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Knives and Boards


To save time, purchase a great set of knives. Then have one board to carve meat, one 
to cut meat before cooking, a smaller vegetable chopping board and a stay-in-one place 
pastry board. You can add a few smaller boards for slicing a lemon or 
chopping just one onion. I prefer to use one board for meats 
and one for vegetables. The polypropylene boards can go

in the dishwasher, unlike most wood boards, so they are

great for meat preparation. 




Henckels Knife Block Set




Catskill Craftsmen Square Wood Chopping...

5 of 5 stars Groovy Board... October 6, 2000 

For chopping vegetables, there is nothing like chopping them with a nice sharp knife on a great wood chopping block. The groove helps to catch the juices from various vegetables, like tomatoes. You might want to consider a polypropylene board with a groove for other vegetables, such as beets! One thing I discovered quite by accident, you can't chop chocolate on a wooden board. It will pick up a strange flavor from the wood. I suggest polypropylene or marble for chopping chocolate. You will want at least two of these great boards. I suggest that you use a separate board for vegetables and use a polypropylene board for meats.



Round Chopping Board


Trudeau 16x12-Inch Polypropylene Cutting...


5 of 5 stars Great for meat preparation! October 6, 2000 

I use my polypropylene board for meat preparation since it is dishwasher safe. I have been known to ruin small wood chopping boards by putting them in the dishwasher. They eventually warp and I have to toss them. So, this saves me money in the long run and makes me feel good as it can be put in the dishwasher.




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