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Moonflower Dreams

Poems of Reflection

by Rebecca, M.Ed.






To my guiding light

My eyes like two moons
gaze into your night
unveiled in purity

Art and Poems Copyright 2006












Welcome to my poetry page: 

When gazing into memory, poems will often pounce on me, demanding they be written down. Now and then a moment will inspire me, but often I write poems as they emerge after silence.

Most of my poems arrive without warning and will slip into my mind as the first sentence. I then follow the images, mirroring what I see in words.  

One of my first introductions to my inner world was an image of a caged bird floating on waves in a storm. This was surprisingly dark for my early innocent years of writing and yet now I realize how the inner world expands over time.

If you would like to know what inspired these poems, I have also included explanations. At times I am inspired by a movie, a friend's relationship, inner visions, my own experiences, the depth of emotion I feel and images presented to me as visualizations of emotion. Water images are very prevalent in my poems. 

The watercolor art was created on November 9, 2006 when I suddenly decided to take pictures of a modern art project I was working on one night. 

Warmest Wishes,











In lives of longing
 life leads me through realms
of darkness and beauty

Each lifetime
alive in a different light

Time’s face
traveling across my mind
in shadows

Unending rebirth in one life
recreating sandcastles

Existence smoothing my soul
 with velvet gloves

 Purity becoming a pathway
to possibility

Realizing even obsidian strength
washes away in time’s inevitability



Samsara is the endless cycle of death and rebirth. 
Obsidian is a dark volcanic rock composed of 
small crystals, making it smooth as glass.









Sacred life
Pure dreams
Deep water
Soothed in laughter
Journey of spirit
Heart opening
Reason to love
Creating beyond axiom
Chaos to awaken
Stripped of strongholds
Painful rebirth
Free to struggle



The advice you receive from a spiritual teacher gently shapes your life. When you are ready, this type of person spontaneously appears and guides you towards your destiny.  







Lone Wolf

Dangerous game in perplexity
Muzzled reticence

 Revoking reality

Opposite worlds
Shangri-la disappearing

Missing warmth
Memories of quiescent comfort

Longing for solicitous safety
 in your familiar fatality


Missing what once was…







Sweet Silence

He used to talk fast,

Never stopping to listen

But now he tempers my soul with silence

There are moments I feel his energy
as if he is inviting me deeper

We laugh,
he is telling me one of his stories

”Did I tell you this before?”
he always asks

“No,” I say smiling…
Only wanting to hear his voice, forever

Speaking in places
my soul wants to live



Having someone listen to you is perhaps one of 
the most healing ways to move from darkness 
to light. It makes life worth living when you 
know you have someone who is not only 
hearing your words, but sees who you truly are.





in your ways

You neglect to call me

for days

Then for a week

you change your mind

and call me

almost all the time

Why is it,

we never run out 

of anything to say?

What delicious thought

makes you change your way?

What is the magic

of your mind and mine

and how we connect

time after time?

I think you

    are sublime…











Over the meadows
sleep waits

You notice silence
hold your breath

Wake competes
for thoughts of rest




For a day, I’d like to be a raindrop
Which falls lightly from the sky
Into a rushing river
With salmon swimming by

I would go rushing through the mountains
Along the rivers twists and turns
To spring up from a fountain
or be poured out from an urn

I’d travel through the earth
To root and leaf then flower
Giving plants their birth
My reward a crimson flower

I would again wish to be a raindrop
To be high up in the sky
Then fall lightly to a tree top
And watch the birds fly by



Originally inspired by a movie and written for my nieces as a gift, it was then published in Tides of Memory in 2000.  My first real poem that appeared spontaneously and was my first meeting with my muse on a level I could relate to. I changed a few lines to make it flow more smoothly.



Meesa is a poem on paws
Fur glistening, four paws dancing

Meesa is a poem on paws
that purrs, pounces and prowls

A poem of sleepy naps
and white whiskers


Meesa kitten is always with me when I’m writing, 
usually fast asleep, bringing calm to my life.

We are constant companions when I’m home 
and she is a poem in motion.
Always a surprise, 
a comfort and a true joy. Her excitement for life 
is inspirational but she also appreciates silence.








You are sweet at first like cinnamon
and spicy too

Your wit can bite and linger
Tingle on my tongue

Sweet memory of your voice

Scents my soul
 with cinnamon


A conversation that challenges my mind. 
Like a tongue tingling with cinnamon, 
my mind wants to also present a witty challenge. 
Later, the memory of a fight makes me smile.




     I miss you from the depths
     of my soul

A primordial cry
for conclusion

     Water emptying 
from an infinite well




I often wonder how to describe the feeling of loss.
An endless well is the feeling I experience.








Read to Me

Read to me the way my father did
when I leaned against his chest
His heartbeat ever present
I felt I could finally rest

You hold me in your reading
like a father would a child
I love you so very deeply
You take away my wild

Calm me when you read to me
Nurture me with tone
Call and sometimes read
only to me, alone



I miss the days when my father would read 
me books as I fell asleep. One of my friends
loves to read me chapters from 
favorite books...




I woke you as a child
crying from my sleep

Now your cough is a cry
for life, waking me from mine

This battle with your heart
an unending desire to live

Long road to recovery
determined by your strength

Vulnerable like a child

I hold your hand, still strong

The hand I held as a child
Now I am your strength

We are souls taking care of each other
in random sequences of events

You created me
and now I create love for you

Slowly you will one day
slip from my hands

and meet me again 
in eternity

Where we will both be children
wandering in the peace of God


Thinking about the cycles of life
and about moving from death
into a new life in eternity.









Word Worlds

A multicolored world
awaits on four wooden shelves

Mind paradise
Soul escapes

Journeys into author’s minds
Books awaiting individual attention

Words in which to lose yourself
Life changing sentences

Like an author breathing
through my soul

A mingling of minds
A rush of words

Inspiration set afire
by a language connection



My “to read” bookshelf is eternally filled with many unread books. Some of them sent to me by authors and publishers, quite a few found at Amazon.com in my endless quest for a delicious read. I have found a few books at old bookstores 
that carry with them the fragrance 
of a many souls.

Books are life experience and journeys into the unknown. I live in a world where the next book could change my life.

Normally books will tell me when they want 
to be read and I follow their lead. They almost 
jump off the shelf at times when I’m in a bookstore. 
This has happened more than once. The book that 
falls on the floor is normally the one I’m supposed 
to read. I am always looking for books to 
inspire and change the world for good. 









Lost in metaphysical metamorphosis

Hidden within

On the other side of the mirror

With our backs to each other
I read your mind

My only premonition
before you disappeared
Into your stygian moods

on the mirror
of my mind



Unfulfilled expectations...  









Cinnamon and cocoa beans
warm scent infusion

Smooth cream perfection
Midnight mind expansion

Serotonin serendipity
poems me into sequestered words

Yin Yang kiss

Swirling vanilla
Precarious dreams


Imminent illumination



Images inspired by chocolate and
a friend who inspires me. His father 
inspired the next poem with a thought
about taking a bubble bath instead
of getting stressed out about life.


Bubble Bath

Turquoise mystery
Opalescent bubbles

Scent lingers in the air
Water splashing over painted toes

Sinking into the soothing warm
Soul comfort misplaces cares

Troubles dissolved 
Sinking down the drain

The wisdom of silence
Bliss of Escape

Liquid remedy
Immersion in solitude













You said you were calling
                           The phone didn’t ring

Trapped in my anticipation
               no heart embrocation



           by the knowledge

You were helping a friend



Failed expectations due to life’s complexity but
understanding was inevitable.










Dedicated / Energetic / Fun

Good / Human / Intelligent / Jester

Kind / Loving / Manly / Nurturing / Open / Productive

Quick / Real / Stable /Tenacious / Uncomplicated / Virile

 Zest of my life



A description of a person I love...









Four lonely candles flicker
in a lime green glowing gloss

Once indoors
A flowerpot shimmers

Casting a lustrous radiance
against the cream wall

Night reading
on the deck

Light in my lantern
Citronella love

You keep me safe 
from night danger

The heat on my face diminishes
Blowing out the candles

One by one, sad for the smoke

Tomorrow I will light new candles

Travel to new worlds in a book 
you sent me

I blow out the lantern last
Missing the heat...



Missing connection between souls, the fire that 
burns brightly in creativity. I was sitting on my deck 
late at night and noticed the green glow inside the flowerpot. The shimmering light was truly beautiful 
and the citronella candles kept me safe from harm 
in the middle of the night and reminded me 
of the glow of love inside a heart. I missed the light from the candles the way I missed the friend who sent me the book. Heat here is the spontaneous creative power two minds 
can harness to inspire life. 








Soft Sheets

I slip into the soft sheets
of “I love you”
and fall asleep



The image of sheets being “I love you” presents the comforting feeling of love as if the feeling was summer-scented 
sheets on a warm night.








Savage wild landscapes
flash across an awakening sky at sunset
Trampling dry veldt eating kumquats
underneath Protea trees in bloom

Sunsets awaken to the lion’s roar
Colors ecstatic, light infused with red soil

We follow pathways from the past
swimming naked in my oceans
Sands where once I rolled myself in shells
Waves breaking roughly in passion

Awaken with me in primal lands
Travel across my mind in an awakening sunrise

Slip through me in silvery danger
Fly in cirrocumulus vibrations

Catch the rain from my thunderstorm
in your protean love



Kumquats have a sweet rind and a surprising 
sweet-sour flavor that is shocking and delicious. They are little orange jewels that look like grapes and are a member of the citrus family. 
There was a beach we called sandpaper beach where the shells were broken and would mingle with the sand. The sea would passionately roll you in shells.

Swimming naked presents vulnerability. 
The protea was named after the sea god “Proteus” 
who was able to change shape at will. 
Protean means taking many forms.










what we desire

that we get

what we want

when we give

It is often

to light the fire

We all have needs





When giving what we want, we often receive 
more than we originally could have imagined.
The irony of life’s undercurrents 
and spiritual possibilities. Read
the poem upside down.



Vagrant hearts

Souls dissolving
into blank stares

callous resurrections
vagrant hearts
broken again
with barbed inflection

thoughtless words
resurgent disregard
buried again

beneath shells

reflective hearts

for love’s ocean
to pour satisfaction

into emptiness

never realizing
we are all oceans
washing over
each other

in peace
or destruction


Living a closed life waiting for love 
instead of giving love. Feeling lost without 
a connection of the heart. 








God is the happiness I feel in the sunshine

          The ever-present light in night

The shimmer of hope on a pool of sorrow

          Rain on my face

                               A downpour of joy



How I feel about God who often feels 
like love flowing through us. We feel 
one with happiness.



Precious Jade

All beauty created
dies eventually

For greatness has immediacy

Just kindness

Loving moments

not opportunity

Questioning reality’s

Tentative unveiled





Finding what is precious within a material world. 
Ziraleet is an expression of joy. Yù is precious jade 
and I make a play on the word “You” to say that a 
person is more important than their material possessions. The word also implies purity or a treasure.

Jade is a mystical gemstone that represents serenity,
wisdom and balance. Ziraleet is like the joy of discovering you are an eternal soul (true immortality), the cry of happiness from within, an awakening to beauty.

Xerophobous is like the inability to survive 
without water. In this poem a thirsting for 
spiritual water.









Spiritual teachers tell us we are love
when we realize our true nature

We find our way

to the greatest happiness in life
through giving

Jesus gave us heaven
with His life

One thought
a life purpose

The other
eternal security




Giving brings more happiness than receiving. 
Our gift to the world, love.









Instead of rejecting

          we could practice

a little accepting  

Knit together the wounds of life
end the eternal strife

Instead of rejecting
we could practice

a little accepting



Often we reject what can heal us. 
Loving someone who is different can be 
especially enlivening and bring new beauty to our world.

Some of the best moments in my life have been 
when I recognized beauty in another soul 
and they expressed their appreciation. 




One of the greatest joys
you can give to another human being
is to celebrate his or her soul
and to reveal his or her perfection
with heartfelt words 




The years don't end our life
as fast as the poisonous vines
of negative thought
pulling us down to the grave







Slipping into the silence

Cloudless night sky

Falling into luminous mystery

Floating on memories of you

when the world is still

Vast expanse of our rainforest love

Sweep across my rooftop capturing

my thoughts in pinpricks of light

Vespertine mystery

softens wilder inclinations

into sleepy susurration

Your allure makes disregard




A spontaneous thought about a person who 
inspires me and shares my visions and dreams 
even when shattering one existence to propel 
me into a vast expansive mystery. 
Susurration is a 
soft whisper.
Vespertine implies an evening 
stillness expanding into the dark of night. 








Visualization Discovery

Internal landscapes cycling
created through visualization

Clues of contemplation
leading me to future dreams

Realizing through a world
of beautiful possibility

Time takes hold of my imagination
and spins me into awakening

A mist of moments
Imminent change

Swimming in a river of words
Connecting with spirit

Lotus flowers morphing
into miraculous light

Shimmering butterfly
Flying to freedom

Once a mermaid swimming through complexity
Now emerging, ever-changing creation

Traveling towards mountains
never before reached through effort

Imagination’s power soaring the soul
through transitional forests

Drinking the life of love
Refreshed by inner intuition

Still wearing a gold heart dripping with rain
Expecting the inexplicable

Seduced back into wonder
Sustenance inevitable

Worlds of the mind
Connecting with the soul




One of my most enjoyable experiences with guided visualization helped me to discover what could be in my future and what was important to me as a soul evolving through life’s ever-changing miracle.

During the visualization I had images of spinning clocks, bicycles, mermaids, pots of steam that turned into coins, a beautiful lotus flower that turned into a candelabrum, a ring with a live butterfly as the gem or sitting on the ring, a forest and a sunrise, an ocean with a mermaid and water pouring down from the heavens like a waterfall. 







Hunting for myself
under the cold cobalt sky

Swirling behind stark forests
lime green powder
rises in a mist

Wolves wander in sapphire snow
where pale yellow flowers bloom

splits me in two

as I meet myself
in the eyes of a wolf

Whisper me awake
against a darkening world

I am leaves
falling from the sky









Dancing in dreams
of darkness

Ever seeking
the light of love

in pale shadows
                 of memory

We are all mosaics
 of our experience                                    

The broken shards
even beautiful

glued together into a life
held together

by moments of completion





You mold me like clay
in your warm hands

Make me into a cup
from which you will drink

for your pleasure

Infuse me with your laughter

Keep me safe

Throw me into a spin
swirl me in words

Paint me in the

mazarine moments of you…



The image of another person molding you into a cup
from which they can drink can seem sensual, but it 
is also about creation. The creation of who you are
becoming. When you are told a part of you needs to change so you will be more able to pour love out into the world, then it can feel like you are being molded and shaped. Wanting to be like someone who you love is like being painted in the colors of their personality or character. Clay can be fragile and beautiful. Mazarine is a dark blue.








Remembering my life through your memories
A lazy buzzing of bees

Sticky sweet peaches beneath laden trees
Almonds swirling in cream

Stirring in silky peaches to make ice cream
Another week frozen

Until we melt
into one another’s minds

Where I will feed you my memories
and softly taste yours



As a teenager I would make peach ice cream from the peaches in the backyard. I once told a friend about the experience of making my own ice cream. 
There is an emotional beauty in these memories.



When you decide not to send me perfume
I wonder if you realize
how the sound of your voice
shivers across my skin in moonbeams

Or I wonder if you could capture my radiance
and measure the luminosity your soul creates

Would it cause you to retreat into silence?

If you knew
that you fill the hollow spaces
in my soul

with your perfume



In this poem, the sound of a voice creates such 
beauty, it is as if the person hearing the 
voice radiates from the happiness.








Our conversation attempts
to culminate in whispers

The love I feel forced undone

Too painful to release you
back into your world

I laugh so rain won’t fall
distracting myself from the storm

How many hours could I bask endlessly
in your appreciation for beauty?

I release you into my unknown
Too broken to contain your love

Broken by all who never
talk of love

The beauty you pour into me
held within this vessel
by your invisible hands

seems to seep out in sadness
when you leave

These shards of clay are grace to you
                      You are at times life itself to me

High above your moonlit street you sleep
         I am here thinking of you…

How can you express your deepest love for life

          and not expect my deepest soul

                                                     to burst into




This poem embodies the “missing you” feeling. 
It also tells the story of how expressing your love 
for life can cause wildflowers of happiness to 
burst within another soul. The appreciation 
for beauty is a gift to the world. 




Do you realize?

You have entrusted me with your life

In your search for love
you have recklessly thrown yourself to me

Thirsting to taste sacred love
I threw myself to you

In my search for love
I have entrusted you with my life

Do you realize?



What would happen if you decided to love someone unconditionally? Would you experience greater sorrow or more love? There is a danger or reckless beauty in this experience. Unconditional love is sacred. 


Sienna Heart

Dreaming of ancient mysteries

Your light filters

              through my stained-glass windows

Long forgotten dreams

              in ragged rocks

                         and warm sands

Searching for you across barren landscapes

Burnt sienna

           shimmering in sunlight

Never imagining drinking from your lips
ancient words

               caressing my soul like silk

Residing in your intoxicating experience
leading me through subtle moods

I find you between the world and heaven

Let me drink

             from the fountain of your lips

Cleanse my soul in your purity

    My oasis



Inspired by images from the Sahara desert, my heart like the dry sand glows in his sunlight. The first image presents the relationship as holy and the water enhances the image of purity. Drinking from someone’s lips gives a sense of the soul-quenching quality of words. 









You sculpt ideas
      from fertile soil

Long tilled land
watered by our words

Flowers grow
even if we disagree


When you talk about ideas for years, they can 
come to fruition in another person’s mind and life. 
You may disagree one day, but the next find you 
are doing exactly what you said you 
would not agree to do.

There is a process of sowing the seeds of thought 
and then watching the ideas grow and mature. 
You may be more open to ideas over time.









    Your love echoes

                inside me

until the darkness
                      of my soul’s caves
radiate light

You burst me

                       into happiness

The end of my darkness
            begins with your light

Your love echoes
Inside me



When filled with love there can be no darkness. 



Moonflower Dreams

You are a dream of me
and I a dream of you

Together we are woven on a vine
A purity of two

A dream of me you hold
I hold a dream of you

Together we could be a dream
of honest love come true









Hungry Love

You will never be led on a leash of love
into careless caress

How could I love you in shallow sympathy
when you are beyond temporal to me?

Without your care
I am a soul in a sea of hungry love
devouring my life without satisfaction

Even as anger breaks across me
in thoughts of destruction

I know how willingly I would
dissolve into your strength

Wearing your thoughts
in naked beauty

I will paint the colors of your heart
within the walls of mine

Barely breathing in sharp stilted love

others wander aimlessly outside
wanting what you so easily possess

You walk so short a distance
between our hearts as if none exists

With your care
I am a soul on your ship
in a sea of hungry love





Almost lost
Slipping into stillness
Sending a prayer to God
all night
to save you from your mind
unending fear

You almost lost yourself
Slipping away into danger
You didn’t call
Didn’t care
For a week you were unaware

You had to go that low
to awaken into beauty
A brush with death

awakened you to life

Joy birthed
from the depths of sadness
The first time I was happy
you were unsuccessful







Fallen Leaves

You are the leaves

of a Japanese Maple in the Fall

How I want to gather you

into a huge mountain

and sink into your comfort
lost within

Your mind is the depths of oceans
How I love to search for shells

Collecting your words
Like gifts to treasure

Your face

like a ghost from the past

How I love to be haunted
by your smile











When I have fears
our friendship will end

Before the dark days of life approach
Before books are read to completion

You remind me in a reproach
To look at the night of life
To see the light of love

And remember
there will be a trace

The shadows
of existence

Captured on pools of reflection
Shimmering silver blue

Our love floating
across the night



The shadows of the friendships existence 
on the water, where you can still 
swim in memory when you are older.



Moonbeam Moths

Lakes shiver beneath the night sky
as moonbeam moths float in 
on a cool evening breeze

Fluttering over landscapes of pine
Seeing their path before them in mirrors of moon

Creamy wings now iridescent glitter
landing softly on swaying moon flowers

Paled by the veil of night
they take flight again before the moon

The moonbeam moths in dizzy anticipation 
Fly endlessly into the mystery of darkness

A tiny moth kisses my arm
and laughing
I think of you!



A long time ago, while sitting out under the night sky I was waiting for a friend to call me after dinner and a tiny moth landed on my arm. For some reason, the friend had been having trouble with moths and I laughed because it was like the little moth was sending me a message or a thought from a friend. I went inside and suddenly I wrote this poem, even before I knew about moonflowers. Now 
I grow moonflowers on my deck. 







Crushed Velour

I opened my heart like a lonely child
and you slipped inside

Rearranging the furniture
sitting in my favorite chair
sipping tea, almost unaware

You looked at me and said
”Rebecca, mine”
as if you’d known me
all this time

I remember what you were wearing
when you found the cedar door
how you brushed by me
in crushed velour

I knew you would return again
in magenta silk or satin

With a jar of lavender honey
and rose petal tea

The faint fragrance of flowers
mingling with our breath

And life was less lonely
when you laughed

I opened my heart like a lonely child
and you slipped inside



Plum Blossom

Like a plum blossom in silence
So still, a reflection in your watery world

Place me in your long flowing hair
let me wander in your reflection’s stare

Flow through worlds of rustling silk
Trying on ideas like soft lotus blossoms

Petals clinging to your skin you emerge
refreshed and renewed by beauty

I have fallen in love with the idea of you
and you have disappeared

So willing was I to save treasured thoughts of you
in the shattered drawers of my soul

Your silence a mystery
within temporal conclusion

Cold, I wait for your warmth
on hallowed ground

You once ran
through the forest of my mind, laughing
Plum juice dripping from your lips

Now crushed petals perfume your feet
The scent of plum blossoms
still mingles in memory

I am discontent in my longing
I wished for you to stay

Weary of barren trees
and muddy pools of melted snow

If only for an instant
I blossomed in pink petals

Now my branches heavy with new snow
await the summer

When your river will rush past me
taking blossoms of my thoughts

to worlds only you know
and can imagine



In this poem there is an image of a woman who takes
 various forms in nature. She is at first a river on which a blossom floats and then turns into a woman looking at her reflection in the river.
As she changes forms, she then becomes silent and cold, like the starkness of winter and this contrasts with the abundance of summer. She seems to represent the hope of friendship after a long winter of adversity. She promises the sweetness of spring as she disappears into summer. I am rooted and grounded and can’t move into the river, but blossoms of my thoughts float with her life.




Angel of aromatherapy
unearthing memories of apple trees

Cold apples sitting out on the porch
warm pies with ice cream

Misty mirrored sensuality in your heart
breathing a moment through me

You reflect a vivid world
a lifelong affaire with words

A world I’ve visited in my dreams
you know it too well, lavender mystery

Expansion of a secluded life
shared through poetry

Wearing your perfume on my wrists
Floating in a cloud of your sensual world

Sweet innocent dream

Disentangling yourself from me
you run to duty

Missing your opulent words
worth more than the air we breathe

Tracing your writing with my fingertips









Swirling in music
you hold me in light

Between us only sound

Your music entering my soul
in notes, passionate revelations

Sharing your heart
a body never known

We connect

It is enough

Sweet Soul I love




Invisible light
flowing through me
in sublime energy

Tasting the sweet honey

of your supreme moments

Listening to exquisite perfection


to have been

Everywhere with you

To places your soul soared
in notes born of divine revelation

Such deep wishing
to share
with you

Everything you



Loved by your soul
in silky sways of sound

Imagining falling
into notes

Captured between revelations

Slip into stillness
no notes between us

Only the sound of your heart
mingling with mine

Play the music
of our souls

all at once

with only
the instruments
of the invisible 








My body once fell apart
from the lack of your touch

Held together by pills
and small grains of pleasure

Castles shaking in silence
Sweeping waves unraveling

Carefully placed considerations

Grain by grain, the sands
of me fall into you

Deep ocean
of my pleasure

Sucking my soul from safe
I die into you

Safe in your danger


The body like a fortress on the exterior, 
internally in emotional conflict.




Love's vast expanse
whispering, whispering

Slipping of soul
form forgotten
kept on ice
frozen, frozen

Playing in worlds of mind
thoughts waiting for spring
thawing, thawing

Now in the summer
flowers slowly coming to life
fires of your words
burning, burning

Long lost memories flickering
Crisp clear beauty
melting, melting

A heart too warm
for disregard
beating, beating

Windswept land
leaving, leaving











Mirror moon
how you must wish
for the melting of ice

Rivers to cascade
over your dry lunar soul

So lonely, incomplete
only the reflection of sun

Mirror moon

Wordless ecstasy

I drink your light
Warm again



Sea Star

Silent wisps of scent infusion
my heart evaporating

Warm oil
at the touch of your mind

Traversing terrains
of experience
Glowing star
fallen within my sea

Appreciating the warm inspiration

Never possessing the presence



Inspired by a beautiful gift. A candle glows 
within blue glass making me think of a star fallen 
within a sea or the warm glow of inspiration. 
Wisps of smoke rise from the heated oil. 




Night Blossoms

You once kissed me awake in a dream
purring me to life with your lips

Now imagining your presence
shadowed like night blossoms

Standing by the window
in moonlit radiance

Desires to slip away in the dead of night
Raindrops splatter in discontent

Time lost between moments
Overwhelming love to give

No way to reach your depths
Frustration overflows

Waterfall love
tumbling into my plunge pool

Melting me into laughter
You make me forget my tears








Licking the vanilla icing
off his finger
the sweet taste mingling
with the saltiness
of his skin
and the faint memory
of toasted coconut








My muse arrives on kitten steps
playfully pouncing
ferocious imaginings

Tame her
Tame her

She breaks me open in words
Life like rivers from my core
melts me into sentences

Don’t tell
Don’t tell

”Why?” she asks, 

Purring forever


Uncovering Me



My muse is playful and insistent. She has no patience 
for me to run for a pen.She demands complete 
attention. She unveils me. She links me to the 
flow of the river of creativity. 
She purrs through the pen.




With one look
I became a waterfall
an endless merging
of water and rock
splashing against you
slipping through spaces
melting stone
into lucid dreams 
and liquid love







We are the same heart
living in two spaces

Forever appearing
in various forms

Too similar
to be opposites

across vast expanses

The natural world
no hindrance

to the connection
of our hearts





I have carved yes
on a million stones
with my fingernails
and bones
Letting them fall
into this ocean
of you
So heavy am I with love
that I sink
drowning in you
no arms could save me
coursing crimson trails merging
in this ocean from shore to the depths
You court my soul with purity
infused with my blood
Your sapphire soul
only reflects our light
Stones bathed in luminescence
I am bled dry
with my love for you


Perhaps inspired by feeling helpless, like a 
Venus de Milo statue sinking into the 
ocean. Water can be a symbol of passion. 
An ocean, overwhelming passion.










Run away with me poet
   you and I

           Laced together, words our threads

   You pattern me
   In your beauty

   Entangled loss
          looms thick in forests of words
                        where once you found God
                        and now death

                             your words still breathing
                             whisper to you softly

                              that poems are still alive

                                a cry from darkness
                      seeking light
              spaces of introspection
                        books piled high on graves

                           Observed comfort
                           hidden disregard

or revelation

   You invite me into your world

   Poet of the past
   Poet of the future
   Poet who will be born

   Creating my future 
                                 of mind

   Listening to your words
             in silent echoes



   I find you sitting solitary
   observing the world 

from painted playgrounds

                 where you reach for words
                                  from walls of concept

                                                    and culmination

   a life processed,

   uncovered, reworded

   Paper shining with glossy glimmers
           pale images of your memory

   Vivid daylight dancing
   Silence and awakening

   I crave the sensuality of longing

   Where our souls will dance between your moments

   Poems infusing me with sweet word kisses
   and the shock of gritty real

                 Pulling me into your danger

                             Softly inviting 

   Run away with me poet
   You and I




Directly inspired by the reading
of The Oxford Book of American Poetry.

The poems span such a great
amount of time, it is as if poems
have been brought back to life
and I am introduced to
the lives of over 200 poets.

"Running Away" implies
not a physical action, but
a situation where I am lost
within the moments
of the poems.











 Thank you for reading

Moonflower Dreams



Comments From Readers


What attracts me to poetry is the feeling of being drawn deeply into a visualization or experience of an emotion or situation by a twist of words and associations outside my ordinary language -- a twist that gently sneaks past my "thinking" preference and speaks directly to my "intuition". One that I can welcome and open to, rather than intellectually defend against. Yours did that often. I started to write the names of some that particularly touched me but the list became too long -- plus all the phrases or verses within poems that were engaging. I came away feeling I had just visited a holy space. Thanks so much for your effort, openness and vulnerability to post these!!! I also appreciated the explanations. 

~ Q. 




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