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Think Better Live Better


5.0 out of 5 stars A Powerful Encouraging Message of Hope - You Have a Destiny to Fulfill, May 18, 2017


"The real battle is taking place in your mind." ~ Joel Osteen

A lot of Christians are defeated because of what they let in their minds and Joel Osteen has the message that you should shut out the bad negative thoughts and fill your mind with positive messages from God himself.

Have you ever felt that your thoughts were making you feel physically sick? Thoughts really do have that affect on humans sometimes. It happened to me today and I remembered I had this book sitting in my shopping cart. I was literally feeling nauseous due to some of the thoughts swirling in my head and the decisions I had to make as soon as possible. So I read the Kindle version all in one afternoon and night and I feel great. It was just what I needed to get my heart, mind and soul all on the same track. Things like using a "delete button" on negative criticisms will be useful in the future. Just as long as you replace the negativity with positive words from the Bible you can't go wrong.

Joel's main thought is that you have a destiny to fulfill and you can't let someone take away your crown. He says we have a supernatural God and he can do anything he wants if we ask him for what we desire, especially if it will help other people.

One thing I think he could have emphasized is that a relationship with God is way better than a life of sin. God makes you happy, sin makes you sick and ineffective. So before you start asking God for big blessings, make sure you are in God's will and doing the right thing. Ask God to
forgive your sins before you start asking for blessings. I think it works better that way.

So if you want to really frustrate the devil, read books by Joel Osteen and maybe even Joyce Meyer. The devil doesn't give you a day off in this fast paced life and you need all the help you can get to defeat his plans to harm you financially, morally and emotionally. Life is filled with temptations, financial setbacks, illness, death and challenges. How are you going to fight back?

Joel Osteen gives the best advice to read the Bible and keep God's words in your mind and heart. You will then be like a tree by a river of water and bear fruit.

The first thing I ever remember Joel Osteen saying was that when he gets a parking space up close by a store he says something like "I have the favor of God." I can't count how many times I've said this to my husband as we drive into a close parking spot. It provides a moment of joy to think that God thinks of us that much all the time.

So if you think your mind is not in the most productive place, get out some 4 X 6 cards and write down some of the affirmations throughout this book. It is easy to read this book and then forget all the verses and positive affirmations. So write them down and memorize the scriptures. You will feel spiritually empowered and ready to fight to keep your crown. Don't give up too soon...read this book and you will be renewed spiritually.

~The Rebecca Review


Fresh Start


5.0 out of 5 stars Take Your Life to the Next Level of Your Amazing Destiny, April 9, 2017

Joel Osteen radiates happiness and the joy of the Lord on this excellently designed book cover. You also have to love an author who in includes his wife in his author picture on the back. As the pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas - he encourages Christian to realize their blessings and inspires them with his positive message of hope as God works to bring good into their lives. On of the main things he encourages is to live with an attitude of gratitude and gratefulness.

In this book you will learn why some people are more blessed than others. Could it be their attitude of gratefulness? Or do they just seek God more and get God's full attention? Joel Osteen encourages readers to "Chase after God." By this he means read your Bible and pray. There are lots of practical ideas for how to put the principles into practice.

If you feel you are dealing with negative situations there is help for that too. The last half of the book is filled with meaningful Bible verses divided into categories that make complete sense.

I feel this whole book has a spiritually uplifting message based on biblical teachings. Far too often people accuse Joel Osteen of being a prosperity gospel preacher and therefore dismiss all his wisdom. I'm here to say that since I started reading his books a lot of good things have happened to me. God has turned all bad situations into good. To me Joel Osteen is a motivational pastor who really is just a sane voice of truth. His ideas are biblically based.

I think you will be blessed and spiritually healed by reading this book over and over again. I first read the paperback and now have the Kindle edition. This book is one you will want to share with all your friends. It is that meaningful and inspired. There is so much darkness in the world - Joel Osteen is a bright shining light pointing to hope and a better life. I am always grateful that he produces such wonderful books for those of us who need encouragement or want to encourage others.

~The Rebecca Review



Become a Better You

5.0 out of 5 stars Fulfill Your Destiny, November 8, 2007
"You have something to offer that nobody else has." ~ Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen presents a message of hope. Through his experience as a pastor he has encountered problems people have struggled with since the beginning of time. No matter what situation you find yourself in, Joel Osteen has a spiritual solution. He draws on biblical references and his own inner wisdom and life experiences.

One of the major points in "Becoming a Better You," is the issue of how to change defeating messages into life-changing affirmations. Instead of focusing on weaknesses and faults, you learn to speak to yourself in more positive ways.

"Becoming a better you is all in how you choose to view life." ~ Joel Osteen

The section on overcoming hereditary problems with a positive mindset is enlightening and very helpful. Some very convincing stories show how humans have the ability to overcome illness just by thinking differently about the problem.

Joel Osteen encourages you to stop dwelling on negative thoughts so you can reach your full potential. In order to fulfill your destiny you have to leave your past mistakes behind you as you reach into the future by following spiritual wisdom.

Some of the areas covered in this book include: divorce, parenting, marriage, addictions, relationships, illness, lifestyle choices, goals, happiness, habits, handling criticism, peace, dreams, kindness, success, God's love, blessings, career choices, health, aging, forgiveness of sin, compassion, challenges, miracles and self-improvement through a deeper relationship with God. Each section ends with "Action Points."

"Today I will reach for something beyond where I am presently. I will actively pursue new goals, keeping them out in front of me, and expecting to meet them." ~ pg. 376, Action Point 3

The most powerful idea in this book is about how you can change your life through remembering that you are a child of Almighty God. With God's help you can overcome your problems and live the life you have imagined.

~The Rebecca Review


Your Best Life Now


5.0 out of 5 stars Transformation, November 28, 2008
"Beware of associating with or adopting the attitudes of people who, through their negative outlook and lack of self-esteem, will rob you of the greatness that God has for you." ~ pg. 60

Is your life all that you want it to be? Could you use the transforming power of God's love in your life? In "Your Best Life Now," Joel Osteen shows you how to go from depressed and unfulfilled to emotionally healed and joy filled.

"Your life is not going to change until you first change your thinking." ~ pg. 7

One of the secrets of living "your best life" is to monitor your thoughts and to learn to think more positively. Unlike other books that say that the "Universe" wants to give you whatever you desire, Joel Osteen focuses on God and how He wants to bless your life with abundance. Are you ready to reprogram your mind? Most of the book talks about how you should speak and act to guarantee God's favor.

Can a decision to have a better marriage really work? Joel Osteen believes that you can turn any situation around with God's help. Personally I've noticed that my marriage is better not only when I ask God to make it better but I also do my part in reading books on the subject. Positive thinking will lead you in the right direction but you still have to make the effort if you want your dreams to come true.

I liked Joel Osteen's advice about how to break negative cycles. Just because your family is poor doesn't mean that you have to live that way too. I also appreciated his ideas on how negative thoughts can lead to a negative life. One of the most helpful sections of the book talks about unforgiveness and how this can keep your prayers from being answered.

"Your Best Life Now" is filled with numerous inspirational stories. The story of how Joel Osteen's mother overcomes cancer is truly miraculous. If you are suffering from any illness I can highly recommend this book. Many of the stories brought a smile to my face.

"Your Best Life Now" is one of the most positive books you will ever read. If you are satisfied with your life this probably isn't the book for you. However, if you feel that your life could be much better (getting out of debt, looking for a job promotion, a better marriage, improved health, a positive healthy outlook and renewed self-esteem, answered prayers, financial success) then this book has a lot to offer.

Joel Osteen not only preaches a message of hope and love he lives what he preaches and is a living example of the principles he teaches in "Your Best Life Now." One of the things that impresses me is his care and concern for all the people he ministers to. His books have blessed my life and they have taught me many secrets of the successful Christian life. It would be easy to say that Joel Osteen is just lucky but instead of taking credit for his success he gives God all the glory.

~The Rebecca Review



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