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It took me hours to find all these sites!

Do you want to save $35 to $50 on your next shopping trip? 
Try these sites to find printable coupons and coupons sent 
in the mail. Here are the best sites I've found so far. 

Have any new websites you don't see 
listed here? Contact me by sending me an e-mail.

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about Clipping Coupons


     Challenge Dairy - Answer a few questions to get coupons. 

     Coupon Web  - Print off hundreds of coupons. 

     Betty Crocker  - Print off coupons and recipes. 

     Live Coupon Codes - Use these codes the next time you shop online. 

     Entirely Coupons - Print off 1000s of coupons for products you use every day. 

     Right at home - Printable coupons for Skintimate products. 

     Shop at Home- This is one of the best coupon clipping sites around. 

     Coupon mom - Sign up for a free membership. 

     Cool Savings - Freebies and printable coupons. 

     Litehouse foods - Print coupons for Litehouse dressings. 

     Money Saving Mom - Check this site for new coupons. 

     Mambo Sprouts - Your source for coupons for organic foods. 

     Organic Valley - Coupons for organic milk and cheese. 

     Green Works Cleaner - Natural cleaners from Clorox. Answer one question to get coupons. 

     Welch's  - Print a coupon for Welch's juice. Delicious! 

     Coupon Cabin - Coupons for your favorite stores like Macy's and Sears.  

     Simple and Delicious - Coupons for egg beaters. 

     Uncle Ben's - Sign up for coupons for Uncle Ben's Rice products. 

     Tropicana - Sign up for an e-mail newsletter with coupons for orange juice. 

     PG Everyday Solutions - Save on brands you use everyday. 

     A Full Cup - Hot deals and printable grocery coupons. 

     Coupon Surfer - A fun site with lots of name brand products.

     Cottonelle - Coupons for Cottonelle wipes.

     Campbell Kitchen - Cambell's soup coupons - stock up for winter. 

        Coupon Dad - A really cool site with lots of links to coupons you will really use. 

     Grow up Strong - General Mills cereal coupons. 

     Orowheat - Coupons for bread and muffins. 

     Heinz Vinegar - Apple cider vinegar coupons, but sign up for coupons in email for ketchup, etc.

     Fruit Undressed - Coupons for Del Monte fruit.

     Printable Coupon Spot - The text size is TINY but they have lots of coupons. Look for Starbucks.

     All You - A fun colorful site. I found Tazo tea coupons here. 

     Coupons Go - Why search around when you can get great links to sites
       with printable coupons. 

         My Coupons - Look up chocolate. :) 


     Very Best Baking - Toll House Chocolate Chip Coupon. 

     Bar-S - Hot dog coupons. 

     Kraft Foods - Click on coupons up on the right. Cheese, cream cheese, sour cream.

     Grocery Coupons - 10 coupons cost $1.75

     Swiffer - Sign up for a coupon booklet. Swiffer Coupons - see right hand side for additional coupons.

        Centsible - coupons organized into categories. 

     Quaker Oats - Sign up for special offers. 

     Clorox - Sign up for coupons.

      The Coupon Master - You have to pay for coupons but they have some you
         might not find anyplace else. Look for Jif peanut butter, Advil, Listerine. McCormick spices
         and King Arthur Flour. Click "in cart" at the end of each page to add coupons to your 
         shopping cart otherwise it doesn't remember the items and you waste time. $3 minimum order.
         Coupons are shipped through the mail and there is a small shipping fee. 

      Rebecca's Coupons - You have to pay a small fee but there are tons of good coupons. Coupons
        are listed in easy to find categories or A-Z. Coupons for Burt's Bees, Crisco, Batteries, Arm & 
        Hammer, Electrasol, Produce, Betty Crocker and so much more. 

     The Coupon Clippers - The minimum purchase is $3.94 which includes shipping and handling. They
        have a hard-to-find coupon for celestial seasonings tea. The only issue I have with the site is
        that you sometimes have to buy 5 coupons - the minimum purchase. This is find if you are
        stocking up but not so fun if you only need ONE coupon. Also look for OLAY coupons, 
        Green Giant, Wilderness canned fruit, Aveeno skin creams and Kraft cheese.  

     Coupon Kutters - You have to pay for coupons but the prices are reasonable. Click here
       to see all coupons: List of Coupons  Look for Oxiclean, Pillsbury, Scrubbing Bubbles, Starbucks
       and more. Tons of coupons you may have trouble finding any place else. These coupons are
       shipped through the mail.  

     Select Coupon Program - Get your 30 day trial today. Coupons are delivered by mail. 

     Johnson's Baby - Click on special offers for $2 off coupons.

     Gerber - Coupons for baby food. 

     Seventh Generation - Coupons for natural cleaners.

     GE Lighting - Save money on light bulbs. 

     Actual Free Stuff - Lots of unique products - links to printable coupons. 

     Ronzoni - Coupons for pasta.

     Northland - Coupons for Northland juices. 

     Printable Coupon Database - Alphabetical list of coupons - look for Listerine and Lysol.
       Some of the coupons print without signing up, others require an email. 

     Arm and Hammer - Printable coupons for baking soda products.

     Earth Light Natural - Coupons for hard to find items like Biokleen. Click on 
       "health-E" coupons on the left. 

     Coupon Bar - Coupons arranged by category. 

     Entertainment - The new 2010 Entertainment book is filled with coupons for restaurants, groceries, 
        movie tickets, events, travel and hotels and more. 

     Laura's Lean Beef  Print a $1 coupon for beef. 

     Add a Coupon Site Here - Send me an e-mail


Do you have too many coupons? Send
them to military families. Click Here
for addresses. They also accept
expired coupons. 


Save With Coupons


5.0 out of 5 stars This book will pay for itself the first day you start using it..., November 25, 2009
I recently saved $35 at my local grocery store after my husband convinced me to go online to find printable coupons. Within an hour I had found all the coupons I needed for our next grocery shopping trip.

To say my husband was pleased is an understatement. Now he wants me to save money every time we shop. That was why I originally bought this book and I must say it paid for itself within the first day. I printed off $9 worth of coupons right after reading it and finding out where to go online.

This book will not only tell you where to go, it will also show you how to save money every time you shop at your favorite stores. Let's just say you should get a shopper's card immediately if not sooner. In this way you can take advantage of the advertised sales.

There are some unique ideas in this book like the idea for setting up a coupon train. You may also be interested in coupon swapping parties. Before reading this book I had also never thought of printing rebate forms online. So there are lots of good ideas.

While this book introduced me to some new websites I must say the best one I've found is a shop at home website that has hundreds of coupons. You can just select them and then print them all at once. I'll leave the URL in the comments section. Happy shopping!

~The Rebecca Review


Free Groceries


5.0 out of 5 stars Great Ideas for Getting Free Coupons in the Mail, November 25, 2009


"Companies appreciate consumer feedback so much that sometimes when it is volunteered, they will send a coupon for a free product." ~ pg. 26

If you have been avoiding writing companies for coupons then you will love this book. There are sample letters and ideas for how to write postcards to get almost free coupons. The only thing you will need to do is to buy pre-stamped postcards.

I used one idea in this book to get a few coupons for products I buy all the time. Going to the company's website and filling out a comment form was well worth the effort. I found this was faster than writing a letter because the coupons arrived so quickly.

So while this book is very short and to the point it will be very useful to anyone who is timid about writing big corporations. Getting coupons in the mail turns out to be really fun and it is even more fun to watch the price of your groceries drop as the clerk scans them at the store.

I went to the author's website and it was down, but there was another URL in the book at the end that I tried and found a great site with lots of excellent deals. Like if you want to save money in the grocery store at amazon there is a link to a special page with a list of offers.



Shop Smart

The Grocery Game Book

5.0 out of 5 stars The Tricks of The Trade, November 26, 2009
Teri Gault started using coupons when she was a child. Later she went from riches to rags and back again. Throughout her life she has had times when she literally could not put food on the table unless she used coupons.

First Teri teaches you how to map out your favorite grocery store in your brain. She gives lists of questions to ask about any of the stores you are considering. I do this every time I go shopping at Fred Meyer and write out a list of items to buy on an envelope that now holds all my lovely coupons. I don't need to look at the coupons the whole time I'm shopping because I've written the exact item on the envelope according to where it is in the store. This saves me so much time and makes my life easier when my husband decides he is shopping with me and will be pushing the cart.

This book talks a lot about stockpiling and I do that on a few items, mostly beauty products I know I'm going to use frequently. Teri also recommends stores like Costco and Sam's Club if you are cooking for a crowd.

At the end of the book there is a small section listing websites where you can get free printable coupons. I printed off $4.65 in coupons to use during my next shopping trip.

One of the things I loved about this book was the "Yearly Calendar of Seasonal Savings." That you can refer to throughout the year so you buy everything on sale and with coupons. The lists tell you what time of year to stock up on necessities.

Teri Gault's book has a very cozy style. She also shares her own recipes and gives tips on how to give great parties. Since you will be saving so much money clipping coupons you will have extra cash to do whatever your heart desires. Maybe you are wishing for an exotic vacation. It is now possible if you follow the advice in this book.

Reading this book convinced me that I need to get into the game so I plan to sign up for Teri's four week trial. The stories in this book are amazing and really motivate you into

Recently I saved $35 at the grocery store and it was all products and food we really use all the time. What is really needed is an entire book of websites that have printable coupons. That would be ideal. If you know of one, please contact me from my website.

~The Rebecca Review


Greatest Secrets


4.0 out of 5 stars How to be a Strategic Shopper and also Help Your Local Food Pantry, December 5, 2009

Stephanie Nelson otherwise known as the "coupon mom" loves to help shoppers save tons of money by using coupons. She also has a real heart for charity work and describes how you can use coupons to get free items to donate to your local food pantry.

The most valuable section of the book is the explanation of how the "coupon mom's site" works. There is a discussion about the VCO (virtual coupon organizer).You can also download a guide at the site, which seems essential to the process. Not all stores are listed at the site, I didn't find Fred Meyer listed so if I used the site I'd have to shop at Safeway. After looking through the sales for the week I did find that I had a few coupons I could use at Safeway if I wanted to make an extra trip.

This book will teach you the basics of coupon shopping. There are recommended sites that can help you find out what your local store's policies are. Like you might want to know if they accept online printable coupons or double coupons. Stephanie also explains how to stock up on sales items to save more money over time. There are hints and tips like how to use a store coupon and a manufacture's coupon at the same time to double your savings.

In this book there is a section on how buying and selling coupons is illegal but I've found three sites that only charge a handling fee and will mail you clipped coupons in a matter of days. I found I was able to get coupons I couldn't find any other way.

One of the ideas Stephanie Nelson has is to watch the register when the clerk is scanning your groceries to make sure you are getting the sale price on all the items. I think you would have to have an especially good memory to pull this off! Unfortunately when I was a grocery clerk I remember that sometimes the prices were not correct and we had to run down an isle to find the correct price so I know it probably still happens.

While Stephanie's book and site are good places to start, I've found a list of sites that can be used to print off online coupons very easily. I'll leave you the link in the comments section of this review. I save about $35 a shopping trip now by looking for coupons online before I go shopping. Of course you have to know the brand names to do this so it takes a little research. I'm still new to this whole coupon world but I find it fun and challenging to look for coupons so I can save money each time I shop.

~The Rebecca Review


Start Saving


5.0 out of 5 stars Very Helpful Websites!, December 8, 2009

There are a lot of coupon books out there each with a different focus. "Cut it Out Start Saving" is for the shopper who wants to look for deals online. This book is packed full of websites and essential information. Denise Long and Phyllis Milano have really done their research.

Some of the highlights of this book include: coupons for baby items, websites to go to for savings on vacations, where to get free craft supplies, how to get free medication, where to find help for senior citizens and the disabled and where to find freebies online.

In this book you will learn how to join a coupon train or where to find online printable coupons. While giving good advice the authors also tell stories about how they saved hundreds of dollars with coupons. They even include a picture of the receipts.

As someone who has spent hours online trying to find the best coupon sites I must say this book would have saved me lots of time sorting through Google search results. Why do all the hard work when this book gives you all the main sites you need. Get this book and start saving money the day you receive it!

~The Rebecca Review


Better Groceries

5.0 out of 5 stars Are you Losing or Winning the Grocery Game?, December 10, 2009
Randall Putala is a coupon expert with a lot of wisdom to share. He includes copies of receipts in the back of the book that show how much money you can save when using coupons.

This book is really a wakeup call and dispels many myths about coupon usage. Randall Putala is like the coupon drill sergeant as he uses a lot of CAPS to make his points. For most of the first half of the book he spends time convincing readers that using coupons is a good idea, whether you are rich or poor. He even claims that Oprah uses coupons.

What is interesting about this particular book is the descriptions of typical shoppers and how they can change their strategy to save money.

For the last half of the book, Randall Putala spends time convincing the reader that cooking is fun and easy. He provides lots of recipes you can throw together in minutes. I think his method of cooking is easy and I can see why he thinks cooking is not work. On the other hand, cooking is work for most people and takes a lot of effort. First you have to spend hours collecting all the ingredients and then you have to spend more hours putting meals together from scratch. I easily spend an hour a day cooking meals, hours looking through cookbooks for new recipes, and spend a few hours clipping coupons.

One of the things I think Randall Putala is completely right about is his encouragement to try new products with new coupons. Recently I used a coupon for crackers I would not have purchased before and both my husband and I ended up loving them and now we buy them on every shopping trip even though we don't have another coupon for them.

So this book is filled with practical advice that will be appreciated by those who are new to coupon shopping. The author's main goal seems to be to lead the reader to "coupon nirvana," a place where you get a high from saving so much money it blows your mind.

While the author says you should throw away your expired coupons so you don't mistakenly use them and get yourself into trouble, I found out that you can donate expired coupons to military families. The coupons can be used six months after their expiration date.

After reading this book I am even more eager to save money with coupons. I will however not be giving up pre-grated cheese or organic milk anytime soon. I know they are more expensive but the convenience and taste are worth the price. It is possible to find coupons for organic milk these days and I used one earlier this month.

~The Rebecca Review


Cutting Your Grocery Bill


4.0 out of 5 stars Strategic Shopping, January 22, 2010
In the past few months I've read seven books on saving money at the grocery store and have been able to save $20 to $40 on each shopping trip. While each book gave new ideas, "The Coupon Mom's Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bills In Half" is probably the most comprehensive.

Stephanie Nelson begins her book by explaining various shopping styles and then makes a convincing case for shopping at wholesale clubs. She then explains how you can save when you buy meats, organic foods, dairy products and beauty products.

While a lot of this book is about clipping coupons, some of the information is more about a back-to-basics approach. Do you really want to wash your own lettuce, repackages bulk meats, make your own tortilla chips, make milk from powdered milk and shred your own cheese? I know I don't but I could be saving even more money if I was willing to give up some convenience foods. I also won't be giving up my Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract for the 16-ounce bottle at Costco. Yes it is cheaper but there is a great difference in flavor. Yes I've done some taste tests with the cheaper vanilla.

So while you read this book you can take all your personal preferences into consideration. Sometimes saving a few pennies just isn't worth the inconvenience. I will say however I use her advice about using baking soda to scrub pots and pans.

Some of the most valuable information in this book is the websites where you can find printable coupons. There is a list of websites in the back of the book. There is also some information on how to use the author's website which I found to be useful.

One of the things I think is amazing is how Stephanie Nelson can remember all the prices of all the foods she is buying. She saves even more money when she finds a price discrepancy.

~The Rebecca Review 



Places you can write to for free coupons and samples: 

Consumer Affairs
Energizer Personal Care
P.O. Box 537
Neenah, WI 54957

Product: Skintimate Shave Cream

Tom's of Maine
302 Lafayette Center
P.O. Box 710
Kennebunk, Maine 04043

Product: Toothpaste and Mouthwash. They
don't have coupons but send free samples. 

Genisoy Food Company, Inc
100 West 5th Street, Suite 700
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103

Product: Soynuts - ask for a coupon.

Mariani Packing Co, Inc.
500 Crocker Drive
Vacaville, California 95688

Product: Dried Fruit, ask for coupons. 

Information Center
199 Grandview Road
Skillman, NJ 08558-9418

Product: Rolaids - ask for coupons. 







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