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Mixing Bowls


A set of glass mixing bowls and a set of stainless steel bowls will complete
your basic bowl needs. The first set comes with the measuring cups. You may want
a larger bowl for recipes that require mixing with your hands. I like a larger bowl
for making bread dough and large batches of cookie dough. It also works 
well when tossing salads or pasta with butter for dinner parties.


Filled Bowl Art Print



There are times when you need to be able to 
put bowls in the microwave. These work perfectly. 


Pyrex Prepware 7-Piece Mix & Measure Set...



12-quart for larger items like bread dough or double cookie recipes or
anything that just won't fit well into a 5-quart mixing bowl. I like making
cookie dough in a larger bowl because it mixes more easily. 

12-quart Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl



5 quart Mixing Bowl with Handle

5-quart Stainless Mixing Bowl



The little rings on these bowls makes mixing 
much easier especially when using a 
beater to make whipped cream.