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Caroline Myss Archetypes


Awaken to Your Life Purpose, October 16, 2006

"When you learn to speak and see in archetypes, you start to comprehend the world and everything in it in an altogether different way." ~Caroline Myss

Over the years, Caroline Myss has created a series of CDs and books to provide a deeper understanding of our unique purpose here on earth. Through an understanding of Archetypes, you can begin to identify your archetypes and their shadow side. In this way you can focus on avoiding the shadow side (or neutralize the negative impact) and enhancing the positives. There are 11 CDs:

Your Symbolic Coordinates
and the Distribution of Cosmic Power

The Survival Family
The Feminine Family
The Masculine Family
The Divine Family
The Wisdom Family
The Healer Family
The Creative Family
The Action Family
The Wild Card Family

Speaking Archetypes at the Collective Level
and from An Impersonal Perspective

Since first learning about archetypes in 2004, I've noticed a definite evolution or maturing of some of my archetypes and a few new ones appearing as I learn to identify them. I'm also starting to realize that people around me are amazingly complex in regards to the archetypes they exhibit. If someone complains a lot or seems to live in a dark cloud, they may be struggling with the "vampire" archetype. Notice how it feels when someone continually complains about life. Do you feel a depletion of energy? Isn't that intriguing?

You may have thought you had the princess archetype, but if you are trapped in a tower you might be the damsel. The differences become clearer with detailed information. The knight and the warrior are fascinating because the desired outcomes of action are different. Through listening to these CDs you will now have the answers to these questions:

What is the true task of my soul?
What is the practice of congruence?
How can I tame my shadow side?
Do archetypes mature?
What are your 12 primary archetypes?

Through drawing on her own inner wisdom and insight, Caroline Myss makes this topic absolutely fascinating. She also gives examples from popular culture to make this all very relevant in our own time. Over time, the understanding of archetypes makes life simpler and it can also help you be more patient with other people when you see their shadow side appearing. You may also start to become more patient with yourself, because you start to realize you are on your own journey through the fires of spiritual transformation.

If you want to make this even more fun, the Archetype Cards (80-card deck) and Journal of Inner Dialogue provide a visual reference.

"The Language of Archetypes" is a fascinating journey through the powerful invisible forces that can take control of your life unless you learn to channel the energy and refocus your mission. Through understanding yourself, you truly can enjoy a more peaceful existence and walk the earth with a sense of fulfillment.

~The Rebecca Review


 Hearts and Minds


5 out of 5 stars =    Intriguing Ideas & Unique Perspective

Reviewer: The Rebecca Review.com

“If flirting were a car, the man has his hands on the steering wheel. The woman has her feet on the accelerator and brake pedals. He decides where they are going. She decides how fast." ~Thomas David Kehoe

Dating is a journey into the unknown. Not only do you have to access your personal beliefs, you also have to equip yourself with dating knowledge.

Men now expect a woman to call them part of the time, while some women are sometimes still waiting at home for men to call them. This can promote frustration as men and women struggle to fit into the new modern dating pattern.

Men and women are traditionally hardwired for fixed masculine and feminine roles. In “Hearts and Minds,” Thomas David Kehoe shows how men and women are capable of using both masculine and feminine energy to improve their relationships.

The authors has includes some intriguing facts and concepts:

The Ancient Greeks had six words for love – we need or give various types of love in different stages of our lives.

Is he/she just your friend or are you really dating? How can you tell?
How do you play the dating game?

How do you make the object of your desire want you?
Does speed dating work?

When should you call her?

The first section of the book is essential in order to understand the terms used later and casually throughout. The writing builds upon itself in such a way that I was amazed at the organization and fluid association of thoughts.

The book is divided into four main sections:

The Evolution of the Human Brain
How Women Select Men
How Men Select Women
How Our Ancestors Lived
Monogamy and Polygamy
Communication Styles

Life Stages:
Childhood – Seeking Unconditional Love
Adolescence-Seeking Romantic Love
Adulthood-Families and Forgiveness
Agape-Altruistic Love

Where Couples Met
How to Write a Personal Ad
Becoming a Couple
Conflict in Relationships

Emotional Control Systems

The Archetypes section is fascinating. You will be able to analyze your own relationships. There are 7 couples to analyze. These personality types have become recognizable through history and here these archetypes appear in the ancient world as gods. They are amazingly true!

I also enjoyed the humor in this book. There was one point when I was laughing so hard I could hardly see the page. Thomas David Kehoe displays great creativity and has a wicked streak of wit. The scientific explanations made complete sense. You will find wonderful quotes, entire passages and bold headings that organize the thoughts beautifully.

Once I started reading, I could not put this book down. I became intellectually intrigued and learned interesting facts not found in other relationships books. This is a truly unique look at how men and women interact and how you can find a relationship of the soul.


Your Power to Create


What You Want vs. Who You Are, February 27, 2007

Caroline Myss takes the idea of manifestation to task as she plays the role of cosmic historian, drawing on the past in order to predict the future. She explores the idea of "creating our own reality" and uncovers the origin of this empowering idea.

With precision, she sweeps aside the accoutrements of new age manifestation practices that focus more on what you want and how to get it now. Caroline Myss has the wisdom to see that who you are and what you are here to accomplish is more important than temporary satisfaction through material possessions. She truly gets to the heart of the matter and addresses life purpose from a new and exciting angle.

I really enjoyed her discussion of ego narcissism, the entitlement spiritual culture, wealth, human spiritual evolution, quantum physics, revolution and involution, divine guidance, health and unlocking creative power.

If you are interested in learning about a more authentic view of manifestation, this presents a wise, thoughtful approach that clears the way for you to live the life you have always imagined with incredible spiritual rewards. Money won't bring true happiness, but living your purpose will bring you true peace.

The more I listen to the teachings of Caroline Myss, the more I understand my own life. Not only does this CD set address the issues of creating your reality, it also presents a global view of our current spiritual reality within the concept of spiritual evolution.

~The Rebecca Review



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