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Movies with Water/Rain/
Umbrella Themes

Lady in the Water


Otherworldly Mythological Mystery, February 27, 2007

M. Night Shyamalan's Lady in the Water is a place where myth and reality intertwine in a spellbinding story of a sea nymph who holds the future of the world in her eyes. With one look, she will become a muse to a struggling writer played by M. Night Shyamalan himself, who is an amazing actor and I hope he will appear in more of his movies. He has a magical radiating presence that infuses the movie with light.

This is a story of humor and heart and the unlikely hero brings a subtle beauty and kindness to this terror-laced fairytale. The soundtrack keeps you riveted and the wild darkness of the rabid scrunt/hyena is only equaled by the fright you experience as the sprinklers keep going off at odd times.

The misty surroundings, wet grass and evening rain gives the story atmosphere and keeps you wondering about the creatures lurking in the darkness. If you are expecting dark horror with gratuitous gore, you will be disappointed. This is a much more finely crafted movie with elements so beautiful they are difficult to describe. The human drama intertwines with the sea nymph's purposeful intent and as the community works together to solve an overwhelming task, she becomes weaker as the humans must show their best qualities and emotional strength.

If you love movies like Big Fish, the pool in this movie is also center stage. This is where the sea nymph lives in a room below the pool with cracking walls. While Cleveland Heep (Paul Giamatti - who is a natural at physical comedy) fixes garbage disposals and changes light bulbs for tenants, he tries to figure out the fairytale that is about to come true.

For the most part, I found myself laughing at the start and then completely lost in the magic of the story right until the last second. Lady in the Water was everything I had wished it could be after I initially listened to the soundtrack.

~The Rebecca Review




The Umbrellas of Cherbourg


Umbrellas of Cherbourg


5 out of 5 stars An Umbrella Opera, August 20, 2005

Umbrellas of Cherbourg is quite a few levels beyond a musical due to the operatic elements and fairytale sets. The summery pallet of pastel pinks and blues contributes to the childlike wonder and innocence in this romantic classic.

The wallpaper is magnificent and the sets are decorator dreams. The placement of umbrellas throughout the movie creates a magical element and seems to echo the protection Geneviéve (Catherine Deneuve) craves from her true love and how none of us are truly protected from the rains of true love which can drench us in overwhelming desires.

Geneviéve experiences passion with Guy and after one experience becomes pregnant. Her mother handles the situation fairly well, and instead of delving into moral lessons, Jacques Demy focuses on the exaltation of love and a subtle acceptance of life's challenges. He has also beautifully woven kindness and eventuality into the complex human experience.

Do you have a new box of tissues? The score was written to induce a tearful response. Not only does it succeed, it "excels" in this task. The music is dreamy and comforting all while taking you through a very human experience.

Umbrellas of Cherbourg is filled with sweet dreams, snow, rain, fantasy candy-colored sets and difficult decisions which seem to be made more by circumstance and financial considerations.

Camera techniques are blissfully creative and characters wander from room to room in a natural flow of experience. Singing continues throughout, creating one of the most memorable musical experiences in cinema.

~The Rebecca Review


Lippincott Burgundy Silk and Lurex Umbrella



Whispering Waters Moodtape


Instantly Calming, June 5, 2007
Whispering Waters is a series of artistically captured water images designed to soothe the soul and bring instant calm to your day. Shot on location in Yosemite National Park, the scenes are beautifully serene. The natural landscapes are set to an original piano score and the water images range from majestic waterfalls to delicately peaceful streams. As water cascades down sheer walls and one images fades into the next a sense of calm descends on you making this a very relaxing escape when you are in need of solace. Many of the images would only be accessible to the most adventurous hiker so the stunning beauty is eloquently captured as water cascades into hidden pools surrounded by lush vegetation. If you enjoy the Moodtapes, "Serenity" is also a beautiful journey into nature.

~The Rebecca Review


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