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Rule #1 Don't Be #2


5.0 out of 5 stars A Motivational Book on How to Create Yourself, July 25, 2017

Daniel Milstein's rags to riches story is fascinating and he seems to be one of the most determined individuals I've ever read about. In this well-designed book he has a wealth of information to share.

If well-meaning people have told you your dreams are impossible, Daniel Milstein has the opposite opinion. Through telling you stories about many individuals who made it big, he sets the stage for your own story to unfold. This motivational book has great examples of super successful individuals who took charge of their own lives.

One quote I really like is by the author and says: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” This is so true. I also had to smile at the quote: “Hard work puts you in a place where good luck can find you.”

This is one of those books where you want to highlight something on each page. There are so many witty quips and lol funny moments. So this book not only gives you hard-earned wisdom it is also enjoyable to read.

This book could not have come into my life at a better time. Now I'm willing to follow the advice. I believe the author is right when he says you may have to sacrifice something in your life to follow your dreams.

So let the message of this book captivate you and take the principles to heart. Books like this are game changers. If you are serious about being successful you can't go wrong taking this author's advice.

~The Rebecca Review

I received one free book for review purposes.


Wired to Care

5.0 out of 5 stars Inspirational and World Changing - 100 Star Book!, May 21, 2015

Dev Patnaik is the founder of Jump Associates. He and his team help companies see what they can't see themselves in regards to their customer's needs. He also teaches at Stanford University. From the minute I started reading this book I could tell Dev Patnaik is a natural teacher. He also was given a lot of good advice on his initial manuscript which makes the book very polished and easy to read. His editor must be highly talented! I've rarely seen a book written this well.

What is especially intriguing about this book is the way the information is presented. Mostly stories are told about famous companies and how they reached a place of ultimate success. You will learn about Nike, IBM, Mercedes, Pixar, Target, Netflix, Harley-Davidson, Spalding, Smith and Hawken, Microsoft, Kodak and OXO. The story about OXO Good Grips was especially interesting to me as I love to cook and have several of the items they sell. I especially love the lemon zester and peeler.

Some of the stories in this book also explain how some companies don't get it. There are mistakes being made that could be corrected with the right philosophy.

Dev Patnaik drives home the point that you should see the world the way your customers do. Therefore you can serve them better and keep them loyal. This book makes you say: "Yay, finally someone is saying what needs to be said."

I felt the writing style in this book was very fluid and easy to comprehend and process. You will learn so many valuable things about life. It helps you understand how life really works. I enjoyed reading the sections on reciprocal altruism and open book management.

Wired to Care is a book business owners everywhere should be reading and applying to real-life situations. This book teaches business leaders how to show empathy and really listen to their customers.

Highly Recommended! 100 Stars. I live to find books this good!!!

~The Rebecca Review



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