portions of the book I loved:

Excerpt from a Story:

“As I began to write, an interesting thing happened. The more I wrote in my journal, the more I realized that it is a place to get focused and a place to sharpen my plans and goals.”

Portion of a Poem:

Unafraid of society’s pressure,
forcing me
                 to conform

I’ll focus on what’s inspired, regardless of
the norm.
” pg. 81

Question and Encouragement:

What three things will you do to change/improve your life within the next month? Take action on it.

The Contents Include:

One: Yes, I Really Hate My Job!
Two: Having Trouble Concentrating? It Must be Friday
Three: Start to Learn for Yourself
Four: Challenging the System
Five: Feeling Frazzled
Six: You Mean I’m an Individual?
Seven: Anxious About the Boss
Eight: Learning to Fail
Nine: Begin to Take Control
Ten: Something New with Passion
Eleven: Break Out
Twelve: Creativity, Anytime!
Thirteen: Using Your Journal as a Guide for Your Future

Mark has written his thoughts in some intriguing places. Imagine brainstorming, writing poetry or collecting your thoughts in the middle of the sky on a flight from here to there on a vacation between jobs. What about writing a poem while analyzing art in a museum?

Much of Mark’s writing seems to happen in coffee shops or when he is on vacation or in a moment of repose. He seems to love writing anywhere he can. He is more likely to take a “mental health day” than a “sick day.”

He sees beauty in opportunity, brainstorming as a way to release his inner desires, action plans as his ticket to being in control of his destination.

This is not a book about how you should work harder to get where you want to be.
It is about enjoying where you are at, moving in a positive direction
and taking time for “me.”

It is about rebelling a little
Just enough to let yourself have fun.
It is about making sure
that you are somewhere up near number one

Because if you are not happy
soon you will see

Life and work looks far from seductive
And you’ve become less than productive.

I look forward to reading his second book, “How to Laugh Through the Workday” which is scheduled for release in Autumn 2003.

Dive into your life and feel the momentum in the ocean of your thoughts take you where you want to be.

~The Rebecca Review


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