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I Believe in Reviewing


I believe in reviewing books that are old and books that are new. There have been years in my life where I didnít read a single book and other years when I read a book almost every day. To me, there is nothing more cozy than settling into a warm bed for a night of reading with a cat nearby.

During the day I am not afraid of looking silly carrying twelve books out of the library. I am on a mission. The thought of running out of books to read terrifies me. To be alone at home without a new book leaves me restless. I must process new information on a constant basis or I get bored.

Each new book I read is an adventure unless it is a book I donít want to finish. I believe that you donít have to finish a bad book. Why force yourself to endure something you are obviously not connecting with just so you can write a bad review? Who has the time to finish a bad book?  I believe in writing three- to five-star reviews. I may start a one-star book but I rarely finish it. Just because I donít like writing one- and two-star reviews doesnít mean I donít like reading them. When I start a new book or buy a new book I will often read the one- and five-star reviews to get a sense of how people feel about the book. That gives me an idea of how much time I want to spend on a book.

Some authors pour their souls into their books and as a reader I appreciate their gift. I believe in the right to publish your own book if no one else will. I love the determination new authors exhibit when they have suffered through numerous rejection letters and finally decide the world must read their book so they publish it themselves. I love finding those types of books and since I review at amazon.com authors often find me before I find them.

I believe in buying as many books as you can afford. I donít keep all the books I buy, most of the time I donate my used books to my local library. I believe in sharing books and feel that a book languishing on a shelf is a sad book. Books are meant to be read until they are worn out and recycled. Of course some people collect books and obtaining books becomes a sort of obsession. I am more obsessed with reviewing books than collecting them.

If everyone in the world read more good books maybe there would be less time for war. I believe in books that bring peace to the world and peace to your heart. I read books to understand the full range of human experience. 

Be careful which books you read because words are powerful and they will change your life. 






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