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 A musician must make music, the artist must paint, a poet must write, 
if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. ~Abraham H. Maslow

Coldplay X&Y


Musical Ecstasy , June 15, 2005

Watching the Coldplay: Live 2003 DVD has me questioning critics who said this band was for "moony high school girls." Do these critics understand the appeal of a band connecting with the heart of an audience or understand what "women" want to hear?

"Let me in, unlock the door.
I've never felt this way before."

'Til Kingdom Come - the lyrics are insightful and emotionally honest. The poetry in the songs is comforting so you can relax and just enjoy the way the lyrics wash over your soul.

"Hold my hand inside your hands,
I need someone who understands.
I need someone, someone who hears,
For you, I've waited all these years."

"And say you'll come, and set me free,
Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me."

I've rarely seen a band play with more passion and I was literally speechless after watching the concert, not to mention getting shivers more times that I can count. Their appeal is definitely their passion, the intense feelings in the music and the soul connection. At times Coldplay does seem to be channeling Sting, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Freedy Johnston, U2 and elements of Kraftwerk. I've even heard Nick Drake in Chris' voice when he is more mellow and dreamy like in "I bloom blaum." I like hearing the variety of ways he can sing, he takes on all levels and challenges.

After watching this band live, I came back to this album and I am going to say that while I'd rather hear them play in a concert setting, the music on this album has new elements of magic to intoxicate the senses. The energy is completely different and while Chris Martin owns the stage, here he owns the heart.

The beginning of "White Shadows" blew me away the first time I heard it and the lyrics are complex and mysterious within the rush of sounds. I love the way "Talk" begins and concludes with an outer space shimmer of sound (reminiscent of the ethereal sounds in A Rush of Blood to the Head - Live 2003) and the entire song seems to break into an ecstatic swirl of sexy chaos that fuses danger with creativity.

In "Swallowed in the Sea" Chris Martin is almost intoxicated by intonation as he says: "you belong to me." This entire album is dreamy and exciting in a romantic way.

The tension and release in all the songs is emotionally satisfying. At times you are almost consciously awaiting the release into the musical ecstasy of a daydream or nostalgic escape. "Low" has some very edgy moments and Chris Martin expresses more of his instinctive creativity and energy that he shows on stage.

~The Rebecca Review


Coldplay Hypnotized


Chris Martin always seems to find inspiration from love, whether it is a good experience or emotionally painful. In this song he seems to be drawing on both types of experience. However when he sings about being mesmerized he seems to be looking into the eyes of someone he loves. Of course there is some social commentary and some poetic lyrics that you will have fun trying to figure out. I especially enjoyed the nature imagery of rain and eagles. Chris Martin's voice has never sounded so beautiful, he's ecstatic. And his vocal ecstasy sends shivers through me. I listened to this song three times when I first heard it and find it to be quite addictive. This is perfect and I love the melody which takes me to places of feeling in love.

~The Rebecca Review



Coldplay Unauthorized


Passionate and Compassionate with Global Appeal, June 17, 2005

"It was musical love at first sight." ~Chris Martin talking about when he met Johnny Buckland

Although this DVD doesn't contain any music by Coldplay, it is an insightful look at the band and how they made their way from playing in London pubs to playing on the stage of the world.

Through short interviews with Chris Martin, you also get a sense of his higher mission and why there are more important things to worry about in the world, besides of course, buying ever album this band releases. His sense of humor and playful personality come across in his interviews and his admirable qualities include a sense of fairness.

I was impressed by his idea to split the royalties equally amongst the band members. He not only promotes healing in the world, he is living his beliefs. He seems grateful for his life and you can see the fire of his soul radiating through his eyes. His soul is truly beautiful and I love the way he approaches life from a more poetic perspective. His lyrics have an emotive quality that do seem to be portraying his heart-felt concern for individuals and their struggles on the planet.

As the story progresses various individuals in the music industry comment on how Coldplay developed their stage presence, how they had to deal with minor personality conflicts and then how their manager truly enabled their success through financial support.

The main sections include:

How it all Began
First Gigs
Let's Make a Record
Get Signed
Breaking America
A Rush of Blood to the Head
The Future

Bonus: Biography and Trivia Quiz - Questions about the bands original name and interesting facts about Chris Martin and how he was once a sign painter.

The rise of any band to superstar status does seem to have common elements and if you are starting a band then this would be an excellent DVD to view for the chronological aspects alone, not to mention the realities of having to write hundreds of songs to find that one perfect song that connects with your audience. If you are a fan who is dying to know more about the members and their life stories, then this is an excellent introduction to the background and philosophy of Coldplay.

The friendship factor is very evident in how Johnny Buckland and Chris play off each other intellectually, during the interviews. At times it seems like they are one mind as they engage in a humorous exchange.

This DVD puts the bands rise to fame in perspective and is a great introduction to Coldplay's albums. The biography section is fairly short, however it gives enough information to get you interested in finding out more about each band member.

~The Rebecca Review 

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