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Norman Vincent Peale's Books


The Power of Positive Thinking


4.0 out of 5 stars Spiritual Solutions for Stressful Situations, July 5, 2009

If you read a lot of modern self-help books you will have very likely come across the thought that you can create your reality by tapping into a universal intelligence. When you read books written over fifty years ago you may actually find the author suggesting that you tap into the power of God by memorizing scripture verses from the Bible.

In "The Power of Positive Thinking," Norman Vincent Peale has one main message no matter what problem you are trying to overcome. His ideas go beyond positive affirmations. He believes that you can solve your problems by relying on God and through reading positive scripture verses.

Norman Vincent Peale shows how the level of energy of the body is determined by emotions which are in turn caused by our thought life. So he spends quite a great deal of time dealing with negative thoughts. This book is really a series of case studies which illustrate the main principles of biblical positive thinking.

I thought the step-by-step approach to dealing with anger was helpful. Then there is a section on how to have a peaceful mind. If you feel defeated or worry a lot there are some practical suggestions. There is even a section on how to heal the body from disease by visualization. If you can't sleep then you will be helped by the section on insomnia. From my own experience prayer can even help you get to sleep better at night

The main focus of this book is to restore the reader to a place of improved mental and physical health. Norman Vincent Peale presents spiritual solutions for stressful situations. No matter how negative your feelings are there is hope if you believe you can change your situation with God's help.

Yes, this book may annoy agnostics and atheists or anyone who believes in a different religion. This book seems to have been mostly written for Christians or for anyone open to the idea of believing in the biblical God and Jesus.

Even Christians may have a difficult time with this book especially if they have been reading many of the New Age books on the market that claim we are divine and can change our reality with our thoughts. This book does talk about a higher power but it definitely indicates that this is God not just a universal intelligence. If you want to take this book seriously be willing to pray and be open to memorizing scripture.

~The Rebecca Review


The Positive Power of Jesus Christ


5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Stories of Spiritual and Physical Transformation, May 25, 2017

When you read one of Norman Vincent Peale's books you may feel compelled to read another and another as I've done recently. This is the third book I've read and it is one of the best so far. This book is about the positive and life changing power of Jesus Christ when you accept him into your life as your guide and savior. This book is filled with stories of people who were struggling with either psychological issues or physical issues. Those who used the power of Jesus to heal themselves also came to enjoy a life of peace and joy. There were some very hopeless cases that will amaze.

Some of the stories come to Norman Vincent Peale through letters he shares in the book. People were sure good writers back in his day. There was a genuineness to their writing that few take time to express these days with tweets, email and Facebook. Long gone is the letter written and put in the mail and I think we need to read letters like that even in our hurried times.

If you have an indomitable spirit and still have issues to deal with, this book gives clues and direction on how to turn your life around for the better. Norman Vincent Peale was not only a pastor but saw deeply into the souls of his church members to help heal soul sickness.

This book also includes some marriage advice and a story of a faith healing. Norman Vincent Peale believed in a supernatural God who could heal soul, mind and body. This is one of the essential books to read if you are ill, depressed, lacking energy or generally not feeling up to the task of life. This books holds the secrets to life's problems. I also encourage you to read The Power of Positive Thinking which goes much more into detail about how to salvage your life and be successful.

~The Rebecca Review



Discovering the Power of Positive Thinking


5.0 out of 5 stars How to Develop Yourself as a Positive Thinker, June 11, 2017

If you want to experience Norman Vincent Peale's influential writing in a new way this is a good option. Part 1 is written by Norman and Part 2 is written by Norman's wife, Ruth. To be honest she is even a better writer than her husband and provides a lot of practical advice while also telling some interesting stories. This book seems to have been put together after Norman's passing from this life.

Throughout the book there are also motivational quotes by other people. The point the book makes is that you can control your thoughts and by doing so you can become more successful at everything. The power of God is also emphasized. By reading this book you will learn how to deal with critics and also how to forgive.

This is a perfect book to give as a gift as it is like a book of wisdom passed down through generations.

This book made me think that your highest spiritual achievement will be when you finally let God be God and give him your life, in total surrender.
So many people are happy because they follow the principles in this book, it can't be wrong. The fact that positive thinking can change your life for the better with God's help is undeniable.

~The Rebecca Review


The True Joy of Positive Living


5.0 out of 5 stars A Book that will make you Laugh and Cry, May 21, 2017

If you have read The Power of Positive Thinking or any other book by Norman Vincent Peale (1898-1993) you may have had your life changed by one of the most positive people in the world. I'm convinced that any book by Norman Vincent Peale is going to be one of the best books I've ever read. I do not say this lightly. This book however is his autobiography and it is excellent. It really gives you a full view of the man's life and work and explains his commitment to the betterment of lives.

This book is filled with interesting stories of Norman Vincent Peale's life and he really knows how to tell a wonderful tale. I liked that he included things he wise father taught him. I also loved the memories of his mother. I don't think anyone has ever described their mother quite so poetically.
One story made me laugh with delight as his mother was so witty. Next he tells a sad story that will have you close to tears. He definitely did inherit his mother's talent for telling stories.

What makes this book so good is the author's photographic memory. He remembers moments in great detail which makes the reading very exciting and like a movie playing in your head.

Norman Vincent Peale also knew a lot of famous people and has nice things to say about Billy Graham, Jesse Owens, Colonel Sanders, Lucille Ball, Dale Carnegie and others. He focuses on positive things about them which is nice and the highlights are the verbal exchanges which are at times quite humorous. His discussion of President Eisenhower was very interesting.

I don't think anyone I've ever read about besides Eleanor Roosevelt had such an interesting life meeting so many people of influence. It is really amazing how a shy boy from a small town became a dynamic preacher and speaker. While he is long gone on to the eternal world his books still provide insight into the good old days and times when men and women had a deep commitment to God and country. I just rarely read about people with as much conviction as the people in his stories have.

So if you are looking for a pleasant read down memory lane, this is perfect. I really enjoyed it and hope more of Norman Vincent Peale's fans will find this book and discover what his world was like. It is never too late to discover a autobiography like this. Some of the supernatural things that happened in his life will also amaze.

~The Rebecca Review


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