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Sara Ivanhoe Yoga Makeover Weight Loss


Spiritually Cleansing Flowing Routine, August 6, 2006

As you move faster through these exercises, you may feel your body heating and your heart beating a little faster. This is definitely a cardiovascular workout with aesthetic appeal. You have a beach in the background with waves gently lapping at the shore. Sara Ivanhoe exercises on the grass and you feel like you are at the beach.

The deliciously challenging twists were the highlight of this practice session. The Vinyasa sections are exciting and challenging and you move from plank to cobra to down dog. Then she ups the challenge with a flowing series that moves into an upward facing dog.

The active postures make this an invigorating and calorie-burning workout that also strengthens the arms and tones the entire body.

The special features on this DVD include a section where you can select to workout without narration and you can view pictures of the postures.

The 20-minute Yoga routines are very healing and especially fun. If you have 20-40 minutes you can get an excellent workout with added emotional benefits. I always feel spiritually cleansed and physically energized after a Sara Ivanhoe routine. I hope she continues to make more DVDs because I love her positive energy. These 20-minute routines are like Yoga Vacations.

~The Rebecca Review


Sara Ivanhoe Yoga Makeover Sculpted Buns & Thighs


Explore, Balance and Celebrate - Intermediate Workout, August 6, 2006

Sara Ivanhoe's routines are a pure joy to follow and this one is perfect in combination with the 20-minute weight loss routine. The first routine warms you up and this one pushes you just that little bit further so you get the best workout possible. She teaches everyone from Hollywood stars to normal people like me who don't want to go to the gym and prefer working out at home.

This creative routine will sculpt buns and thighs and also cleanse your soul. By focusing on breathing, you nurture every cell in your body. If you have been working out for quite a few years, some of the exercises in this routine can help you figure out if you are intermediate or advanced.

While beginners will still enjoy most of the exercises, intermediate students will enjoy knowing if they can do a back bend (you are kneeling and you lean backwards) and touch their ankles or if they are still working on flexibility. I can tell you that for the last few years I've been trying to touch my ankles and tonight I actually did. It is definitely worth working towards and boosts your self-esteem substantially. There was just this sense of joy when I could finally touch both ankles. All those hundreds of hours of practice suddenly seem worth the effort!

Mountain, Chair and Triangle pose are included as is a Temple Pose with three lovely variations. There are also some excellent outer hip stretches in this 20-minute routine.

What I love most about this DVD is the aesthetically pleasing environment and the highly creative exercises. The mood of Sara's workouts encourages my full participation and I find them especially enjoyable. Do two of her workouts and then go take a long bath with sea salts and essential oils. Life becomes art...

~The Rebecca Review, intermediate






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