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Joseph Campbell & The Power of Myth

Joseph Campbell Power of Myth


5 out of 5 stars An Intellectual Tapestry, October 26, 2004

Follow Your Bliss! ~Joseph Campbell (1904-1987)

Joseph Campbell's mind is beyond fascinating. As you view Bill Moyers trying to understand the absolute intellectual bliss Joseph Campbell is engaged in, you can't help but wonder how anyone could maintain the wealth of knowledge swirling in ecstasy in their mind. Joseph Campbell fits each piece of information into a richly woven spiritual tapestry.

Suddenly life becomes much more simple when the universe is explained in a myth. We all see the similarities of the Hero's Adventure in books and movies, but why is this such a prevalent theme and are we all taking this journey? Joseph Campbell believes we are on our own spiritual journeys in which our consciousness is transformed through trials. If life seems like a struggle to you, then the first section about the Hero's Adventure will explain why we must slay our dragons by overcoming fear and other primal inclinations.

Myths can be clues to spirituality and in all cultures, stories of creation and death encourage an understanding of our beginning and end. But are we really ever in any state other than Eternity itself? Joseph Campbell explains why good and evil are temporal apparitions and explores living life as a poem.

During the taping of these interviews, Joseph Campbell had just purchased a computer and has some interesting observations about his interactions.

In this six-part, six-hour interview style journey, you will learn about the yin/yang symbol, why people sacrifice their ego in marriage, why love is the perfect kindness and how libido can be an impulse to life itself.

Other topics of interest: Star Wars, The Holy Grail, Romantic Love, Nirvana, Inner Mythology, the Virgin Birth, Agricultural Societies and the Goddess, Biblical Complexities, Spiritual Rebirth, Rituals as enactments of myths, the Soul as a Circle, Archetypes, Insight into the Human Psyche, Deep Mystery, Chakras, Mysteries of Creation, Compassion, James Joyce and Epiphanies, Monsters and Dragons, Poetry, Heaven and explanations of Brahma.

If you have any interest in World Religions, this will take you to new levels in your understanding of universal desires, our search for a relationship with God and this may even help you understand your relationship with your life partner. Essential viewing for anyone interested in Myths, Buddhism or Christianity.

When you think that this was recorded two years before Joseph Campbell's death, you cannot help but be amazed at the fluidity of his mind and the way in which he weaves concepts into eternal verbal bliss. He not only explains spiritual concepts, he takes you through amazing myths from Japanese, Native American, Egyptian and Mayan cultures. While he speaks, they present beautiful artwork illustrating the stories. He explains the difference between Amore, Eros and Agape and then explains how we can reach Nirvana by reaching a psychological place where we are unattached to desire and fear.

At times Moyers seems to play with words as well as Joseph Campbell, but then at other times he seems to be asking for more information so the viewer can enjoy the depth of knowledge only an extremely perceptive interviewer could extract. At times he reads myths from one culture and Joseph reads them from another culture. The similarities are astonishing.

The Hero's Adventure
The Message of the Myth
The First Storytellers
Sacrifice and Bliss
Love and the Goddess
Masks of Eternity

Bonus Features: An Art Gallery and Selections from the video Sukhavati. Joseph Campbell narrates beautiful nature scenes. I found my six hour experience to be intellectually exhilarating. Half the fun of life is finding all the puzzle pieces needed to explain your very existence. This DVD set takes you beyond a basic understanding of mythology, it literally presents a pathway you could follow to spiritual bliss. I watched both DVDs in one day and was completely captivated by this intellectual tapestry.

~The Rebecca Review


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