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My Big Fat Greek Wedding


My Big Fat Greek Wedding


5 Stars =    Are you pragmatic or romantic? This might be the test.

Reviewer: The Rebecca Review

When every second person you meet asks you if you have seen a movie, you start to really wish they would release the movie on DVD sooner.

Finally I was able to view a movie everyone I know has been telling me to see. EVEN people I don't know, like those in the line at the grocery store. Yes.

The absolute enthusiasm is like nothing I’ve seen in a long time. I mean, strangers are asking me if I’ve seen this movie.

Firstly, I think this movie is very popular because it presents a woman who is not a “pencil-thin waif” in the role of a romantic. She really is a woman we can all relate to. She has hips, she breaks out AND everyone in her family wants to know when she is going to get married and have kids. Hello, hello, hello reality. This is REAL.

Any woman who has planned a wedding and actually gone through with it without going half insane, will completely relate to Toula. No matter her age. This movie has those universal themes in it all woman can relate to. And then we have Ian (John Corbett) who could turn any woman into a complete mute in his presence. Which is what happens when Toula and Ian first meet.


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Then, to top this all off. Ian not only does everything he can to please Toula, he says everything she NEEDS to hear. The fact is, she doesn’t have to ask. This man really, really loves Toula. He is a woman’s most romantic fantasy.

So, if woman are running up to you asking you why you haven’t seen this movie or bought your own copy, that is my take on WHY.

This is one of those sweet and almost innocent movies that doesn’t focus on sex scenes and all you will see is some kissing and a brief scene that is rather cute and funny when Toula “attacks” Ian. This movie gets right to the heart of the matter and deals with romance, family situations and love.

The plot is relatively simple because basically this is a very short and relatively uncomplicated courtship. This is a story told by Toula and therefore it takes on a “diary” feel.

I thought Toula changed a bit too fast from “mousy-hide-behind-counter” girl to “I’m-so-here” girl (scenes got cut??), but apart from that, Nia Vardalos is a very likeable actress who captured the innocence of Toula. I’m not sure how Ian turned out to be quite so wonderful with the type of parents they portray. I’d like to see parents portrayed in a different way than is recently acceptable. The “we-are-so-not-here-and-stare-into-space” parents are so not fun to watch onscreen.

How would a wonderful man like Ian be produced by “those” two parents? Sorry, not going to happen in my mind. I think they made his parents far too insecure and unintelligent. I’m sorry to say but the Greek family was not “that” different than any other family. It was like Ian’s family had never left the house or met anyone of another culture in our multicultural society.

I think I laughed three or four times (where they keep making poor Ian say things in Greek he has no idea he is saying), but this was not a ROFLOL funny type movie. There are some serious issues they address well and other’s they ignore.

I mean, would you not want to first study up on a certain religion before being baptized into a completely new religion?

It was like watching a “dating show” in some way and like “remembering” your own wedding in other ways.

Hey, even if this was over hyped, it was worth watching to see John Corbett in a role of a completely romantic guy.

Listen up guys out there. This is what will drive a woman wild. lol

What woman would NOT DIE to have a man ask her father if he could ask her out. Let alone make an effort to fit into her family life and adjust to a completely new religion.

They are on to something here, but this movie should have had a more complicated plot, not to mention a longer period of time between “mousy” to “I’m-so-here” girl.

Overall, I loved it and can see why almost everyone does. If movies are at least moving in this direction there may be some hope for 2003-2004. Just wondering: “Did sales for Windex triple?”

They should have really played up the “Greek Food” aspects in this movie. They barely show you anything and had a great opportunity to promote Greek food, which is some of the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted.

I grew up with Greek friends and my parents learned how to make lamb on the spit and let me tell you, it is delicious beyond all expectations. Also, pass the Baklava, please. It does seem Ian loves Greek food, which is what gives us a hint at the start that he will fit in perfectly. Plus, he has such a laid back “I’m-so-in control-of-this-situation” attitude. It is just divine.

Basic Plot:

Girl sees Boy
Boy sees Girl but she is mousy.
Girl becomes goddess of desire and intellectual princess of travel.
Man sees Girl and remembers her for inner charm.
Girl tries to hide from Boy knowing family will never approve of dashing hunk who is not Greek.
Boy takes all in stride and conquers all in path on way to sweeping girl off feet.
Girl is stunned, amazed and impressed and how could she not be?

If you are a hopeless romantic, you will probably love it.
If your pragmatic nature has gotten a hold of you, you probably won’t.


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