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OM Yoga In A Box 


OM Yoga in a Box

5 out of 5 stars Serenity in a Box, January 25, 2004

"Yoga is a practice of awakening and connecting with all that is." ~Cyndi Lee

I can think of very few gifts that will actually change a person's life and this is one of them. Yoga can actually change your life. Yoga is so much more than a duplication of poses. While other exercise routines can make you feel a bit like a robot, yoga opens your inner world and as you complete the poses, you actually grow and change and become a person who is more aware of the world and yet the world influences you less. You start to connect with the deepest levels of your inner self and as you continue practicing yoga, you start to feel very good about the poses you have mastered. In this way, you also start to boost your self-esteem, all while being very aware of how you affect everyone in your world.

Cyndi Lee has a unique and very effective method of introducing you to yoga. She has a fun almost playful approach and I laughed out loud a number of times because of her witty humor. She is the director of the OM yoga center where she teaches hatha yoga. She has been teaching yoga for over 20 years, but her pictures look like she is ageless. Her beauty represents the deeply calming benefits of yoga. Her work has been featured in Shape, New York Magazine, Yoga Journal, Elle, Forbes, Newsweek and Self. She writes a regular column and lives in New York City. She travels to lead workshops and retreats in places like London, France, Italy and the Virgin Islands.

I wish I had found these boxed sets a long time ago. Each box contains everything you need for yoga practice besides a blanket and a yoga mat. I'd also like to recommend a soft blanket or comforter, a pillow and yoga blocks if you are just starting your practice. You can use the yoga blocks for some of the poses like triangle pose.

This box contains 2 Compact Discs, flash cards, a yoga belt (nice feature!), a candle, incense and an incense holder. The 2 Discs are in a durable little book with additional information.

The first CD is a 70 minute instructional CD that guides you through:

Warm Up
Sun Salutations
Standing Poses
Seated Poses
Finishing Poses

When you open the box it is like an exotic experience. The Bodhi Sattva incense has permeated the entire box and everything has the scent of "celestial sandalwood."

Once you start the CD you soon realize that there is a method here. I had enough time to quickly place the cards out in order so I could see all the poses. This is very effective and unlike most yoga workouts on video, you can actually see the poses while you are doing them. A lot of yoga poses have you looking straight down at the ground, so it is great if you have cards placed out where you can see them.

Each flash card has information on both sides. When viewing all the cards from the top, it is easy to see the different colors of cards and separate the cards into sections. What I loved most about the cards is the names of the poses and the additional information on each card.

During the workout, you will learn the basic poses first and then put them into practice in the Sun Salutation section. On a "standing poses - sun salute card" you will find information on the "swan dive forward" with drawings and information on how this pose stretches the hamstrings and strengthens the legs and back. On the other side of the card, you will see Cyndi Lee illustrating the pose and see the words: Surya Namaskar. I found that these cards added a new depth to the yoga positions and loved learning all the added information most yoga workout videos don't ever discuss. This is a very authentic yoga workout.

The second CD is an amazing musical experience. This is music for when you want to experience the benefits of Yoga on your own without instruction.

OM Yoga is a well-organized system that provides a quiet sanctuary where you can regain physical strength and mental clarity. There is a emphasis on the breath and you can create your own practice sessions with the cards and CD.

There are 5 Suggested Practice Sessions:

OM Yoga Basic Level
Short Practice 1-3 (Three variations for added variety. Choose 35, 45 or 50 minutes.)
Very Short Practice - You can warm up and then relax

If you are already practicing yoga, you might want to buy this for yourself and some for gifts. This is truly serenity in a box! Also look for: OM Yoga Flash Cards: A 68-Card Deck with 32-Page Booklet. I really think you might enjoy both because I loved reading through the little booklet and seeing how the cards are used in each section. If there is a more perfect workout system, I haven't found it. This is just a beautiful healing gift for the body and soul.

~The Rebecca Review


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