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OWL CITY Ocean Eyes
Music Review

Owl City Ocean Eyes

5.0 out of 5 stars I can't get these lyrics out of my head..., September 6, 2009
"I with I could cross my arms and cross your mind
Cause I believe you'd unfold your paper heart
and wear it on your sleeve
All my life I wish I broke mirrors
instead of promises"
~ Tidal Wave

Owl City's "Ocean Eyes" is instantly compelling although at first you may think you are listening to "Ben Gibbard." Adam Young's voice is similar but seems to have a much more vibrant clarity. The lyrics on "Ocean Eyes" are some of the most creative I've ever heard in this lifetime. They are at times magical and at other times profound. Each song is catchy in its own way.

"Hello Seattle" is one of those songs you won't be able to get out of your head once you listen to it six times. I like the way the song takes off into a subtle ecstasy and then comes to a startling halt. It leaves you wanting more which is why "Umbrella Beach" starts almost instantly sending you on wave after wave of tantalizing beats. You can't help but feel happy while listening to this music. I love "The Saltwater Room" with its romantic melodies which are so pure and beautiful. Breanne Duren's voice mingles with Adam Young's voice in such a sweet intimacy it is addictive.

"Meteor Shower" is stunning even though it is the shortest song on the album. In my opinion it ends too soon. "On the Wing" has some unique moments at the start that sound like a bird's wings beating. You get the feeling you are flying above some vast forest with the night sky as a backdrop. I always get the feeling that I want to turn this song up to full volume.

"Fireflies" is purely a fun song that feels magical and seems born of Adam Young's issues with insomnia. One part of the song always makes me laugh. "The Tip of the Iceberg" is a much more relaxed song with amazing vocals by Melisa Morgan. It ends with a dancy pop reverie.

"Vanilla Twilight" is romantic and ecstatic in places. In "Tidal Wave" Matthew Thiessen and Adam Young's voices are so similar it is almost impossible to tell them apart. I think this is a great song to end the album because it seems to give you hope.

Of course when the album is over you may feel the urge to listen to the songs again. In fact they can be rather addictive. I've listened to this album on two headphones and the Sennheiser headphones make this sound incredible. The AKG headphones were also farily good but the Sennheiser seems to reveal some of the "sparkly" magic in the music.

~The Rebecca Review


All Things Bright and Beautiful


5.0 out of 5 stars Lose Yourself in Fantasy Dreams, June 28, 2011

"reality is a lovely place
but I wouldn't want to
live there"

"All Things Bright and Beautiful" has Owl City's signature sound with quite a few surprises. For most of the album I just felt like my heart was light and I kept getting shivers from the beauty.

Adam Young is a true poet and he takes lots of chances on this album. His quirky lyrics mix perfectly with exciting beats especially in Kamikaze which has a modern European feel. On this album you never really know what is going to happen next. That makes it exciting. I even liked the rap in "Alligator Sky."

What really had me laughing until I almost cried was one line in "Deer in the Headlights." It will surprise you. I also liked how the importance of the individual sound of the words is more important than the meaning in "The Yacht Club."

The only song that could be considered slightly religious is "Galaxies" and I thought it was beautiful. I also thought the piano in "Plant Life" was really pleasing.

In most of the songs I felt that Adam Young's voice was so powerful and it seemed to expand into a supreme ecstasy. What can I say? I loved this album. It was a gift from my best friend so thank you! Listen to this album on Sennheiser headphones for the ultimate magical experience. This is an album that you will listen to again and again because it makes you so darn happy. Lose yourself in the fantasy.

If you like electronica can I recommend The Kiss? It is so romantic.

~The Rebecca Review



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