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When God Winks

5.0 out of 5 stars Unbelievable Stories of God's Love, October 18, 2009
If you have never believed in a God this book might convince you that He is very real and present in your life. Small coincidences that you may not have taken seriously may actually have been God talking to you so as to direct your life.

I was amazed by the number of stories collected for this book. These are incredible stories about how God speaks to us in our modern age. In fact it is a little overwhelming to read all the stories in one day. I loved the story of The Red Hat Society and how Billy Graham became a preacher. I also loved the story of a woman looking for red shoes who finds a pair by a designer with her name. Small things like a phone ringing just in time to save a man from committing suicide shows that God is also protecting and caring for us. Most of the stories brought me close to tears they were so incredible.

In my own life I've had numerous encounters with "godwinks" as they are called. While traveling overseas by myself when my parents sent me off to college I ended up sitting by a man who knew my father. It was as if God was protecting me or showing me I was on the right path.

At other times during my childhood things would happen when we needed money or when we needed Christmas presents. God provided us with more than necessities, He delighted us with spontaneous gifts. Now as an adult God still speaks to me but in a very interesting way. I hear and see words at the same time and they make up sentences. Normally I'm reading a book while listening to music or the radio. I also tried asking God questions and he answered them. You may think that is crazy but it really happens to me. One time when I was very depressed God brightened my day and changed my life by sending the message: "But Hope I Am All Everything."

So while reading this book you may recall many things from your life that were more than coincidences. Recently while out with my parents for lunch we saw women with red hats and purple dresses. I knew it was related to a poem I had once read but this book explained that it was a chapter of The Red Hat Society. Often in my life things I see in real life will end up in books I read within the week and in movies I watch within a few days. This book just confirmed my belief in God even more! I had a question and God answered it again. :)

~The Rebecca Review


The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul


5.0 out of 5 stars Essential Reading, November 27, 2015


"We must know what it means to fight with God all night if we are also to know what it means to experience the sweetness of the soul's surrender." ~ R. C. Sproul

Most people who believe in God seem well aware that God is a God of love. But what many don't seem to realize is that God is also holy. R. C. Sproul goes to great lengths to explain this in detail. If you have ever been confused as to why a loving God would create hell then you have probably rarely considered that God is holy beyond our limited imaginations. This book seeks to make you feel at peace with the holiness of God.

This is probably one of R.C. Sproul's most creative books. The start at least is very compelling. I also feel R.C. Sproul is one of the deepest thinkers of our time. He argues his points so well it is almost an art. By reading this book you will learn a lot about justice and mercy. By the end of this book you will be convinced that we all deserve hell and it is only by God's grace that we can avoid going there.

So this is a book I can recommend to anyone who only thinks God is love and has yet to consider the seriousness of God being holy too.

~The Rebecca Review




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