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Princess Sasha


 You are dreaming, No, you cannot go online now!



A cat must climb...scared me half to death...getting her down
was just half the challenge, not getting scratched the other!



On Sunday, January 27, 2002 we saw a picture in the paper for a female short-haired cat. We absolutely
fell in love with the picture, only to find that on the 28th, the cat we wanted was already adopted. As I walked into
the cat area of the shelter wondering if another kitten might be waiting for me, this little beauty made it
very clear by meowing very loudly that it was "she" that was the cat I "was" taking home! I instantly
fell in love with her and my husband said he would adopt her for my Valentine's present.


First Day home, eyeing the other cats from a distance.


Feeling more adventurous.


Looking pretty and comfy on the leather couch


Already finding Amazon.com intriguing...


Taking over the house. See how tiny she is! Just 5lbs in Feb, 2002.


We noticed the heart shaped marking on her back
and thought that was very interesting.


Ok, bad "fur" day...it happens. 



Hey, a soft place is a good place! 



So many books, so little time ...



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