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Exercise Cards
& Reflexology

Deck of Strength Training Cards


Portable Gym in a Box, January 10, 2007

"Strength Training" is like a mini-portable gym in a box. The 52 cards take you through a series of exercises that use a fitness ball (small one you can lift over your head), resistance band (one size/strength will do), yoga mat, exercise ball (size needed according to height), 3-5 lb hand weights and ankle weights. If you have been exercising for years, you may have these items, but you could also use cans instead of the weights or a pillow cover filled with rice for the fitness ball.

Once you have the items needed to follow along with these cards, you will find them very useful in most workout videos. If you have been doing workout videos, a quick glance at the cards is all you will need to start the exercise. The back of each card does give detailed instructions for each picture shown on the front of the cards. I find this pack of cards especially useful and healing when I'm listening to CDs (books, lectures or music) and it makes me feel like I'm making progress physically while I also educate my mind.

Some of the Cards Include the Following Exercises:

Side Stretch
Wall Push-Up
Front Lunge
Alternating Biceps Curl
Side-Lying Lateral Raise
Advanced Planks
Calf Raise
Lat Row

These cards are perfect for travel since they come in their own little sturdy box. Keep one of these with you wherever you go and you will always have an exercise routine. I also loved the Stretching and Reflexology Card Sets.

If you do the Strength Training, Stretching and then the Reflexology Cards all in a row, you will feel strengthened, more flexible and emotionally nurtured. The Reflexology Cards can be done alone with a little creative adaptation.

I was amazed at how easy it was to follow along with the exercises and how good I felt after I had tried most of the cards. If you don't like an exercise, you can skip it and move along quickly, unlike with a DVD where you have to fast forward, etc. You can also organize the cards in any order you prefer for a customized workout.

On the information cards, there are Recommended Sequences so if you like to alternate Upper Body with Lower Body you can take out just the cards you need. I like using all the cards for a full-body workout and even enjoyed discovering a few new twists on some old favorites. If you enjoy working out, you may recognize exercises from Weight Lifting, Pilates, Yoga and Ballet.

~The Rebecca Review



Deck of Stretching Cards


Portable Relaxation in a Box, January 10, 2007

"Stretching" can promote a space of relaxation, but it also promises improved posture, pain relief and a place to escape from everyday stress. This pack of cards works perfectly along with the "Strength Training" deck. You may want to mix and match to create customized routines that include stretching at the start and end of each workout. Warm-ups are also included and will be especially useful if you enjoy working out immediately in the morning. You can set up your morning routine the night before and include all the cards you enjoy. This deck can also be used for an extended stretching routine or you can use the cards for sports or daily activities.

Sample Exercises:

Arms & Hands Arc Sweep
Hamstring Stretch
Golf Arm Pulls
Swimming Side Twist
Skiing Psoas Lunge
Hiking Standing Knee Hug
Standing Leg Stretches
Lifting Back Twist

The "Relaxing Wind-Down" is an especially creative and healing routine that can be preformed while standing and sitting. The Energizing Warm-Up can be used before the "Strength Training Deck" or before any workout.

"Neck & Shoulders Pendulums" were fun to do and help to dissolve stress in the shoulders. If you want to do all stretches on your back, you can organize the cards to suit that type of routine. You could do all standing stretches first and then do a floor routine. This can be customized in so many ways. A few face exercises are included and there are specific exercises for anyone who spends a lot of time on the computer.

The Deck of Cards is in a sturdy long-lasting box that is easy to carry with you when traveling. Perfect to take to the gym if you want to incorporate a stretching routine. I like doing all the stretching exercises at once as an extended healing routine. The beauty of the card sets is that you can adapt this to your pleasure. No restrictions, no time limit. Just you and your favorite music, maybe a candle.

To less stress,

~The Rebecca Review


Reflexology Cards


Hand Healing Techniques, January 10, 2007

"Reflexology" is designed to be used as a healing session given to someone else to help to reduce pain and encourage relaxation. Most of the pictures show two people (Ok, just hands and feet), one giving massage, the other receiving. I found that you can use the cards even if you are giving yourself a relaxing massage or reflexology session. Small adaptations to the general ideas make this accessible and enjoyable to use.

What I love about this deck of cards is the inclusion of Reflexology Maps for the Sole of the Foot, Top of the Foot, Palm of the Hand and Top of the Hand. There is also a card of technique symbols. Each technique is taught and then cards for Foot and Hand Reflexology follow. The cards all have full-color pictures with additional information about the techniques printed on the back.

If you are just discovering Reflexology, this is a perfect place to start. If you want cards to remind you of a sequence of healing techniques these can be used alone or with a partner. If you love this deck of cards, I can also highly recommend "Stretching" and "Strength Training."

~The Rebecca Review


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