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Weekly Workout and Body Control


Weekly Workout & Body Control

5 out of 5 stars Pilates for Beginners or Recovery

Can I first say: “I love Pilates.” I am just at the start of reshaping my body, but already I notice so many changes and my husband also has noticed and likes the fact that I’m talking care of my body and fitting into smaller outfits.

It is fun to go buy smaller clothes after years of trying all sorts of exercise programs and never seeing dramatic results this soon. I have also changed my diet and I think that also helps quite a bit.

Since I started Pilates again this year, I already dropped two sizes and that makes me feel really good about my future. Now I look forward to shopping where before I had started to really dread looking for clothes that would fit well, let alone look cute.

If you have already learned all the Pilates exercises, you might be slightly disappointed when purchasing this workout. This is for beginners and I would recommend this for age 40-60 or for when you want to relax. I am 35 and find this to be more of a “relaxing” workout. There is no stress on your back and this workout literally helps me get to sleep fast. I feel very sleepy and relaxed after doing any of the workouts late at night.

The music sounds like the ocean and you hear waves and subtle tones which lull you into a serene state. The exercises are not done quickly and that makes you feel that you are not getting a good workout. That is what the other reviewers seem to be complaining about.

Really, what happens is you don’t feel stressed doing the workout and then while you are walking around the house, you notice your posture has changed and you feel a deep sense of relaxation and peace. This is what it is all about. This is not an aerobics, get stressed, feel the pain type workout. This is a “feel good” workout. If you want a “faster” workout, I’d recommend “Winsor Pilates” of “Pilates on the Go.” Still, this workout also has its place in the Pilates world.

I think this was created for people who have had injuries or are looking for an exercise program which does not strain the lower back. With that in mind, you will notice a caring attitude through and lots of detailed explanations you won’t find in most workouts.

Lynne Robinson is the world’s top-selling Pilates author and her ability to teach and explain the details shows. She takes her time explaining all the main exercises and the principles behind this method of working out. You really focus on the breathing and positioning.

By the time you have done the Body Control and Weekly Workouts (three sections), you have a new understanding of the basics of this holistic approach to exercise.

The first day I did just the Body Control workout and then the next day I did the entire 75 minutes of the three workouts called: Weekly Workouts. I think anyone in normal health could do all 75 minutes. However, you can just do 25 minutes if you wish. It depends on how fast you want to see results.

Body Control includes: Principles of Pilates, Before you Begin, Relaxation Position, Lengthening away from Strong Center, Knee Circles, Stretch the Ham Strings, Stretching the Hip Flexors, Shoulder Drops, Neck Rolls, Side Rolls, Pillow Squeeze, Spine Curls, Standing at Ease, Floating Shoulders, Pole Raises, Waist Twist, Tennis Ball between Ankles, Roll Downs, Curl Ups, Curl Ups with Towel, Oblique Curl Ups, Static Spine Stretch, Pelvic Roll Backs, Pillow Squeeze, The Star, Diamond Press, Heel Kicks, The Cat, Rest Position, Single Leg Stretch, Double Leg Stretch, Ankle Circle, Stretching Inner Thighs, Feet Mobility, Arm Openings, Relaxation.

Weekly Workout includes: About the Program, Alignment, Centering, Breathing, Workout 1, 2, 3, Relaxation.

Relaxation – includes a few minutes of deep relaxation. Lynne is on a mat surrounded by votive candles. Nice relaxing segment.

Most of the time you will be on a mat flat on your back, but there are also standing exercises and she even uses weights. You will need a mat, small cushions, pillows (so comfy), ankle weights, a scarf, a tennis ball and rolled towel. You don’t really have to have a tennis ball, but it does help with some of the exercises. She also uses a bamboo pole, but you could use an old broomstick. Good thing I had one in the garage.

The exercises are built around the principles of relaxation, co-ordination, alignment, stamina, concentration, centering, breathing and flow of movement. You are working the deep architectural structure of the body and rebalancing your muscles. You will notice the changes in your posture and strength within a few weeks. You will start to feel better after the first session. Your flexibility will increase and you will just start to feel good all over.

I would recommend this particular Pilates workout for:

Anyone who is new to exercise and wants to try pilates.

Anyone who wants to learn some unique moves. There are exercises in this workout I had not seen before, and rather enjoyed.

Anyone recovering from injuries which would not appreciate aerobic type exercises.

Those wishing to prevent and treat osteoporosis.

Those who are under a lot of stress and suffering from tension type headaches.

Anyone who enjoys quite evening workouts to help them wind down into a peaceful calm. This really will knock you out. I mean, it will relax you so much, you will
want to go to sleep.

I don’t recommend this workout for early mornings. I did the second three workouts in the morning and almost couldn’t get going even with a big cup of tea. It is just too relaxing for the morning. Maybe walk on the treadmill in the morning, and do this workout in the evening.

Gentle Controlled Movements for a Relaxing, Simple and Deeply Effective Workout.

~The Rebecca Review



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