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Traveling Light


Poetic Photography, November 16, 2006

"One day I wandered to the beach at the end of a chilly, wet winter's afternoon. I stood alone, on a shimmering expanse of low-tide sand. In a spitting, twirling wind I watched the sea and sky shift in harmony from grey to silver to blue to cream to yellow to bronze to pink to mauve to orange and then join together and plunge into darkness." ~ Deborah DeWit Marchant

Traveling Light will inspire you to write more imaginatively, take pictures with an added sense of introspection and live life with heightened awareness. Very few books have the ability to capture the heart almost instantly and yet in Traveling Light you know you will love this book from the moment you read the first page.

Lush poetic prose illuminates the pages and introduces us to the thoughts filtering through a photographer's mind while we observe the moments captured and lovingly collected in this captivating book.

The photographs include moments in time from Scotland, France, England and Western Australia. Stunning images from Oregon, Indiana, Washington, South Carolina, North Carolina and Missouri explore her travel experiences closer to home.

Forty-seven gifts of light grace the pages in this poetic work revealing the inner life of the artist and the external observations inspiring the artistic life. Each image seems to reveal a purity within the complexity of scenes ranging from soft pastel blue ocean waves to mysterious winding staircases and light filtering through arched doorways tempting you to run outside into the warmth.

Deborah De Wit Marchant's writing style can leave even the most astute reader a little breathless. Her creative flow rocks with the rhythms of an eloquent unveiling of the soul as she pounces on the perfect description page after page. Even in novels I have never seen such beauty in the portrayal of landscapes, moments and images only a language artist could reveal.

~The Rebecca Review



Tim's Vermeer


5.0 out of 5 stars Stunningly Intricate Documentary, July 8, 2017

Some people watch life happen. Then there are people like Tim Jenison that make life happen. In this amazing journey over a period of five years, Tim Jenison attempts to duplicate a Vermeer painting. It seems impossible at first as he needs to also recreate the entire room in the painting, a duplicate of the original. That in itself takes a lot of talent. But what amazed me was the painting of the rug! Only someone with superhuman patience could duplicate that. And the intricate work of the seahorses was beyond comprehension. For someone who claims not to be an artist, Tim Jenison achieves immense success. You will be completely spellbound by this intricate documentary. So the question is: "How do you copy one of the greatest artists of all time?" Apparently you also need to be an inventor. If you are a fan of Vermeer this is a must see! To know how Vermeer created his paintings is very satisfying information.

~The Rebecca Review



Watercolor Workshop

Watercolor Magic, March 30, 2006

If you dream about painting in your spare moments, perhaps overlooking a placid lake in the middle of a magical kingdom...then this book may cause to you wonder why you have not purchased that portable easel. With this book, paint and outdoor scenes you can begin to create magical worlds on canvas. If your art teacher sent you to the library during art class, the step-by-step instructions could still bring out the artist in you.

Topics include: Paint, paper, brushes, brushstrokes, color wheels, color mixing, color blends, washes, painting effects, how to build a painting, composition, sketching, focal points, outdoor painting and specific scenes like cherries in a tree.

Ballet Shoes
Tuscan Landscape
Geese in the Park
Peony in a Jar
Boats on a Canal
Field Gate
Street Scenes
Chair by a Window
Cliffs and a Beach

As someone who was sent to the library, I must say this book has been helpful. I can only say I have an extreme longing to buy that easel and head for Whidbey Island. I know a beach there...with a long walking trail. Suddenly a weekend vacation is sounding like a painting escape. If you love to travel, this book could be an entryway to memories of your vacations.

I am very excited about this particular book since recently my kitchen became filled with items decorated in Cherries and I've been imagining a border around the top filled with cherry art. The designs shown in this book would be very compatible with such an idea and all the instructions make painting seem a dream. Having the book first allows for exploration and adaptation. Once you have the book, you will know what else you need to begin a new hobby.

Throughout you will find inspirational paintings, exercises, step-by-step projects and a desire to leave the house for long summer days of artistic expression. Once you learn the techniques, the possibilities are endless. If you have been looking for a book on watercolors, this is the best one I've found recently.

~The Rebecca Review


Deluxe Art Set


Eyewitness Travel Guide for Paris


A Preview of Paris and Travel Guide, April 3, 2007

If you are planning a trip to Paris or enjoy remembering your trips through travel guides, the Eyewitness Travel Paris Guide has a lot to offer. While planning a trip you can read all the detailed descriptions and then later also gain perspective on where you are in Paris through the detailed maps.

If you plan to take a river tour or want to know what it feels like to have the Mona Lisa follow you around the Louvre (really she seems to see you no matter where you are standing by her portrait), then this book gives you an idea of where you will be at any point in time on a tour. A tour is an excellent choice, but this book will give you all the details you need to truly appreciate your Paris experience.

Full-color illustrations show details of the Seine and all the essential places to visit including the Musee du Louvre, Notre-Dame Cathedral and Eiffel Tower. Details are given on how to take a Seine Cruise and with this book you will be able to identify the buildings along the river as you cruise by them on a pleasure-cruise boat. Some of the highlights include information on:

Place du Tertre - highest point in Paris, also see the Street-by-Street map of Montmartre
The Louvre Collection - Venus de Milo, Mona Lisa and a Gallery Guide
The History of Paris
The Palace and Gardens of Versailles
Eight Guided Walks - Choose from a variety of 90 minute walks around Paris
Where to Stay

If you love the travel guide for Paris, you may also want to look for the Eyewitness Travel Provence & The Cote D'Azur.

~The Rebecca Review


Open Your Heart with Art


Improve Your Life with Art, April 23, 2007

"Without creation there is nothing new...God is the creator. We as human are creative, listening to the silence and allowing spirit to flow through us." ~ pg. 7, Interview with Steven Zuckerman

Open Your Heart with Art is a selection from a new book series about mastering life through what you know and love. Through accessing your inner wisdom you can lead a more inspired life. In this book you reconnect with your creative side and rediscover all you love about art.

This book begins with an interview with Romero Britto, Richard Humphreys, Dan Decker, Tom Dressen and Steven Zuckerman, then it moves on to a number of projects and ideas. The main chapters cover ideas about Tools and Techniques, Spending Time Creating, and explains How to Build a Creative Life.

I think this book will be especially appreciated by anyone who loves artistic expression or who wants to enhance life through new and exciting avenues of experience. Through reading this book you can learn how to reconnect with your inner artist through the exploration of painting, drawing, sculpting or working on a scrapbook or journal. Some of the ideas like the section on beading is a brief introduction to the craft as are the areas of quilt making and crochet. These are areas you can research further if you find them to be intriguing. I thought the ideas about edible art sounded rather fun and the project with caramel corn will be enjoyed by the entire family.

The book concludes with more interviews with Jimmy McDaniel, Leona Toppel and Ashie Hirji. The interviews at the beginning and end of the book present the viewpoints of artists, actors, teachers and musicians. The entire book brings a deeper understanding to art and what it means to us as human beings seeking to find a spiritual expression through art.

"Much like the poet who weaves a story of memories forged into literary sculpture, crafted from letters and spaces, each item gathered holds such a connection for the artists, through rarely is that story told. For the most part, people connect with and comment on a completed piece." ~ pg. 121

~The Rebecca Review


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