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Press Release for Reviewing as a Lifestyle 
by Amazon Top Reviewer Rebecca Johnson


Top Reviewers at Amazon Headquarters in 2004


Hall of Fame Reviewer Gives Inside Story on Amazon.com Reviewing!

Author Rebecca Johnson tells all about her experiences as an amazon.com Top Reviewer.

Internationally renown reviewer Rebecca Johnson has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal and the L.A. Times. She has also appeared on King 5 TV in Seattle. Today she has announced her first book on reviewing for those who are curious about the mysterious world of Amazon's Top Reviewers.

"Amazon reviewing is now a lifestyle not just a hobby. I am on a mission to bring awareness to excellent books and products that enhance your life," said Rebecca Johnson, author of Reviewing as a Lifestyle.

Readers have had a lot to say about this book:

"When I saw this book I immediately bought it, because I've never seen a book on this subject before, and I honestly wondered what it is like to be a top reviewer and what kind of experiences the author has had." ~ Angela Reads

"Overall, an excellent book about a woman who loves to review all sorts of products. She is a very positive reviewer. It is not a manual on how to write a good review, but, rather, it talks about her experiences. Great job!" ~ Desiree's Shelves

"I give Reviewing As A Lifestyle five stars because the book is an outstanding, unique, book every author, every publisher, and every reviewer at Amazon should read." ~ Rocky

Rebecca's reviewing lifestyle had unassuming origins: she first started reviewing after seeing a book promoted on Oprah in 2000. But by 2002 she had reached the #3 rank in Amazon's brutally competitive reviewing system, with 864 reviews to her name. She is a member of Amazon's own "Hall of Fame" for reviewers who made it into the top 10. Now, in 2018, she has reviewed over 7,200 products, including 3,145 books. She continues to read around 185 books a year and is on the eternal quest to find memorable ones.

Some of the books she has reviewed include Joel Osteen's Fresh Start which she found to be inspiring. She gave The Amazon Way by John Rossman a five-star rating. Daniel Gilbert's Stumbling on Happiness also made her laugh a lot. One of her discoveries was The Light in the Heart by Roy T. Bennett which she says is positive encouragement for the soul. Rebecca loves to find books that change the world and Amazon is full of surprises.

"Amazon's willingness to venture into uncharted territory is very exciting for the consumer," says Rebecca. "Jeff Bezos has one of the most brilliant minds of our time. I'm so happy I got to hear him speak at the amazon.com headquarters in Seattle. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next."

Rebecca is the author of five other books including, Seasoned with Love: A collection of best-loved recipes inspired by over 40 cultures, Angelique (a romance novel), Moonflower Dreams (poetry), What To Do When Feeling Blue, and Collected Quotes: Over 300 quotes to inspire and enlighten. Her own favorite quote is by Stephen Richards: "To dream by night is to escape your life. To dream by day is to make it happen."

And what are her dreams?

Like so many of us Rebecca dreams of a world without hunger. But the question is what to do about it. "I know on a global scale it is such a small thing," Rebecca says, "but my wish is that everyone would sponsor a child through World Vision. It is such a great cause for good in the world."

One of her lesser dreams is to drive a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle convertible in Monaco Orange to the ocean while listening to her favorite CD, Evening Ocean's The Kiss.

Where can you find her book?

Reviewing as a Lifestyle: the Experience of Being a Top 50 Reviewer at Amazon.com by Rebecca Johnson is available for purchase at www.amazon.com.

Links to all of Rebecca's books can also be found here: www.seasonedwithlove.com

For additional information, review requests or media inquiries, 
please email Rebecca Johnson: 



Reviewing as a Lifestyle