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How to Sell More at Ebay or
even start a Vending Business

Ebay Secrets Downloadable Book

eBay Secrets : How to sell every item you list [DOWNLOAD: PDF]



eBay Enlightenment, August 2, 2004

By using the Bid Multiplier Method to list your items, on average, you should get 30% more than an identical item sold on eBay by someone who hasn't read this book. And on top of that, you will sell almost every item you list, as opposed to one out of every ten. ~Steven Ellis White

eBay has always been a bit mysterious to me and I've been tentative about wandering around and tend to hang out at Amazon where I feel very much at home. However, I have always been very curious about how you sell items at eBay and definitely curious about how people turn their hobbies into big-time cash. You hear of women hunting down items at garage sales and selling them for unbelievable prices.

Steven Ellis White has written a comprehensive guide that is easy to navigate and contains all you need to know to get started selling just about anything. Not only will you be able to easily list items, Steven gives you the secrets for listing items with good titles that will encourage faster sales.

The first section includes a checklist filled with items you need before you start selling on eBay. Most computer users will have all the items they need to get started. Steven then gives a list of five things you must do before your first Bid Multiplier auction. One of the items sounds quite enjoyable and there is also a link to a tutorial of the basics of selling on eBay.

Next, there is an entire section on how to create auction listings. There are tips for taking pictures, how to space the text and how to write the perfect title. The author also encourages you to stay away from various aspects that annoy buyers. This will be very helpful for anyone new to listing items at eBay.

Steven discusses how buyer think and then gives an example of how a student used the Bid Multiplier Method to sell items he thought must be worthless. They ended up selling for more than he imagined.

Other tips and tricks:

How to e-mail your bidders
Auction winner e-mails and how to deal with non-paying bidders
How to deal with Trolls
How to create auction listings with FrontPage

So, are you ready to look through your house for items to sell? The author also gives some excellent advice about where to find items to sell and offers a free bonus report if you send him an email. The information in this book is worth way more than the selling price.

~The Rebecca Review

For Starting a Vending Business: Vending Business-In-A-Box : A step-by-step guide to starting a profitable vending business without getting burned [DOWNLOAD: PDF]

The Secrets to Starting a Profitable Vending Business, August 2, 2004

Vending can be an insanely profitable business, but you need to know what to look for. The challenge is figuring out what you can believe and then turning that information into profit. ~Bryon Krug

Bryon Krug has created a well-organized guide for starting a Vending Business. He discusses the hype and then explains how he embarked on a mission to find out if it was all too good to be true. He not only talked to people who had a profitable business, he talked to people who had lost money. He then set up 22 machines while he was working full-time for a software company. He ended up leaving his full-time job to go into the vending machine business.

This guide is for three types of readers. Sprinters, Sunday joggers and Marathoners. At the start of each chapter, there are key points for those who want to get started fast, then there are quick-start tips. There are notes that can speed you through the book, like: Note to Sunday Joggers: You can skin ahead to Worksheet 1. For the Marathoners, there are tips on how make this guide work for you.

If you are wondering what type of vending machine to invest in, the author explains the pros and cons of each machine. Do you want a soda machine or a snack machine. Which has the least amount of competition and the highest profit margins. The author gives detailed lists of advantages and disadvantages of each machine. He also advises readers to stay away from shrinking markets, like pay phones. I was amazed that you could get some machines for free and that sounds like a quick way to get started with a minimal investment.

Other Tips and Secrets:

15 Ways to protect yourself from vending scams
Warning Sign Checklist
Finding the best storage facility for your needs
How to find a bank that accepts large quantities of unrolled coins
Finding Locations for your Vending Machines
Goldmines: Forty-two great types of businesses to target
How to protect the contents of your bulk candy machines
How to hire a route driver
How to get the money you need for your business

Overall, I thought this was filled with excellent advice and if you are starting a Vending Machine business, this is the guide to read!

~The Rebecca Review




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