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It Happened One Night


It Happened One Night


5 out of 5 starsCute Classic Romance

From the time the subtly sexy Ellie Andrews (Claudette Colbert) falls into the witty Peter Warne’s (Clark Gable) lap on the bus you know this is going to be just an adorable romantic classic. Especially when Clark Gable says: “Next time you drop in, bring your folks.”

A reporter needs a story and an heiress is running away from her controlling father. She is not even used to being alone in the same room with a man, let alone sleeping in his pajamas. (so cute)

If you can make it through the “flying trapeze” song you will be well rewarded. The singing in this movie probably seems a bit cheesy even to those of us who are not jaded and love old movies. There are many laugh-out-loud lines that catch you completely unawares. Like the time Peter gives Ellie a good smack. Don’t know why, but it is quite funny. I mean, he is carrying her across a river in a precarious position, hands her the suitcase, then gives her a smack and then continues on as if nothing happened. Another reviewer made this sound like abuse, but it really is just funny. These days the woman would hit back as in “Buffy” or be offended in some way.

It is difficult not to watch the entire movie with a silly grin on your face because the characters are just so endearing. You have to love how Colbert stops a car and how Peter protects her from his prying eyes by putting up a blanket between them in the hotel room. Where else was she going to sleep? She was broke and hiding out from her millionaire father (Walter Connolly). I love the scene where she tells Peter he can leave if he wants and then is terrified when she finds him gone. Fortunately, he just went to look for carrots because she was hungry.

A movie I could watch over and over again, but would forward through the singing!

Cute sassy innocence with an undercurrent of desire.

If you doubt that this movie is better than most modern romantic comedies,
be ready for a real surprise. It will really capture your attention.

The acting is incredibly good and is it just cute! Cute! CUTE!


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